Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Juice

Even though Peat hates juice, I enjoy it a lot! Minute Maid has these new juices that taste great. This Strawberry Kiwi jont was about to get me joked on by Kane. So that leads to my next question...what do dudes have against juice? I've seen "you guys" drink juice before. And if I was talking about some liquor that a rapper invented (i.e. Conjure, Ciroc or Nuvo) nobody would say anything...that would be normal I guess. Even Guyanese dudes like juice.

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Peat said...

But dude, I looooooooove juice, everyone that KNOWS me knows me KNOWS I love el jugo! See, I can even say it in spanish. I was just taken aback by your posting juice here, I was confucious...?

Nevertheless. I enjoy a good juice, especially grape juice. The kiwi's and the strawberries are too sweet, maybe that's why you got the looks.

TrapRock Radio said...

C'mon now how could anyone not like juice..I grew up on Juice..From Kool-Aid to Minute Maid, Jungle Juice, Flavorade, I mean even the Donald Duck joints..Feel me Drag!!!lol. But I really didn't know the flavors..I just knew the colors..lmao. Like Red and Purple..I just knew that sometimes that "Red" Juice taste a little different..Purple was always was orange. But Yeah I guess the world could relate more if you talk about something that everyone else does..-Big Dro (Team Arson Music)

PenDragon said...

@ Peat yeah I know everybody loves juice I was just fucking wit ya'll. Though oddly enough I do know people that don't like water???

@ DRO --hell yeah 5 Alive ws my shit! Sunny Delight -- wooooooo!!! That California Style!!