Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008


The homie Street Heat has another placement. This time its on the new Christmas CD from Dipset. Bad Santa starring Mike Epps. Street Heat produced "Christmas Song," track number 8 on the CD.

Download the Mp3rd

Merry Christmas! Thanksgiving Style


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gold Bond...not the powder

Why in the world do people request such horrible things. This gold and platinum plated, diamond studded Aston Martin DB7 was made for Prince Francesco Ruspoli of Italy. I guess he figured that he didn't want it and that it was a stupid its being sold for $140,000. Its Super Ugly.

Disco Fever


Transexual Bags!

I getting kinda sick of these Man Woman bags...that is.... Women's bags that designers are trying to tell me are for Men. Nawh..I'm not buying it. Dolce and Gabbana just released a $50,000 Limited Edition Crocodile Skin bag, that 4 years ago chicks on Sex and the City would be going crazy over. I know every decade has its trends in fashion so I'm guessing that the Man bag purse is this decades. But the super crazy part is that dudes are buying and using these bags that are obviously for women!! 10 years from now dudes are going to look back and say "whoa! what was I thinking about." Just like that bad haircut from 92' its gonna come back and haunt you.

You say You Like Women Right?? Hmm...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zack and Miri Made a Porno...kinda

Me and my brother Mark Shotta went to he movies yesterday and saw "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." It was a funny damn movie and it makes you never want to go to Pittsburgh for anything...ever. Kevin Smith is one of my favorite directors, I like how he incorporates characters or actors from his movies into other films...looking out for his homies, I dig that. Jason Mewes ("Jay" of Jay and Silent Bob) shows up and the dude from Clerks does as well. Homie from The Office (Craig Robinson) plays a bigger role in this movie then any of his previous roles in "Knocked Up," and "Pineapple Express."

The one flaw of the movie is that it kinda doesn't end. It leads to an think there's an ending but there is no ending. It just goes off and deviates from the whole premise of the movie. Overall it gets 3.5 stars.

Where's the Money Shot??


Monday, November 3, 2008

Schools < Condos

The wild things I see while driving. And they say its a recession?? I can't tell.

Classrooms into Living Rooms


Its Electric... Boogie Woogie Woogie.

Rolls-Royce is in the process of making a electric powered Phantom. You hear the Street? So when you get one you will be helping out the environment as well. Very responsible.

Where Do I Plug It In?



If Apple hasn't come out with enough crap..I mean... innovative musical advancements. They are now in the processes of creating the iBangle. It stores your music and sends it to wireless headphones. There is an inner air chamber that inflates so its fits perfectly on your arm.

Ummm ...Yeah