Thursday, May 6, 2010


Congratulations to B.O.B. for having the #1 album in the country with his debut The Adventures of B.O.B. I like his album. There are 3 songs I don't listen to -- "The Kids", "Magic" and "Nothin On You" the current single. 2 of the songs are basically the same Airplanes with Eminem and Airplanes w/o Eminem....but why put the one without Em on the album?? I never could get into his mixtapes but this is good. And I'm glad people went to buy it. Even if he does sound like Ice Cold Andre 3 Stacks!




Peat said...

So 83K is #1. SMH
Anyway, I don't really dig it, he has kind of downgraded as an emcee chasing the 'crossover' audience.
I still like 'Nothin On You" but that's a song that would be great no matter who was spitting the verses.

PenDragon said...

Hey debut album --- new artist in this climate thats not that bad -- def not the best -- I thought it would be a little bigger b/c that single is played so damn much.