Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mandel

HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING A JOB??? He must either be boning somebody at NBC or is black mailing the hell outta them! I mean, they got rid of Conan and he was they for almost 20 years!!! Howie was doing nothing after Bobby's World and doing the voice of Gizmo on Gremlin's. Somehow he ends up on The Tonight Show doing some silly hidden camera bit. Then he gets his own friggen game show Deal or No Deal. They shoulda just called it No Deal b/c nobody ever won anything so they cancelled the show. Then they gave him his own hidden camera show --- about 3 shows aired --- then it was also cancelled. Now they threw out David Hasselhoff (the Hoff) f'ing Knight Rider on America's Got Talent and replaced him with --- you guessed it -- Howie Mandel. I mean it's Knight Rider!! I was f'ing Mitch Baywatch (Letterman reference) what's Howie Mandel gonna tell me about talent? Oh yeah he had a talk show I, forgot about the damn talk show -- how are you a germophobe and you have a talk show where you have to see different people everyday? Be a telemarketer and get off my TV!

Uncle Ted


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