Monday, September 29, 2008

The Watcher

Ok I dig Shia but this movie was a little too much B.S. The whole identical twin thing has been done to death and its never done well. The movie doesn't make sense in many places. Why did "it" pick this random chicks son's trumpet to be the trigger? Why didn't someone just unplug the friggen computer the movie woulda been over. This guy saves the f'ing country and all this chicks gives him is a peck on the cheek?? This movie was about 30 too long. I was with it for a long time, but it just kept going and going and..well you get it. It was just alitttle too out of the realm of what I thought I was going to be about, then I just didn't hold up after that. So this guys dead brother is the only one who knows something is wrong?? It took a chick from the Air Force to look at the video and realize he was using Morse code??? And this computer can see everywhere in the world except for behind this wall where the fire extinguisher is??? Ummm yeah. This had a good premise just executed wrong.

Eye on the Sparrow


Friday, September 26, 2008

Everybodies a Somebody

Somebodies is a new show on BET. I just really checked it out last night. It was damn funny. I mean not all of it all the way thru but hell neither was Seinfeld. The observations made and pointed out are hilarious and the situations that the characters get into are brilliant. I'm hoping that this show doesn't get cancelled. BET needs this type of original programing to really show and prove that it is a true contender as a network.

Everybodies Got Their Something


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Damme It !

What the hell happened to Van-Damme?? He owned the late 80's and 90's! Blood Sport...F'ing Blood Sport! That shit with Dennis Rodman. Time Cop. Dude should went the Schwarzenegger route and went political or something. He coulda been the mayor...a kick ass mayor of a cool city. Hell if Kindergarten Cop can do it..come on. And while we are at it...lets stop making these dumb remake movies. Lets get a new Blood Sport...with the growing popularity of MMA and UFC it would be crazy ill. Ahh shit The Quest....The motherfucking Quest. Kickboxer...dude seriously.

He is Legend!


Creep Magic

Remember when David Blaine was cool?? Some will say yes, others will say he never was. But David Blaine used to do real magic. He started the revamping of the new age magicians. The stuff he was doing was so different and fresh. And you felt a connection with him and the people b/c it was on the street. No smoke and mirrors, or girls in leotards..even though its nothing wrong with that at all. Even if the stuff he was doing was staged at least it was friggen magic. Since about 2003 he hasn't been doing anything but these ridiculous stunts. Standing on a pillar for a week...dumb....Being in ice for a week..Encino Man dumb....being underwater for a week...Aquaman dumb. Now he is going to hang upside down for 60 hours. It should be over today, but truth is nobody really cares. Hang upside down all week Batman if that s what you want to do..but while your hanging up their Air Jordan, remember that you used to do real magic that people cared about and they were truly entertained by, now its like watching a reel of "Stupid Human Tricks" from the Late Show.

David Lame


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Metalocalypse is a show that comes on Adult Swim. It's oddly one of my favorite shows. I don't necessarily like Metal music, but the music on the show is mildly entertaining (when you can hear it). The group these 5 guys form is DethKlok and they are pretty retarded. The sudden rapid flashes of light that occur when they play can easily give a seizure to anyone that doesn't blink quick enough to snap out of the trance. The story line of weird..they are like the Metal version of Bill and Ted's group the "Wyld Stallions." Their music saves the world...but also destroys it...Many agencies try to kill the group, but their fans will kill anyone who trys. The band also has a huge army of soldiers...but are really pretty aloof to the entire scope of things. How do they pack all this in a 10 minute show...??? Hell if I know but I'm glad they do.

Rock On


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Test Bin Win

My brother Mark Shotta won the producer Test Bin on 88.9 Strictly Hip-Hop. Congratulations and keep up the good production!

Take that Take that


Action Pat

Another friend of mine is featured in the City Paper's Best Of Baltimore Issue. Pat...A.k.a "Action Pat." He is a DJ and he spins oldies rare records. The harder to find the better, the more obscure the better...and thats why he's one of the best.

American Beauty

R. Kelly is a wild boy! Just beat the case, then interviews with Torae where he admits he has "teenage" (female) friends. Hells wrong with you man!! Even if you do or don't I wouldn't admit to knowing anybody under 25 even family... i'll meet you on your 25th birthday congratulations it'd give you something to look forward to. He'd be in your closet with a cake and a check.

Damn homie


Slow Motion

Paused In Time is a documentary about the Hip-Hop scene in Baltimore. Its very in-depth and it is heard from many perspectives. Artists, Dj's, Radio Personalities, Hosts and more all chime in to give their angle on the scene.

Check Out More Here

Press Play


Bombs Over Baltimore

In the recent issue of the City Paper - Best Of Baltimore Edition the Best Male MC went to .....drumroll please.....


Check out the article here

It's Ogun


Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Hard

New DRAG - Pain... I mean why not! I killed my voice halfway thru the if I can't talk for a week I blame Dj Khaled.

Listen & Download Here

"Go Grab Me A Fiji"


Friday, September 12, 2008

Rachael F'ing Ray

See the homie Kanye posts models and chicks that you obviously wanna bone...(nice..I know), but what about the ones that are flying under the radar Ye? Enter me... the answer to that question.

1st up.

Rachael Ray is a cook, host and traveler. She has been hot, but has gone through many transformations...Brunette,Blond hair, streaks, Black Hair cut short ( looking like a Catherine Zeta Jones look alike. Sure she is corny and terrorist. I kid I kid!



Sunday, September 7, 2008

Clocking Me

So me and the homie Street Heat went to XS yesterday. We standing at the register getting our order on. This chick comes down the steps with this big dude. We finish making our orders and fall back. So then they stand next to us...the big dude is at the cake display. Boom...the chick turns to me and says, "I like your watch." Huh? It is a balla watch I do admit. But geez have you no respect. You just gonna jump on right there while your dude is looking and cakes. Maybe it wasn't her dude. Perhaps they were cousins. I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Then Street points out that she was checking me coming down the steps. So scandalous I swear.

Watch Me


Sex Files

The homie David Duchovny recently went into rehab for "sex addiction." Is "sex addiction" a code word for "I cheated on my wife and/or girlfriend??" If so just call it what it is. B/c what man doesn't have a "sex addiction?" I mean really?? I know I do. What do they do in rehab, cut your nuts off...hit you on the hand with a ruler and tell you sex is bad? Just b/c you do stupid stuff doesn't mean you have a learning disability, and if you cheat that doesn't mean you are an addict.

Sexy Time


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VP Hopeful M.I.L.F.

Bring em out, Bring em out!!! This election is bringing out all the hot white women. This chick Sarah Palin was chosen by John McCain (hmmm), to be his running mate. This chick has 5 kids...mercy. She is the current Gov. of Alaska. A friggen Laska. Its nothing but igloos, Eskimos, and oil rigs. I mean hey at least she is hot to look at. And if McCain drops dead (which it looks like it'll be any day), how she she gonna be the President if she was quoted saying, "Can anybody tell me what a Vice President does anyway?" I don't know what kind of games the Pub's are playing, but its all a little odd to me.

G.O.P.P. Yeah you know me