Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2

At 125 Million dollars made in 3 days, that's a come up. Iron Man 2 is sleek, hip, and does not disappoint. Marvel actually gets some movies right and this franchise is definitely a great one. I don't care for any of the X-Men movies so this is redemption of some sort. And really they have had more misses then hits in my eyes. Iron Man brings the comic to justice and doesn't hold back. Robert Downy Jr. plays a great Tony Stark -- spastic, brilliant, rich and eccentric. This one doesn't have as much action as the first but it still stays entertaining. Sam Rockwell plays Justin Hammer a rival to Stark Enterprise -- a tech wiz and sees Tony as competition and is trying to do anything to 1 up him. Mickey Rourke plays a new version of Whiplash who is hell bent on getting revenge on Tony in the name of his father. It's crazy to me that Jon Faveau directs these movies! Swingers Jon Farveau --- the guy who I used to think was Steve Guttenburg just fat! This guy can direct -- in fact he should direct all Marvel movies from here on out! Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard as War-Machine/James Rhodes -- ehhh I like Cheadle better so no big deal to me. I just wish they didn't spend half the movie beefing. I was good - not better but good none the less. Thor movie up next, let's see how this goes.

"I don't like people to hand me things."



The Peat Marwick Experience said...

Jon Favreau is an admitted comic book geek, so yeah, he was mos def the right choice. He definitely stays true to the actual story.

PenDragon said...

Now if they can get a X-Maen movie worth a damn we're in business