Monday, June 29, 2009

Movie Update

Quick movie update:
The Hangover is about a "Vegas trip before you get married," gone wrong. Its full of laughs though, as the group tries to retrace their steps to figure out exactly what happened the night before. Mike Tyson's cameo is classic. The situations are unique (a naked Asian man in the truck) and funny. Its an excellent cast and they all play well off each other. The only odd man out is Mike Epps who appears out of nowhere and isn't funny at all in this. GO SEE !!!

Transformers: Rise of the Fallen is the sequel to the record smashing first movie. This one plays a little long (very long) using a few parts to stretch out the dramatics of Sam's (played by Shia LaBouff) balance of a long distance girlfriend his first year at college and being the owner of a Kick ass sweet Alien car that transforms into a killer robot. This movie satisfies the lack of battle scenes in the first movie. Much more action! Long Long Story!! Hot Girls! GO SEE !!

Pelham 123 is a remake, but what isn't these days. This is a good paced movie where both John Travolta and Denzel Washington play great roles. There are many actors that pop up in this film. Some unbelievable parts happen in the movie definite WTF moments. Overall the movie plays out well. Sadly, dealing with the death of his son, Jet, John Travolta couldn't be available to promote the film (which I'm sure that was kinda the furthest thing from his mind)and that may have decreased this movies buzz. RENT IT!!

4 dollar bottle of water at the movies...whats that about??


HomeRun King --- Coming Soon

HomeRun King Ad#1 from danielsunz1 on Vimeo.

Batter Up


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can A Brother Get A Break??!!

Man...can a brother get a damn break??!! I guess not. In the past weeks Black men are getting killed...accused..and forgotten. Bonnie Sweeten, a Philadelphia woman, said that 2 Black men had kidnapped her and her 9 year old daughter and put her in the back of a Cadillac. When in fact she had went to Disney World and her and her daughter were staying in an expensive hotel. Ok she was fleeing Philadelphia planning never to wanna leave your old life behind...ok, fine...but why stay on the East Coast (1), why stay in the country if it was that serious (2) and why say 2 Black men kidnapped you?? (3). When was the last time you heard a Black man kidnapping someone (that wasn't drug related). Amy Smart...kidnapped by some white fact all kids...kidnapped by some white dude. So how come white women like to say some black man did something crazy to them. I have my theories, but that's for another session.

This racist 88 year old James W. von Brunn comes into the U.S. Holocaust Museum and starts shooting and kills guard Stephen Tyrone Johns....a black man. Damn shame that it happened...damn shame a person got killed...damn shame this man was still on the streets. He had a past of illegal and racist behavior. He has written many publications aimed toward the defamation of Jews, African Americans and other races. He spent over 16 years in prison total for attempted kidnapping, 2nd burglary, assault and weapons charges. He stormed into a Federal building in 1981 brandishing why was he let free sadly to do the same thing in 2009 and take a man's life.

On a completely lighter note Eddie Murphy is getting the cold shoulder in Hollywood these days. His new movie Imagine That came out with really no advertising ( I only saw a commercial for it once), no help from the Late Night Shows (I don't think) and no general buzz at all. Is it the he left Scary Spice pregnant and alone?? Or is it no general interest in him anymore. Family movies tend to do well...prob not in the midst of Summer Blockbusters, but on average do pretty good. So why would Paramount waste money shooting a movie that they weren't going to push. It's really beyond me.

Nell Carter


Monday, June 8, 2009

Team Arson Basketball League

Me and the homies played ball Saturday at Cloverdale. The team of Street (aka needs to stop smoking), Drag (deceptive jump shot) and Shani (arc queen) won the 1st game and O (aka Big Shaq), Poet (aka FITCH) & Young Damn J (20 cent snowflake) won the second game. Im sore..i think we all are. It was a good outting. Big Dro was on the side lines getting his Phil Jackson on.



Lost Land

Ok, huge Will Ferrell fan, with that being said, I could have waited to see this movie on DVD. Simply because with Will and Danny McBride's comedy and the PG-13 rating this movie has (which I often questioned) it would have been way funnier if it were rated R but still a little out of range. The context of the movie plays like a kids films but the language at times is so overboard that parents probably would leave the theater. I was expecting John C. Reilly to pop up as another scientist but no such luck, perhaps he was filming an Episode of Tim & Eric (LAME). The movie does have its funny points but its kinda few and far between. I just wanna check out the gag reel on the DVD because I know it was a lot of puppet jokes going on. In fact instead of showing the real movie they could have just shown the gag reel and it prob would have been way funnier.



Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Know What U Like

Me & the homie Articulate knocked out this banga Monday night. "I Know What You Like," Produced by Rickie Jacobs. It's pretty nasty!!!

Download It Now

"Name Any Price...Go Hard Or You Go Home!!!"


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

U Gots To Chill

The homie Wale dropped his new video for the single "Chillin' this week featuring Lady Gaga. With some guest appearances from Bun B, Young Chris and Big G.

What's Goodie D.C.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The homie D from AITG (All In The Game) clothing hit is repping Baltimore with his new shirts. Ya man DRAG shows love and rocks it for the city and took a ill pic for it. It's all in the game homie.

Bing Bing Bing


You'll Be Back!

This is one of those films you sit through and there is a lot of stuff blowing up but nothing is really happening. It's good..not great. They set it up to be a sequel in the future...which further explain the time travel element of this series. It was just a cold film. I didn't see the 3rd Terminator movie and I never watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but more or less this is a stand alone movie so there isn't any real catching up to do. The hot chick that was on NBC's time drama Journey Man, Moon Bloodgood she gives you something to watch while you try to figure out the angle of this plot. Batman leads the resistance...Common is in it a couple times and Chris' father from Everybody Hates Chris (Terry Crews) hangs out for about 5 secs...guess you know what happens...early!!

Yeah He's in it...sorta


Real Name Feature

The homie Al Shipley wrote about Dj Class' success and the remixes that spawned from his "I'm the Ish." Me and MullyMan are featured. Al constantly spells my name right and I dig that. Capital D no space! Most ppl don't grasp that concept but he does!

" There's nothing new about people doing their own version of DJ Class's "I'm The Ish" at this point, but it's kind of cool to see the song kind of go through this backwards path, where now other Baltimore artists are really jumping on it after we already heard people of Kanye West or Lil Jon's stature on the track. PenDragon sent me his version, as a preview of his HomeRun King mixtape that's dropping in June, and he added some new synths and production elements to the track, which is something he does a lot and is really one of the reasons I always check for Drag's stuff, whether it's a 'freestyle' or a new song, he puts that something extra in there. Mully goes in on the original beat, but his version is really cool because he's just congratulating DJ Class and showing some pride about Baltimore and club music. It really brings home something that's been refreshing about the whole last few months, the way virtually everyone around here who knows the song loves it and seems genuinely happy for Class. I mean people talk about jealousy in Baltimore music all the time, 'crabs in a bucket' and all, but there's really been none of that here, everybody knows Class paid his dues and has a hit because he made a hit."

Thanks Al!!