Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damn It! -- UPDATE - -

I hate racism it makes me sad (sincerely). This fiasco in Boston regarding Henry Gates being arrested at his own house & Sgt. Crowley is just a big damn mess. Listen look at these two ... they both look like assholes. Sure the guy was at his own house, but when responding to a 911 B&E (breaking and entering) call the police have to handle things a certain way. All the "But I live here's," in the world isn't going to mean anything to the police at that moment. They want your hands up and full co-operation until they can find out the deal.

The woman that called the police was in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. Looks like somebody is breaking into a house, but the dude was wearing a red polo shirt and looks pretty friggin old. I just think those are key criteria when performing a B&E. But do you just let this person break into this house and do nothing?? (Yes, these aren't cheap houses, they all probably have pretty nice security systems and the police would be there very fast.) So she calls the police which launches 1000 ships (Trojan War reference) and President says the police acted stupidly, which maybe they did and maybe Mr. Gates also acted stupidly as well.

Then the President reaches out the olive branch and says well we can talk about it over a beer. Now isn't that the down to Earth President that the people elected. People were even talking bad about this decision to talk to mend the problem. Geez. This is a big mess!!



-- UPDATE--- So it seems that The President, Vice President, Prof. Gates & Sgt. Crowley all sat down and talked about it over beers. I like this. This is good. If this isn't one of the most mature, sensible things I have ever seen I my life I don't know what is. To me this is an iconic photo of the "Change' President. However will it be viewed as such...we can only wait and see.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When I heard this track produced by Mark Shotta, I immediately said to myself...This is a banga!! So I gathered the homie Street Heat and my cuz WHITEFOLKZ to assist and make this shit BANG!! And that it does. This is off the forth coming HomeRun King mixtape out soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

They Stream

The homie's @ Studio 2202 broadcast live on Ustream and let you see what's going down in there sessions. Hit the homie's on Twitter ( @CRDaShow, @Sagebravo, @mrvalentine410, @DKthepunisher, @QGmusic )

Watch It Go Down!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Drink the Earth

Me and my woman went to Liquid Earth (the website is very loud and annoying btw) Sunday to check out what healthy drinks and food they had. I finally got to taste wheatgrass, and while it does taste just like how you think grass would taste, it's surprisingly sweet. They have a board full of wild drinks (most of which have banana, and that's not cool, but you can swap it out for something else after the guy tries to sell you on the whole "banana holds it together thing," right) and the menu is full of super wild stuff that's DNBIYAM, word to the homie WHITEFOLKZ ! Its worth the check out though if you wanna try something new and if you want your eyes to burn (what the hell was that about???)

I Can't See, But I Feel Healthier



When I step to that stove, I let the truth be known!! Fallin' off the bone!! Look at that Bay Leaf sticking out!! Good times!!

What's Beef



The homie OGUN has been grinding for a minute and with his newest mixtape Checkmate the hustle continues. The song of the Summer for me though is "Go Long" produced by Ms. Tris Beats. This here goes HARD!! There needs to be some type of video for this out in circulation. Al Shipley also wrote a dope article on OGUN in the Big Music Issue of the City Paper.


When It comes to this PAPERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Knocked Down

Dude in the comic book drawers gets knocked out in record time...He should have. Why in the hell are you trying to fight in Comic book drawers man. Pathetic.

Mama Said Knock You Out


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Record Deals = The Titanic

Listen I'm no Rocket Scientist (maybe a regular Scientist but def not a Rocket Scientist) but it seems like Record Deals are being given out to the most talent-less of acts these days. I think Record Companies are becoming lazy and the backfire is it's making more artists lazy. Then the radio stations become lazy.

F.L.Y. - Swagg Surfing

Never heard of these dudes in my life. The song hits the radio, then they put out some wack video, the album comes out on Def Jam a few later...nobody cares

The Shop Boys - Party Like A RockStar

This was on the radio non-stop the Summer of '07...the album was release through Universal Republic and sold 212,000...these young man haven't been seen or heard of since. Perhaps still partying? Nawh, splitting that 3 ways and still having to break the label off they have about a month left til I see em working at Wal-Mart. Totally Dude

GS Boyz (lazy name) - Stanky Leg

Once again these dudes come from nowhere and score a hit on the radio. People shuck and jive to their dance...OH HAPPY DAY!! They try to push their 2nd single Booty Dew and it was exactly what the song suggested...Booty Dew!

I'm sure I can go on all day and list failures of others but I shalt ( is that the marriage of shall and not?).

You're a Jerk --- You guys are next!!


Just a Thought...Jeremih...Diddy's kid??

How come Jeremih and Diddy look so much alike? Is he one of Diddy's boys? Jeremih says that Brian from Day 26 is his cousin, did he really mean the owner of the label that Day 26 is on is his father?? Perhaps. On the same note the kid kinda looks like R. Kelly and he resembles Bobby Valentino also, so maybe he was built in a lab and designed to look like these people and generate hit music (we shall see).

See What Birthday Sex Gets You


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Government RX

I think in times of need and diversion the Government gives us (The People) just a little bit to worry about and talk amongst ourselves while they do what they do out of our sight. Case in point...a few years ago people were scared shit-less worried about S.A.R.S...magically through the strength of powerful lawn gnomes it disappeared. Then a few years later West Nile was frightening the hell out of folk....that too just kinda went away after that Summer. Then the animal stuff starts happening. Bird Flu runs amok and then flys south for the winter as well. This years new weapon of choice...Swine Flu now called H1N1...that thing will be pork chops by Labor Day.

The real question I suppose is why are all these diseases coming every year under a new name and leave by the end of the Summer. And every time that it comes out it seems to have the same symptoms and everybody goes nuts. I'm not sure if its a device used when the world is over-populated or if its just a distraction, but rest assured a new Flu type disease will surface 2010. My bet is it'll be called the Fuzzy Ferret Flu. Any thoughts?

Bless You


Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Answer Gets Emotional

Everytime A.I. did something crazy you heard about it in the news, but when guys do good nobody wants to report it.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Truth Is

A good friend of mine is currently incarcerated in a Federal Institution. If you have some time on your hand or want to tell the brother a good word write him. He would greatly appreciate it.

Matthew Pointer
Federal Correctional Institution Beckley
P.O. Box 350
Beaver, West Virginia 25813

Truth Is