Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Forget that I've known Ogun for like 13 years. Forget that my brother Street Scott produced and is featured on a song on the CD. Forget that I got a shout-out on song #9. Forget all that. This is the most solid body of work Ogun has put out to date! The original songs that he has up to this point would make a great album ("GO LONG" better be on there!!!). From running around with him and Street on a mini tour of sorts, I've heard a few of these songs during the performances. And finally getting to hear a CDQ version of Stardom! Real Life is dope....the song and the beat...produced by Traum. Goon's verse on Why You Acting...dope. That B A-A-A-A-A-A L-T-I! that should be an anthem. Although the CD version seems to be different from the version is was used to. And the brother always has a few uplifting songs on a project for the ppl to feel good. If this is the product that he comes up with in his "Spare Time," imagine what he could do in Prime Time!



Monday, October 25, 2010

Restaurant Round Up --- Rub and Andy Nelson's

Me and my brother Mark Shotta enjoy food! So we are always on the look out for new and great cuisine. Unfortunately we run into some bad spots along the way, enter "Rub." Placed at the very edge of Light St, this joint isn't as sparkling as the marque advertises. The water was served in Ball Mason jars which was pretty cool, but when asked for a Arnold Palmer (half n half for all you common folk!) it was super bitter and not mixed properly. The food arrived and the Macaroni and cheese tasted like it was straight out of a box! The meat was dry and just not seasoned well. One redeeming quality was the Sweet Potato Fries. They were crisp, well seasoned and flavorful.

Another spot myself and my bro encountered was Andy Nelson's. Named and owned by a former Baltimore Colts Football Player, Andy Nelson's serves up great down home style BBQ. The service was fast! The food was moist, flavorful and just delicious. I don't even like corn in my cornbread but this stuff was great! The chicken fell off the bone as soon as I picked it up! I only got the pit beef because they were out of Beef Brisket at that time. But I must say that it was paper thin and super moist. The only annoyance was the flies! It's kind of an indoor outdoor establishment so the flies get in pretty easy. Next time I'll just get it to go.



Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I Drew With My Computer

I drew these with my hands and a computer. The original then what I drew under (sad that I have to explain that I think). I like the design of cars. It's like moving architecture (don't steal that).

Pen Tool You Are The Bane Of My Existence


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Its been brought to my attention that I got the city on POW!

I Got The POW(er)!


New Music : The Paxsons

This mixtape is DOPE! These homies go off! Beats ill, lyrics ill. Download it.


Size 13 so my footwear's cursed (paraphrasing)


Diplo Interview -- Super Dope

I have that bookbag -- mine is black and the seams are busted which is pretty odd since I'm sure he carries way more stuff than I do. But.....this Black and white shot interview follows Diplo (Dj, Farmer, Paleontologist) through his travels, ventures and events. It's short but cool. And he is pretty funny.



Monday, October 11, 2010

The Social Network

This is the story of the birth of Facebook and the death of friendships. This movie is shot brilliantly and the dialogue is Gilmore Girl-esque but not as annoying. What I like about the film is that its oddly so current. The movie opens in 2003 and follows Mark Zuckerburg's journey into becoming a Billionaire. It involves blatant (although much better received and way wider thinking) idea theft, alienation, a crazy Asian chick, the guy that started Napster, and ALOT of Lawyers. It's hip, it moves fast and its educational. I learned about the guy that started Victoria's Secret (SAD). The lighting of the club that displayed on Justin Timberlake's face during the aforementioned scene wonderfully makes him look sinister and devilish. Very smart! Good real life movie.

Drop The "The"



50 Cent sorta stars in the Joel Schumacher film Twelve. Twelve is the new drug on the street and 50's character sells it. Chase Crawford plays the main character who sells marijuana to the kids at school that he dropped out of. The movie is really about these character's personal struggles dealing with being young, desperate and trying to fit in. Some are deep and personal some are shallow and sad. The last 15 minutes of the movie really take the cake though. Classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great Just Blaze Interview

There was a few moments of "come on you're killin me with the dick riding," but overall it was a great interview. I guess it should be at over an hour long. Dame Dash is discussed, Kanye is discussed, salty rappers are discussed. Just Blaze always gives this everyman "I'm just a guy" vibe which is cool, but the things he does is always funnier than he comes across.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Iphone 4 Cases

This Iphone Case from Japanese company Abee is SICK!!! To bad the site is completely in Japanese!

Future Calls


New Music: Nova Starz ft. Street Scott "Cruisin"

"This song was written and sung by me Nova Starz. Produced by Street Scott formally known as Street Heat. The tone of this song is similar to every ones favorite "So High" most of the songs on my project will have the same tone and feel, dark, sexy, with deep emotion. I changed the title of my project to "dARk lOvELy PlaceS" because the songs I have created are far from glamorous."

This is Nova Starz newest song "Cruisin'" produced by and featuring Street Scott from her newly retitled album dARk lOvELy PlaceS.



Ryu - Chun Li - & Akuma Dunks

As much of an avid Street Fighter fan as I am...these joints are wack!! When you think about "Ryu Dunks" -- Capcom x Nike, that seems like a big deal. These flop harder then fish outta water. The best ones are the Akuma dunks, but even they leave much to be desired. Nike do me a the Air Yeezy and let this never happen again!

Alpha EX