Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Radio Killer 2

Me and the homies @ 88.9 Strictly Hip-Hop last Friday night. Good times.



Monday, March 29, 2010

What Did She Say??

First off who the hell is this guy?? 2nd when I heard this song I damn there slipped into depression. I mean all producers go through it, samples are free for the world to discover. I had the sample and made a beat out of what Just Blaze used for "Exhibit C" for like 3 + yrs. It happens. My girl was in the other room and I heard the sample and was confused..."did I send her the beat?" "did I post it somewhere and forget?" Nawh son! Enter J.R. Rotem. This dude has baffled me for like 3 years now. When he first came out his Hip-Hop beats were hardly memorable, than he did a lot of pop stuff for Brittney Spears. Next thing you know he comes hard (pause) with the Rick Ross track "The Boss" or whatever its called. Doing joints for Freeway and 50 Cent ( I like that song regardless of how much ppl hate it) ...never mind that Sean Kingston come up crap. My problem with the song is that it's stupid. He cheated on a chick while he was broke and promised her that when he gets famous he won't ever do it again and they will be living the f'ing high life....Ehhh??? C'mon son, Fuck outta here with that Bullshit.
The beat is nice though. I used more elements of the sample in my version but still a good composition nonetheless (why is that one word?)....I mean to anyone's credit the sample was just floating around for a while, I first heard it on The OC (hell yeah I used to watch The OC ... do something) and SNL made a digital short of the scene in The OC with Shia Lebuf and the song played constantly in the sketch. So time got me on that one. But I still like my version and I am probably still gonna use it.

Hoping I was gonna tell you what the sample was or post my version...get outta here!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Catch Team Arson Music Group holding it down this Friday @ 12 AM LIVE on WEAA 88.9 FM Strictly Hip-Hop.

Stay Tuned


Bob Turk Is the BEST Meteorologist in Baltimore

Awhile ago 2 weather questions came into my mind. I initially emailed FOX 45's Vytas Reid the questions, this was over two weeks ago. Yesterday I emailed other news stations WBAL, WJZ, WMAR, and even a DC station. BOB TURK answered my question in a matter of less then 3 hours! So I definitely tip my hat to Bob Turk and WJZ channel 13 for their services to viewers that makes them feel like more then just watchers of their Broadcast but also an important part of there job. I mean it's just good customer service if you will. So here were my two questions.

1. Why is it that we may receive several feet of Snow but only several inches of Rain? Seeing as how snow is just rain but a different temperature, it seems that snow falls more steadily and abundantly. Granted, snow is packed on top of itself, but it seems like 2 feet of snow would melt down to maybe at least 5 inches of water.

2. The saying goes "Heat Rises," so why is it that the higher you go in the atmosphere the colder it gets?

His Response....

Snow isn't just rain at a different temperature, snow is crystals that form in subfreezing temperatures and each one is different . The moisture available, the air temperature, the wind, all make flakes different. One inch of rain will typically yield about ten inches of snow through this natural unique process.They are two very different things. The heat rises is true, but as one goes higher in the atmosphere the air gets thinner and less capable of holding heat, thus the temperature falls approximately 3 degrees for each 1000 feet in elevation. On a day when it's a hot 90 degrees out , at 30,000 feet where big thunderstorms are typically located, it's a subfreezing zero degrees!! Hence hail can fall from summer storms on a hot day!! Hope that helps..Thanks for watching..Bob Turk

WHATTTTTTTT!!!! Bob dropping jewels!

1 inch of rain = 10 inches of snow
-3 degrees for every 1000 ft. in the air

Not only were my questions answered the same day, but they were very informative as well. Let's see if the other stations catch up.

Talkin Bout Bob Turk...Bob Turk -- it's an old commerical


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekly Music Charts

Ludacris is the sole Hip-Hop artist in the Top Ten on this weeks charts. I haven't even heard the album yet, but the week 2 sales are down about 70%. Justin Bieber still moving weight on you hoes. I don't like his hair or his last name but he seems like a cool kid. Usher and Wu - Massacre next week, let's see what it do like!

Casey Kassem


Thief's Theme

I was listening to Shaka Pitts' radio show recently and the issue of a local "producer" who stole a beat from the site JamGlue came up. He was quoted saying that he "only stole one." Damn son, that's one too many! So I'm thinking how many other yo's are out there stealing beats and passing them off as theirs?? I know my homegirl found out her boyfriend didn't actually make a lot of beats that he said he did and on WorldStar there is at least one disgruntled producer once a month that says somebody stole a beat from them. Don't get me wrong we come from a culture and a society of taking shit but somebodies whole work and creative property...that's over the line. Maybe take a drum....of course we sample....but the whole beat and try to pass it off as your own...YOU FAIL! Hand in your beat making badge, clean out your locker, you're done!



Monday, March 22, 2010


FUBU you guys are killin me. Please stop using rappers that I like to promote your brand that died out over a decade ago. And rappers that I like please stop being in these ads...if thats what you want to call these. Just like Coogi, the original owner's probably don't even own FUBU anymore and sold the company long ago.

For U Sold By Us


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Krazyfingaz Presents 5 Fingaz To The Face

The homie BEX created an alter-ego Krazyfingaz and released this new project 5 Fingaz to the Face. Bex produced all the tracks on the project which features Aces High, Plain Paper, Articulate, 810, James Vegas, Kareem Ali, Hylandaz, Steadfast, Sage Bravo and me myself PenDragon. It seems only Bloggers can construct my stage name the correct way. People I've known for years all seem to separate it...and I have no clue why...but I digress. The beats on here are solid. No Southern beats on here. This is strictly that East Coast banging sound. The CD features some artists I never heard before like Kareem Ali and Aces High. The best discovery is the duo Plain Paper which consists of Mark Milly and Norm Regular. No clue how they came up with the name but they are pretty dope. The song "Amazing" which features the homie Sage Bravo is the illest beat on the project to me, its just a little different then the rest and Sage kills the joint.


"What did the 5 fingers say to the face?"


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wale -ft. Pharrell Let It Loose * Hand Me Downs*

I dig Wale here and there. His delivery is a bit too "rapping for rap sake" his style is designer "cool kid" his mind set seems "conscious rap head." He's got a lot going on. But this record....this record right here.....obviously wasn't for him at first. Clearly this was given to Jay-Z (or Nelly) and he passed on it and gave it to his young boy. The beat came with a great hook, a hook that you can hear a bar deleted out which probably said something like..."HOV is in the house." My prob is, It's a great beat with a great hook. That got thrown away twice! Once by Jay and again by Wale. Whatever he is rapping about has nothing to do with the hook or the feeling of the beat. The song then comes across as awkward. Dammit Man!!! I hate when good songs go bad!!!

The Firm


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Ok first off, good Film....An Academy Award winning film??? Nawh! The Hurt Locker follows the 3 members EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Bravo Unit. On a mission to disarm an IED (improvised explosive device) the specialist was killed by a Terrorist using a remote detonator. In comes Staff Sergeant William James played by Jeremy Renner. He's not much of a Team Player, but he knows his stuff and Colonel Reed played by David Morse described his style as "Hot Shit" and delivered the best lines in the movie in his 30 second air-time. But most of the film is about this dude being an asshole and almost getting himself and his team killed numerous times. Anthony Mackie plays Sergeant JT Sanborn a hard as nails soldiers whose biological clock is ticking. There's a 3rd guy in it but he is pretty annoying throughout the film...then I started thinking is something going on with him and the Doctor?? This movie has plenty of "I saw that coming" moments but nothing really over the top or ground-breaking. It's an OK War movie but definitely nowhere near the best. This movie does give you an interesting look at this Branch of the Military and the extremely intense work that they put in. And does give you a fucked up feeling inside when you see Sergeant James go home on leave and experience just how regular these soldiers live. Instead of being welcomed to a huge house, he lives in a small place and has to clean the gutters out. These soldiers fight everyday and risk life and limb and come home to reap no rewards. While America basically gives away money and prizes on TV Game shows everyday. The movie gives a good look at Soldier life in the War and our priorities as a Society (briefly) but not the best I've ever seen. See it. Think about it. Don't give it an Oscar.

You Buy DVD??


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Our Problem" Baltimore Hip-Hop Scene

Our problem with why Baltimore artists haven't really made an impact in the Mainstream is a deep issue. And I say "Our Problem" b/c it truly is an internal issue. Other cities support systems to each other are on a scale to which we have yet to achieve. We have a larger playing and larger support for "Club Music" then the much larger Hip-Hop music genre in general. Its almost as if Hip-Hop plays 2nd fiddle here while Club Music is placed on the front burner. I have been trying to understand this since I was 16. While DJ's from other bigger cities where Hip-Hop is more prevalent (e.i. New York, Miami, and Houston) seem to expand their name and wealth it seems like DJ's from Baltimore only care about being local celebrities.... if that is what you want to call them. With the exception of a few DJ's such as Jabril, Radio, and DNA the DJ's actually being an outlet or showcasing Baltimore Hip-Hop are few and far between. As annoying as DJ Khaled is he put on for Miami...he plays hot records from Miami and has been doing that for years now he is President of Def Jam South. That's a goal, a major achievement. Fact is we don't have a Funk Flex, we don't have a DJ Clue, we don't have a DJ Screw...we don't have anybody here breaking records.

Also the outlet for which local music is heard and giving exposure is little to none. Recently Allbmorehiphop.com arose with a great site for local acts to get their music out and more accessible. Not only does it showcase local talent but it is also a very well put together site that could and I'm sure does attract outside visitors. And I swear Al Shipley of Government Names is the only person that seriously writes about and posts local Hip-Hop. There are other viable Hip-Hop outlets here such as 88.9 Strictly Hip-Hop the long running Morgan State University radio show and shows like Spitts Mcman Radio were Host Shaka Pitts give people a chance to submit music and allow listeners on the phones and in the chat room the task of voting "1" or "2" (1 being pass 2 being fail) on the playing song in question. But no matter how much underground support Baltimore Hip-Hop may have, if it isn't being covered majorly by larger entities and embraced it's going to be in 2nd place for a much longer time.

My Head Hurts


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This past Sunday Logorama won an Academy Award and it looked pretty cool from what I saw so I checked it out. The use of some of the logos are great and Evil Ronald McDonald is hilarious. The fact that this took 6 years to make for a 15 minute short is really odd considering shows like Robot Chicken that use Stop-Motion animation kinda crank stuff out in way higher volume. Maybe a lot of legal issues arose with the use of certain brands and I could definitely see how.

Try to download it here before somebody takes it down.



Monday, March 8, 2010

Drake - "Over"

This is for the homie Peat. Recently Drake released his new single "Over" from his upcoming album Thank Me Later and it hit the internets like a tidal wave. This Boi-1da produced track has a very thematic and triumphant, old school (and by that I mean late 90's...crazy right) approach to sampling almost a mix between Kanye West and Dj Toomp. And I like that Drake stuck with his producer and not one of his new industry buddies for his single. That's like me getting on and using a Neptunes beat or Timbaland beat instead of using my own, Street's, Mark Shotta's, or Blaze P's beats 1st. DRAKE ISN'T THE 2ND COMING OF JESUS!! I think once people stop putting him on a pedestal and just listen to the music everybody will be much better off in the long run. The song doesn't blow me away, but I don't think any song Drake does blows me away....what blows me away is his approach to songs. He could've went the money, girls and fame route but yet again kept it consistent and talking about his real actual life and events and feelings. Call it EmoRap if you want but what do you think ScarFace was/is...Biggie at his best "I swear to God it feels like Death is fucking callin me," Jay-Z Lucky Me, damn there all of 2pac's music. It's dealing with emotion and feelings. I think that's his allure and why people like him because in his on way he is honest. He doesn't claim to be the baddest and bus guns and kill people because he knows it isn't believable for him to pull off because you can turn on Noggin and watch Jimmy in his wheelchair on Degrassi and say "He is rich." I'm not even rich and I be looking around sometimes like "who the fuck are ya'll" so I know that when you go from the bassment to the top floor there are a whole lot of new riders on that elevator that used to take the stairs. And Ebert even likes it..."C'mon, Man" (c) Ogun. Point is...hardcore East coast rap lovers are gonna HATE it. If you like Kanye you gonna LOVE it....the clubs gonna play it cause of the hook "I'm doin meeeee, I'm doing meeee," you can just imagine all the half drunk people on the dance floor yellin' this at the top of their lungs. P.S. if I would have made that graphic for the single people woulda looked at me like I was crazy. It's so simple I love it, people over complicate things so much that it's nice to see something so simple.

Thank Me Later & AMEN


BKc Denim Duffel

I like this bag. It's simple. It's stylish. It's denim. By The Brooklyn Circus.

Duffle Bag Boy


Brooklyn's Finest

This is a story of Greed, Revenge and Redemption. Don Cheadle plays an undercover Officer trying to make Detective. Richard Gere plays a soon to be retired officer of 22 years and Ethan Hawke plays an Officer that is in dire need of money to move his family into a bigger house. Wesley Snipes played a drug dealer that just came home from a long bid in prison. This film's complexity lies within the characters and the politics of the police system. Don Cheadle was fine with his role as an undercover drug dealer until the people over him changed the agreement. Ethan Hawke bent, broke and busted the rules to get what he needed and justified it so with an explanation of where confiscated drug money goes. One of the most chilling parts in the movie to me was when Ethan Hawke saw a guy running thinking that he was getting away with the money, chased him down only to find out that he had diapers and said, "Why were you running? Don't you know I could have shot you in the back?" Then radios that "the suspect got away." That's pretty fucked up, but its real. That let's you know how easy it is for them Police to cover up something. Another instance of this is when Richard Gere takes along a rookie Officer into a store where a dispute arose. When Gere goes to the car for paper work the rookie loses his control and shoots the patron. When Gere goes into a hearing about the incident, the committee already has a plan to cover up what happened.

This movie displays four sides of a fucked up coin. It's dark, desperate, and daring. It shows people confronting their vices not worried about the consequences. And when people feel they have nothing to lose they either become worthless or very dangerous. P.S. if you see a guy dressed in Army fatigues, a Gucci belt, and an open shirt...he is a cop. Don Cheadle's wardrobe was the worst.

To Protect and Serve


Friday, March 5, 2010

Party Boyz - FLEX

Man if this isn't some Homies Over Hoes right here!!! This is the most homosexual video I think I've ever seen. Is this what's poppin?? Huh?? I need answers. Your homeboy dancing like Sisqo with his shirt off spinning around, with wild fades and looking like the junkie on Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood...that's what up?? DALLAS what's up?? Your first hit was the Stinky Leg --- now this?? DALLAS somebody gotta talk to me. Grown men talking bout they "Party Boyz" man that sounds gay to me.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and spins around like a duck...QUACK


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Now this is how I like to start my day! R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Morning Blend or Mega Antioxidant is my jawn! I drink this over Orange Juice and I love Orange Juice. Full of vitamins and minerals (for the kids). And it tastes great!

Good Morning


Shutter Island

As the poster states this was supposed to be released last October. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and being excited because it looked like a very interesting movie. Well it was finally released this February and it was pretty good. Leonardo Dicaprio plays a detective that goes to a mental hospital to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients. Man this movie has more twists than Chubby Checker. You don't know what the hell to believe until its almost over...and by that time you feel like a nut job your damn self. It was an excellently acted movie, even if the plot line was a bit obscure. I can't really say much about the movie without giving it away sooooooooooooooooo.....

How Bizarre