Friday, May 28, 2010

New Yeezy -- POWER ft. DWELE

Please don't sit there and tell me that this beat isn't stupid! Kanye is back with "POWER" featuring Dwele even though I'd rather hear Tony Williams on this because his voice has more soul and is a little more powerful, but its still banging nonetheless.


All G.O.O.D.



Peat said...

GREAT comeback song. I'm impressed and looking forward to the album. That, Skarr, PenDragon, Ogun, and Dew Doo Kidz.

Oh yeah, I came here cause Castle just popped up on the iPod and I was like WTF is this, then I remembered. lol

PenDragon said...

I got you -- coming soon. Yeah def lookin forward to that new Ye!