Tuesday, August 31, 2010


First of all congratulations for the #1 movie in the country title! This movie was supposed to come out in 2008, (notice in the movie they keep referring to the 04 heist and saying it happened 4 years ago) but do to certain actions from T.I and Young Breezy the movie was put on hold.

Now with that out of the way. This movie had a lot of promise, until after it was over and I had realized that it left me with an empty feeling. Not empty like A Serious Man empty, but under developed plot line empty. These guys do big jobs for big money and are very good at what they do. They are very well connected, use high tech methods and have a set of rules and guidelines that they follow. Rule 1. No contact if any members get locked up. Rule 2. Wait a year between jobs. T.I.'s character comes home early and presents his former partners with a job. They accept...Rule #2 BROKEN!

Matt Dillion plays a police Officer that is investigating a bank job that they just did. Neglects his kid and pretty much ruins his life in the process. The action was good, the story and how the events played out left me a bit baffled. So lets begin.

1. Police aren't that smart. Point blank LA, NY, TX, FL.
2. What are the chances that the Jamaicans Matt and his partner went to bust were under surveillance and in that same room is where they kept the money?
3. What was the point of Idris Elba's sister? She actually served no point to the development to the story. It was a waste of 15 minutes of time that could have been used elsewhere, like showing the actual 04 heist that they kept referring too.
4. If you had a crack head sister, and you didn't want her to stay at your place for various reasons why would you even let her know where you live in the first place?
5. Given Rule #1 (no contact if caught) wouldn't you still keep tabs on the guy locked in? Esp if none of them trusted him and since they seemed so smart. He got home like a year early, you would think they would be prepared for that.
6. When the shit hit the fan. Chris Brown (21) was running, jumping, flipping, hurdling through all sorts of buildings and obstacles, but sleep deprived (maybe alcoholic) Matt Dillion (46) and his partner were right behind him???

The movie was semi entertaining though for the most part. A couple of "didn't expect that" moments made the film a bit more enjoyable.

Taken not Stirred


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wyclef 4 Prez!

Wyclef has been in the forefront of aiding Haiti way before the earthquake leveled the entire country. He has always given his time, money and voice to help in the development of the Haitian people. So with the Haitian election coming up --- why not let this guy run for office?? I mean could Haiti get worse under his guidance? It's was for the most part a 3rd world country and after the Earthquake it's more like a wasteland. If the guy wants to run...let him run! Sean Penn....shut the fuck up. You don't live there, and you are not knowledgeable enough to even talk about this man's contributions??? What's your beef? What's your solution?? Wyclef isn't just some insert your face here celebrity that shows up on TV gets a check and then rolls out. He is consistently there for his people and his country.

And who knew the "nail in the coffin" to the Fugees reunion (if there was every really going to be a such thing) would come from Pras. I thought Pras and Clef were actually cousin then the second this President stuff starts happening Pras puts his 5 cents in and starts squealing like a pig. Said they aren't really cousins AND that he doesn't think he is fit to be President of Haiti. Damn, first off where did they find Pras?? Nobody has seen him since Mya and OBD made him semi - famous'er. Then he pops up out of has been thin air and gives his disapproval and denounces being related. Boy with friends/family like that.....you know the rest. They are both Haitian. So where was Pras when the earthquake happened and people needed help?? Exactly. Let the man try to represent and recover his country!

The Carnival


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

RapMan Ron G

Mania Music Group's own Rapman Ron G's "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" was a feature in this months X-Rated section of the XXL (Shyne/Young Jezzy Cover)

Welcome To The Audience


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kenzo Digital x Dee and Ricky

Kenzo Digital presents "The Dee & Ricky Super Happy Fun Time Show" Teaser from Kenzo Digital on Vimeo.

Kenzo Digital is a cool film company that teamed up with Dee and Ricky who make crappy items outta Lego's and sell them for crazy prices. But that's neither here nor there. The videos are pretty dope and Dee & Ricky designed a cool G-Shock available in very limited quantities.

How can they sell Lego's without getting sued?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Time For The Circulator

You know this was a good idea, too bad Sheila got canned before ppl could see how great it really is. I have no idea how the route were picked or why but this buses seem to cover a large area of the greater Downtown district. Going Green Campaign >>> Gift Cards (i know it was more to it) in my opinion but hey I'm just a guy. These buses are always packed and a more and more diverse sets of ppl are using this mode of transport. Really a great idea. Now if only they could make downtown not smell like sewage. That would be progress!!!



The Expendables

This has been billed as the must see "guy movie" of the year. It has almost every legendary action star in the world in this one film. All except VanDamme who I could only guess that him and Stallone didn't get along in the past. This movie was slow moving in the beginning. The way people were hyping it I thought as soon as you sat down the screen was going to explode. When the opening credits rolled the names would blow up....NO! There were only about 3 action scenes before the main action sequence at the end of the movie. Why they had Dolph Lundren play a psycho drug addicted mercenary...who knows. Why was Mickey Rourke crying for 15 minutes about some chick in Vietnam that jumped off a bridge?? Why was Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing that ugly ass shirt...beats me.

This had all the 80's cliche moments compiled into one movie. And nobody died!! I was grateful that Terry Cruz didn't get blown up in some tragic thumbs up helicopter ride turned wrong scene. But the thing that got me was....where was the nudity??? At least Scott Pilgram had the girl in her panties for a scene. Sly went alllllllllllll the way to some godforsaken 3rd world country for this chick that he didn't even kiss?! Word Sly?? That's how you roll?

3 Stars

Does Stallone Speak English...oh I get it, it's a Foreign Film


Monday, August 16, 2010

Scott Pilgram Vs. The World

Man I wasn't even about to see this movie at all, in the least bit. But then more and more buzz started to circle on the interwebs and I learned what it was about and my dude Michael Cera was in it FIGHTING??!! This movie is based off a Manga of the same name, where Scott Pilgram must defeat Ramona Flowers' 7 evil Ex's. This movie is a mix of comic book, MMA, video game, Anime live action. The visual effects in this movie are really super top notch! It takes about a good 30 minutes for the action to unravel but it's sooooo worth it! Macaulay Culkin's younger brother Kieran plays Scott's gay room mate and serves up some wild comic relief. A huge sound dragon fought a sound giant and some chick got the blue slapped out of her hair!!! This is executed in a way that I have never seen. This gives proof that there should never be another bad DragonBall movie or any Anime style film. This was done right and in such an unexpected way.

Nega Ninja


Thursday, August 12, 2010

TV SHOW KILLER - Anthony Anderson

He seems likable enough but this guy sure can kill a TV show. Law & Order has been on for 20 years and as soon as he gets on it they cancel it. The FOX cop show K-Ville cancelled! The Shield --- CANCELLED! Samantha Who? Cancelled!!!!! Tell this guy to stay away from Television because it will surely end in cancellation.

I just got a note that this blog has been cancelled...thanks a lot!!



Bravo's series WORK OF ART aired the finally last night with the winner being Adbi Farah a 23 year old Baltimore and Philadelphia native (and secret son of Puff Daddy). This show gave artists around the country a chance to show their talent through multiple challenges and exercises. The winner would receive 100,000. Abdi won over the judges with his depiction of urban life and the decay and desolation that can come of that environment. One of the show's other artists Miles was a wild character. He would go to sleep before challenges, read a whole book before a challenge and even made cement buttholes...yeah cement buttholes!!

This show displayed great challenges, good artists and creativity that is way beyond the average reality show that airs the same nonsense over and over. Hopefully this show keeps going and shines light on all different types of artists.

China Chow


Friday, August 6, 2010

Kanye West - Power

Even though this is the same length as a Snuggie commercial it's still FRESH! Kanye's first "video" off his new album currently untitled, features him in the role of an Emperor to a lush, war ridden, wealthy, sex driven empire. Sold more as a moving painting than an actual music video, the images are stunning and the tools used to create this piece were executed grandly. I especially like the way Kanye's Horus Chain swings side to side during the composition. This reminds me of Ghost Busters 2 when the ghost dude would come out of the painting! Yeah it's only 90 seconds but its a DOPE 90 seconds.

I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jeff Nishinaka -- Paper Art

These works of art are by Jeff Nishinaka and are made 100% from white paper! He has collaborated with, Bloomingdale's and Galeries Lafayette, advertising work for Visa, Coca Cola, Playboy, American Airlines, Toyota and Mattel and Jackie Chan is his homeboy who owns the largest of Nishinaka's collection.