Friday, May 28, 2010

New Yeezy -- POWER ft. DWELE

Please don't sit there and tell me that this beat isn't stupid! Kanye is back with "POWER" featuring Dwele even though I'd rather hear Tony Williams on this because his voice has more soul and is a little more powerful, but its still banging nonetheless.


All G.O.O.D.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Repo Men

This futuristic sci-fi action flick rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Between Forest Whitaker's bafooning and the plot line I was almost done before it started. This is about a company called "The Union" that produces artificial organs for people at a very high price. If there comes a time that you can not pay the fees for the organs The Union sends RepoMen to retrieve the organs out of you. Forest Whitaker and Jude Law play these RepoMen that must procure the organs and bring them back to The Union. On a job a machine malfunctions and Jude Law must get an artificial heart. Time goes by and he can not pay for it and the chase ensues. I'm wondering the whole time though, if these are mechanical artificial organs with digital readers and such FROM THE FUTURE....why can't they just remotely shut it off?? I know if your BGE bills is months late your lights get cut off and nobody has to come out to do that. So your telling me IN THE FUTURE to get fake organs out of somebody, they send a person to hunt you down and physically come remove the organs out of the patient??? The organs are completely metal and cost like $750,000 and it doesn't have a tracking device on it? The only part that make up for the movie was the twist at the end. Other than that, I repo this Repo!



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hip-Hop Tactics 101

Ok so awhile ago Diddy starts paling it up with Officer Ricky. He's telling him how much he admires his work and keeps patting him on the back. I severely don't believe that William is that bright and seeing as how he just had to fork over $300,000 to DJ Vlad for a 2009 altercation and he considered the verdict a victory??? (amongst other things) this kinda proves it. $300,000 for a black eye...sign me up! I'll give you another victory Ricky. But why the new found "Bromance"?? It's not like Ross really sells a lot of records or that he even really matters. It's all because of power and Ross is now a piece on ol' Sean's chess board. Ya see awhile back 50 and Ross were going at each other super heavy. I mean 50 took Rick's son's mother shopping -- made an event out of it to a degree made her hot in the streets. But this is where the Didster comes in. So 50 takes Ross' kids Mother and the kid out to his friend Floyd "Money" Mayweather's Mansion out in Vegas. Guess who's there??? Diddy! But Diddy definitely didn't know that 50 was gonna be there. He facial expression was in between WTF and Oh Shit! I think this made Sean feel unsafe, unprotected and holding the shorter end of the stick. Diddy and 50 have had their disagreements in the past over Mase and whatever Missy told 50 about Mr. Combs.

So Diddy Daddy starts to use that good ole thinkbox and says "I don't have any viable or even semi-viable artists at the time, who can I align myself with so that I won't have to do the dirty work if things get ugly?" Enter his new "management" company. So I guess people haven't seen how he has been "managing" Cassie for the last 3 years and she has yet to put out a sophomore album. I don't think Willie is smart enough to know that Puff-O is using him to

A) Appear in more videos and TV in general
B) Try to bring back some of the Bad Boy Old Days
C) Try to clean up his image (he might be the devil)
D) Show that he still has power

Diddy knows what he is getting into. And he knows that 50 knows. He felt scared and alone that day at Floyd's house, and he wanted to align himself with someone. And he choose one of the few people that scuffled with 50 Cent and still has a career. Still makes music and never backed down from 50. I think as well it was a hit by Jay-Z to say go in and grab Ross. Cause Jay brought Ross in and co-signed the liar and him and 50 Cent have had a history of problems. Jay is probably still getting points off Ricky's albums so any extra hype for Ross is more money to the Empire. The biggest tool in this shed is Ricky Ross and he isn't smart enough to know that this garden is full of snakes.

Check -- It was all good just 104 weeks ago


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gone In A Flash

Long hailed in Taylor tradition goes the adage "If you like it, it will go." So this goes up exponentially when more of us like the same thing. I should have known better when I got my father "hooked" on FlashForward that it was a goner, and not even into the summer break it was announced that the show was not going to get picked up for another season. I feel what the exec's are saying but as a regular viewer of TV just a guy, I have to look at all the variables. This show came on had 4 strong episodes then they put it (with V) on break for almost...if not... 3 months!!! Now that's a quick way to lose a fan base. I don't feel as though the show was giving proper time to develop. Or maybe it was just over people's head. V is just so stupid I could never get into it. These aliens who are wayyyyyyyyyy more advanced then we are..and have wayyyyyyy more fire power and soldiers then us...are trying to sucker us with the "We come in Peace" bit???? Just kill us, enslave us and take the planet...Show Over!! Maybe it was too many black people on the show....hell they made one dude jump off the building in one episode. Guess they said "well we can't have Courtney Vance, Gabrielle Union and Michael Ealy AND this guy," next thing you know SPLAT. I don't know what the deal was, I blame reality shows at the end of the day. They'll probably replace FlashForward with another hour of Dancing With The Stars.

What Did You See??? Whatever I saw it went any for 3 months now its cancelled.


Just Blaze A - Team Remix --- (You Can't Tell Me That's Not B-More Club Music)

Just Blaze has been commissioned to revamp the theme of the A-Team for the upcoming movie. Here he demonstrates how he gets inspiration and previews making the beat. The beat sounds very club inspired. The movie hits theatres June 11th.

I Pity The Fool (that was too obvious)


Monday, May 17, 2010

iRony -- (not really)

So it seems that a lot of kids in Australia have been getting killed because they are not paying attention while crossing the street listening to their iPod's. This is an Ad campaign designed to make people more aware of what's going on. I just found the photos to be very clever. I don't know if I could solely blame iPod's for this though. Infact the people that get hit by the cars are fined for causing the accident!! Because they are "listening to music while they are walking and not paying attention." ????? Ok so the people in the cars aren't listening to music??? or on the phone??? This seems silly to me, but I'll take note of that the next time I'm in Australia.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Young Guru Speaks on 9th Wonder

Young Guru keeps it trill when talking about the homie 9th. But if you not up on 9th you have more than 99 problems!

It is not the tools but the craft maker that constructs a masterpiece. (c) DRAG (that was deep!)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Green Zone

This was a waste of a watch and a big waste of money too. Green Zone had a 100 Million Dollar budget and it only made $86,453,660 Worldwide. The ad's for this movie promised so much "fast paced action," but it must've been so fast that I missed it all. The only thing that I got out of this movies story was that the Government will do what it needs to get what it wants and if that is lying to their own soldiers and citizens, so be it. Expensive and boring. No WMD's indeed.



Dude Looks Like A Lady

Newly appointed Supreme Court justice Elana Kagan looks like a dude in a pearl necklace (OMG). She makes Susan Boyle look semi-regular.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drake finally has one!

This song took a second to grow on me but it's dope. The song reminds me of a 80's Phil Collins track. Riding at sunset through the city with the top down feeling an ocean breeze. DragonBoy doesn't like it and many others won't and I understand there reasons. Drake isn't at this point trying to appeal to hardcore Hip-Hop heads....CAUSE YA'LL DON'T BUY ALBUMS!! He is targeting the actually crowd that puts money into what they like. There is nothing special about his singing either but the fact that he puts his balls on the line and does it is a very gutsy move. I applaud the young man, and I hope his album doesn't suck.

Think B4 You Die


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mandel

HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING A JOB??? He must either be boning somebody at NBC or is black mailing the hell outta them! I mean, they got rid of Conan and he was they for almost 20 years!!! Howie was doing nothing after Bobby's World and doing the voice of Gizmo on Gremlin's. Somehow he ends up on The Tonight Show doing some silly hidden camera bit. Then he gets his own friggen game show Deal or No Deal. They shoulda just called it No Deal b/c nobody ever won anything so they cancelled the show. Then they gave him his own hidden camera show --- about 3 shows aired --- then it was also cancelled. Now they threw out David Hasselhoff (the Hoff) f'ing Knight Rider on America's Got Talent and replaced him with --- you guessed it -- Howie Mandel. I mean it's Knight Rider!! I was f'ing Mitch Baywatch (Letterman reference) what's Howie Mandel gonna tell me about talent? Oh yeah he had a talk show I, forgot about the damn talk show -- how are you a germophobe and you have a talk show where you have to see different people everyday? Be a telemarketer and get off my TV!

Uncle Ted


Iron Man 2

At 125 Million dollars made in 3 days, that's a come up. Iron Man 2 is sleek, hip, and does not disappoint. Marvel actually gets some movies right and this franchise is definitely a great one. I don't care for any of the X-Men movies so this is redemption of some sort. And really they have had more misses then hits in my eyes. Iron Man brings the comic to justice and doesn't hold back. Robert Downy Jr. plays a great Tony Stark -- spastic, brilliant, rich and eccentric. This one doesn't have as much action as the first but it still stays entertaining. Sam Rockwell plays Justin Hammer a rival to Stark Enterprise -- a tech wiz and sees Tony as competition and is trying to do anything to 1 up him. Mickey Rourke plays a new version of Whiplash who is hell bent on getting revenge on Tony in the name of his father. It's crazy to me that Jon Faveau directs these movies! Swingers Jon Farveau --- the guy who I used to think was Steve Guttenburg just fat! This guy can direct -- in fact he should direct all Marvel movies from here on out! Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard as War-Machine/James Rhodes -- ehhh I like Cheadle better so no big deal to me. I just wish they didn't spend half the movie beefing. I was good - not better but good none the less. Thor movie up next, let's see how this goes.

"I don't like people to hand me things."


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Congratulations to B.O.B. for having the #1 album in the country with his debut The Adventures of B.O.B. I like his album. There are 3 songs I don't listen to -- "The Kids", "Magic" and "Nothin On You" the current single. 2 of the songs are basically the same Airplanes with Eminem and Airplanes w/o Eminem....but why put the one without Em on the album?? I never could get into his mixtapes but this is good. And I'm glad people went to buy it. Even if he does sound like Ice Cold Andre 3 Stacks!



Don't Tase Mre Bro Pt. 2

Listen if you call your Pop and tell him you're about to do something stupid and he tells you that its stupid....IT'S STUPID. People are now saying that they shouldn't have tased 17 year old high school senior Steve Consalvi for running on the field during a Phillies game. Well guess what? What if the Officer chasing him ran after him and wrestled him down and he had a knife on him and killed the what??? A dead Officer, a parade and sadness all over. What if this guy ran out in 'the field and stabbed a player??? Then people would be saying "well why didn't they stop him.?" People need to choose the brand of justice they want delivered. Look at it this way, at least they didn't shoot him! This kid just got a dose of reality. It's against the law. Plain and simple. And bottom line is the law is the law. His father was later interviewed and said his son was wrong....then said that he shouldn't have been tased. That's like saying "yeah I know he broke the law but he shouldn't get punished for it."??? Ask Monica Seles how she feels about the situation.

Get Em!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Juice

Even though Peat hates juice, I enjoy it a lot! Minute Maid has these new juices that taste great. This Strawberry Kiwi jont was about to get me joked on by Kane. So that leads to my next question...what do dudes have against juice? I've seen "you guys" drink juice before. And if I was talking about some liquor that a rapper invented (i.e. Conjure, Ciroc or Nuvo) nobody would say anything...that would be normal I guess. Even Guyanese dudes like juice.

60 second Service


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Young Jeezy Trap Or Die II

What the streets been waiting for. That new Jeezy Trap or Die II. Download it here.
Blizzards in the Summer


Monday, May 3, 2010

CoCo Speaks

Conan finally gets to speak his beef about NBC and Jay Leno.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top Ten Arcade Games

Being a huge fan of Marvel Comics and Capcom characters, this game was a big deal for me. IceMan Vs. Ryu, Gambit vs. Wolverine! This was a well thought out game, if only we could get Marvel Vs. DC!!!!

I actually won a video game contest at the Fair Grounds when I was in Middle School and Mortal Kombat 2 was one of the games. We had to fight Reptile in the Pit and win. I won. This was such an upgrade from the classic 1st Mortal Kombat and it still kept the things that made it great. Arcades were going crazy over this jont!

X-Men the Arcade Game was a PROBLEM. My mother could leave me in the arcade for hours and if I ran out of quarters I was fine just watching other people play. They had cool characters to choose and very weird random ones too (Dazzler??? why???). The enemies and boss battles were well chosen, and it actually felt like it went with the comic books as opposed to the X-Men Movies that bore the hell out of me.

Revolution X was a great shooter. Before that Area 51 game this was the quarter consumer. It had AeroSmith in it for crying out loud, and if you can't get with that you need to "Walk This Way."

Cruis'N USA was at the time the best racer out! Great levels, Great cars!

Street Fighter II Tournament Edition was crazy. You could finally pick Vega, Sagat and Bison. Plus, the game play was faster and allowed for more ass kickings to be delivered.

Spider-Man The Arcade Game was GREAT, but I'm not sure many remember it or that it was around long. Spider-Man, Black Cat, HawkEye and Namor The SubMarnier (why???) fought some weird faceless guys and a giant Venom for endless rounds. I've never beaten this game nor have I seen the end but I was very entertaining.

Ms. Pac-Man was another endless game. Me and my Pop used to play this on Sunday. It's a simple game about a fat chick who is never satisfied. The ghosts represent the demons that haunt her that make her eat. Sad really.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 was just about the greatest game at the time in the world! Foot Soldiers, Shredder, Bebop and Rock Steady!!! It was way better than the 1st TMNT game. It was DEEP! Ninja Rap!

Pop used to take us to Fairlanes Bowling on RT 40 on Sundays and this game was a must play before we left. The Simpsons Game was crazy! Cursing and hitting people with skateboards and vacuum cleaners. It was mayhem at it's best!

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