Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peedi Crakk -- is wack

Crakk sits there and explains that he blew $900,000 and wonders why Jay-z doesn't mess with dude no more. C-Lown !! He obvioulsy dispalyed that he didnt care aboutthe situation that he was put in but then when his back was against the wall he wanted help from the Jigga Man. You can't help som people man.

Mack Go Rrrrrring!



The Peat Marwick Experience said...

Wow, and I'm trying to scheme on like a percentage of that right now!

PenDragon said...

thats the thing though. he sat there and said that they were basically just wasting money. All of them!!! So why be mad at Jay?? You try to give ppl a chance and they spit in your face.

TrapRock Radio said...

Damn Peedi!....I still miss the nigga music..But damn..how the hell you blow 900k?