Thursday, October 29, 2009

24 mixtape coming Sunday!!!

New mixtape "24" coming Sunday! I am gonna record this mixtape on Saturday in 24 hours and release it. I am also going to video record parts of the process. Ride with your boy --

B/c I can ---


The Perfect Getaway

Man I'm glad I didn't go to see this in the theaters. This movie is boring as watching paint dry until the last 15 minutes of the film. It is very predictable, and pretty hard to watch up until the climax of the movie. Listen, just watch the last 15 minutes and chalk it up.

A Perfect Waste of Time


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Hill Tavern

Tucked away in Baltimore's Butcher Hill area Blue Hill Tavern specializes in contemporary American cuisine. It's a nice atmosphere, it's just very noisy inside...very noisy. HUH!! I SAID IT'S VERY NOISY INSIDE! oh . The food is good. The steak and eggs appetizer takes a new twist as they serve the steak sliced paper thin spread across the plate accompanied by 2 Quail Eggs. Would I have it again?? No. Was it cool to look at?? Yeah, but I should have been at least warned that the "Steak " was fruit roll up consistency. The Potato Soup...ummm...excellent. I'm not so sure that the potatoes made it excellent but the bacon pieces that were spread throughout like tiny treasures waiting to be found were definitely the highlight. The Crab Cakes were pretty good, flaky yet moist and I was tempted to get the rabbit but felt a little less adventurous that night. From what I tasted of the chicken it was very moist and flavorful. Which is the complete opposite to the macaroni and cheese which was dry and tasteless. The free valet parking was a plus though, seeing as its still a pretty industrial area. Blue Hill Tavern is a good place if you want to hang out not take a date, because most of the time you'll just be saying, "I can't hear you!"

The drunk guy behind you


Change your Last Name Please

Jermaine Taylor gets laid out.



Monday, October 19, 2009

Fuck Jeff Fisher

So you're 0-5. At Fox Borough playing the Patriots in the snow....Losing 45-0 at the half. What do you do Coach. Put Vince Young in?? You haven't played Young all season and you wanna play him NOW??? I know Vince can't say it but I woulda said sorry coach I can't help you. It was a no win situation, what was the point!!

59 to nothing


I Fight Gazelles for Fun and Sport!!


Skinny but effective!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Check Out my homie Boxer Darrell Martin

GFL - GoFightLive - The World's Leading MMA and Boxing Video Site

Check out the 11:51 mark for the knockout!! Geez!!

Hello Canvas


Mr. President

How come everybody is upset Obama won the Nobel prize??? Do me a favor. Name the last 3 winners of the award (without Googling it!!), the average person ( & by average I mean 99% of people) can't do it. Why not the 1st bi-racial President? Why not the President that is trying to get universal health care for us all? Why not the intelligent President that we have not had in 8 yrs? Tell you time YOU win a Nobel Peace Prize and feel like you don't deserve it...give it back.



Just An Observation

How come in movies after the person gets shot, they get up and take the bulletproof vest off? And usually its still while people are shooting at them.

Just an observation





Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sonar - We're So Gone!

If only we had gone on time...but it was still a crazy performance! Thank you Rogue, thank you Street, thank you Nova!



Friday, October 9, 2009

Seth Red

I like Family Guy , and Robot Chicken but dude...Seth...grow some balls man. First how didn't you see this set-up coming??? 2nd your acting like these 2 dudes pistol whipped your bitch ass. You couldn't be black for 2 hours guy. Your head would explode you might kill yourself. Florida rapper Brisco was robbed at gunpoint in a Barbershop and they took about $30,000 to $50,000 worth of jewelry. What did they take from Seth, a Star Wars comic book??? And then he goes back and gets mad at the security guard. Flips over the table, why didn't you flip over one of those dudes that robbed your ass? Don't act tough now! Cause outside of work that security guard will whoop yo ass, so you need to calm down and get over it!!

Monkey in the closet


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Rogue is shooting a video for "Real Flesh" and is also putting together a show. I will be performing along with Street Heat. Come out enjoy the show come for the video. It's gonna be a great performance. Get tickets at the door $10 or buy em online here either way you can't lose!!

Start calling me Draggy Wonka


Shrimp - N - Cheese Grits

Man "when I'm in that kitchen." (in my OJ Da Juiceman voice) My kitchen game is sick. Cheese grits and I use a lot of butter and a lot of cheese. Shrimp are flavorful and robust...yeah!!