Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music Charts 4-5-10 UPDATE

Usher gets the number 1 spot, but the numbers are pretty bad. 162,581 units on the first week. I mean those aren't even Rihanna numbers. Damn son. Jay-Z keeps saying Usher is supposed to be next in-line after Michael Jackson and not to say that numbers are indicative of talent and presence, but this is hardly "Thriller"-esque. " To me Usher's best CD was Confessions and nothing has been as good since. Sure the leak of his album almost 3 months before the release date didn't help but whose album doesn't leak these days? Erykah Badu is in at #4 with 55,492. That's not bad at all considering the type of artist, her music and her label. Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah debuts at #10. It's only 21,539 units but looking at how the album was "rushed" and the lack of label promotion.... ahhh never mind that's still pretty bad.

USHER: 346,276 better than RiRi, not better than Alicia and still not better than Confessions
ERYKAH: 112,542
METH+RAE+GHOST: 39,604 but they fell out of the top ten
Leave it to Bieber



Peat said...

But Usher's singles so far have been DOO DOO!!!

I'm surprised they even put it out with the weak reception.

He went from a cheater(confessions) to happily married(whatever his last album was called) to an old pervert(Raymond vs Raymond).

I know, that's fuckin LIFE, right???

But seriously, both his singles are amateurish to me. Daddy's Home?? I didn't even know it was him, I thought it was some new youngster trying to stake a claim, not a veteran coming off a divource which equals LOTS OF ATTENTION. And freak??? C'mon, the beat is boring, doesn't even really fit the 'feel' of the song to me.

I'm through.

PenDragon said...

Yeah Usher is going down man. I don't know what happened. He needs that flavor back. He tried making that I'm grown and married music for an audience that didn't want to hear that. Damn an "old pervert" shit thats harsh. He does sound like a sugar daddy or something.