Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was half amped to see this movie. I can remember reading an issue of Wizard magazine back in the late 90's and it had a feature about who should star in the Watchmen Movie if they ever made one. Aside from that encounter I can't say that I am entirely knowable about the Watchmen or their world. But hey a superhero movie comes around and damn right I want in. Looking past the 2 hour and 34 minute play time I'm sitting there kinda like "I know something is gonna happen soon." And guess what...nothing really ever happens. This movie is more of a political what if, then a superhero adventure. The ending was pretty lame as well. One of those "well I guess we have to end it ," kinda endings. Rorschach's the best character in the whole damn movie everybody else has additional motives, but his are truly to fight and stop crime..and his mask is cool.

If we are being watched by them....We're all screwed!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ollie V.O.S.O. & HyDro Performing LIVE

Last Sunday Ollie V.O.S.O. & HyDro had a performance. Other dudes performed as well such Gospel Rappers, Singers and various forms of other rappers. It was kinda cool then, a big ass fight broke out (over the dumbest thing ever) and the rest of the show was cancelled. Shout out to Amotion who was in the building and was next to perform before the fight.

Don't Throw $$$...Moral of that Day


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Truth IS

The homie Truth Is...is currently incarsarated in a Federal facility and is waiting for sentencing...he has been in since late December and still has about a month to go until that time. So the new campaign is FREE TRUTH IS !!!



New Gucci

No not the over rated rapper from ATL...but the brand. These bags are only available at the Sloane Street location of London's flagship Gucci store.

Yes that is Crocodile


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tonio: "U Mad?!?" (Drag The Reviewer??)

The homies from Optimum Music Group hit me up to check out their new single. Tonio's new project "From Da Top," features the single "U Mad." The beat is cool and I like his fast flow...he sounds like MJG a bit. The hook could use some beefing up...but its a strip club banga all day.

Download It Here



*Disclaimer: I'm not really a reviewer...but I will if I feel like it and I will be totally honest and seeing as how I'm an artist and producer as well I can hear things on a different level. If you know me you understand completely....if you don't...ask at your own risk.*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Person Of the Week

My brother and producer Mark Shotta is person of the week. My shoe connect hit my earlier this week and said the next pair of kicks is on him, b/c of the business that my brother gives him. So when you see my shining on some new kicks just know it was because of that dude. And he has ill beats check him out.

Rhythm of the Culture


Keyboard Drum Machine

If you want to turn your keyboard into a drum machine and see some trippy effects go to this site and make some good music. But more important have fun. Shout out to LimitedHype.com
QWERTY Drum Machine


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mall Stalkers

Scenario....your walking in the mall (which by itself is a pain) in the distance you see some dude with a CD player (wtf ?? get an Ipod dude) and you start thinking how do avoid this dude. But you have to go past there....and here it comes...."excuse me....do you listen to rap (and/or) r&b???" Geez homie really?? Listen, its many avenues to get your music out, and the mall is not one of them. Its almost like homeless dudes on the street, its kinda ridiculous. I was in Lexington Market and this dude asked me do I listen to rap?? Really. Im bout to get a corned beef sandwich homie fall back! Im not gonna buy your Cd and Im not gonna remember you...Im only gonna remember the situation and have a jolly laugh with my friends about it. Most of the ppl that do this foolishness don't have enuff business sense to make a notch in your memory. Here's the usual...CD cover?? no....On the CD its the artists name and title written in marker (geez) .... Got a business card? no....But I have a myspace..yeah and so do 10 year olds so what...

Can I Ak You A Question?


Monday, March 2, 2009


Pharrell Williams, super producer, designer and owner of cool things, recently started a website devoted to art in all its vast forms. The site is called artst.com . Its very cool all the various art styles and artists that submit is very interesting. This is my page here.

Show the world your great.