Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hip-Hop Tactics 101

Ok so awhile ago Diddy starts paling it up with Officer Ricky. He's telling him how much he admires his work and keeps patting him on the back. I severely don't believe that William is that bright and seeing as how he just had to fork over $300,000 to DJ Vlad for a 2009 altercation and he considered the verdict a victory??? (amongst other things) this kinda proves it. $300,000 for a black eye...sign me up! I'll give you another victory Ricky. But why the new found "Bromance"?? It's not like Ross really sells a lot of records or that he even really matters. It's all because of power and Ross is now a piece on ol' Sean's chess board. Ya see awhile back 50 and Ross were going at each other super heavy. I mean 50 took Rick's son's mother shopping -- made an event out of it to a degree made her hot in the streets. But this is where the Didster comes in. So 50 takes Ross' kids Mother and the kid out to his friend Floyd "Money" Mayweather's Mansion out in Vegas. Guess who's there??? Diddy! But Diddy definitely didn't know that 50 was gonna be there. He facial expression was in between WTF and Oh Shit! I think this made Sean feel unsafe, unprotected and holding the shorter end of the stick. Diddy and 50 have had their disagreements in the past over Mase and whatever Missy told 50 about Mr. Combs.

So Diddy Daddy starts to use that good ole thinkbox and says "I don't have any viable or even semi-viable artists at the time, who can I align myself with so that I won't have to do the dirty work if things get ugly?" Enter his new "management" company. So I guess people haven't seen how he has been "managing" Cassie for the last 3 years and she has yet to put out a sophomore album. I don't think Willie is smart enough to know that Puff-O is using him to

A) Appear in more videos and TV in general
B) Try to bring back some of the Bad Boy Old Days
C) Try to clean up his image (he might be the devil)
D) Show that he still has power

Diddy knows what he is getting into. And he knows that 50 knows. He felt scared and alone that day at Floyd's house, and he wanted to align himself with someone. And he choose one of the few people that scuffled with 50 Cent and still has a career. Still makes music and never backed down from 50. I think as well it was a hit by Jay-Z to say go in and grab Ross. Cause Jay brought Ross in and co-signed the liar and him and 50 Cent have had a history of problems. Jay is probably still getting points off Ricky's albums so any extra hype for Ross is more money to the Empire. The biggest tool in this shed is Ricky Ross and he isn't smart enough to know that this garden is full of snakes.

Check -- It was all good just 104 weeks ago



The Peat Marwick Experience said...

Ehhh...all this is a REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAACH, don'tcha think??

How about, Diddy actually LIKES The Rawssss' music and wanted to be a part of that movement???

PenDragon said...

The Rapping correctional Officer movement. What movement does Ricky have? Did you see the 50 and Floyd video?? This is no reach my friend -- this is all The Art of War man Sun Tzu all day. Being 5 steps ahead. Lining your army. They know exactly what they are doing. The picture with Jay-Z and Diddy at same event and 50 shows up. Both their faces were like "damn I hate him" even Steve Stout and Diddy got that nigga beat up. They both feel like he doesn't belong because he made the same money they have (or close to it) in a fraction of the time that it took them to make. They honestly feel like he is a threat. Jay at the AMA's --- Jay on the radio saying "nobody's scarred of 50 Cent" --- things like that Peat.

The Peat Marwick Experience said...

Ehhh, I guess I'm less into the drama of it all and more into the music.

I just don't get how having a decent job is a bad thing. A CO is a damn good job that pays good money. And don't give me, oh, but he raps about being a kingpen bc my answer to that is #1 I believe maybe a tenth of what these rappers say, they all lie #2 with all this BGF COs going on now, he could have been a dirty CO, who knows #3 people hustle and work 9 to 5s all the time.

Bottom line, I appreciate good music and Ross, IMHO, makes pretty damned good music. And if you REALLY thing the REAL Noriega owes him favors, I pity you. lol

PenDragon said...

I said nothing about he being a Correctional Officer as being a negative. I just don't like the fact that he lied about it for months, and then was like "yeah that was me." Duh!! Umm yeah that was you. A job is a job I never knocked that.