Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Women Are Women's Biggest Haters

Ciara put out this fine video a few months back and Deb banned it from her lovely station that promotes nothing but wholesome kid friendly acts and family values. What's so bad about this video that is worse than the ones that they do play??? There is only one woman in the video, as opposed to the 15 to 20 or so in others. Sure the song is pretty suggestive BUT in her previous video with Justin Timberlake they were actually touching one another in a sexual manner, Luda never really touches on her in a sexual way. Deb also banned Teirra Mari's ( I don't care if I missed spelled it) video earlier this year! This is backwards to me, I don't understand the criteria in which she deems one video "ok" and another a "fail." Added bonus!! -- It was cool though to show Diddy and other celebs drinking on TV after your awards show?? To the point where there was complete chaos and disarray --- Drunk rich people yeah that's cool! But when you're the HBWIC I guess you really don't have to explain anything to anyone huh?!



Fonzworth Bentley ft. Anthony Hamilton - Greener

This shit is CRAZY!!! Fonzworth coming with that summer banger! This joint is extra dope. Hopefully he is coming out with that C.O.L.O.U.R.S album soon.



Monday, June 28, 2010

Bernie Madoff

I understand that good ole Bernie ripped off a lot of people for a lot of money, but what is the sense of throwing him in jail for 175 years (literally)?? The people that he "stole" from will still never get their money back and now tax payers have to pay for him to survive for the rest of his life. I think it would be a much better decision to have made him write a book about his life and enterprise and make the proceeds go to the families that he "schemed." I don't really feel sorry for the people though honestly. What were his credentials based on?? Did these people know other people who actually attained more money off investments through Bernie? And why give him so much money that if you lost it you would be completely broke?? Sounds like greed to me. For that matter they might as well went to Vegas and hit the Craps tables, because investments and the stock market is nothing except gambling anyway.

This is a great story. Bernie Madoff is a criminal mastermind and all you can do is throw him in jail?? He should be teaching at Universities. Talk about The Art Of Seduction, Robert Greene should be taking notes. Madoff seduced many people out of millions!!! So if he isn't the Master Seducer I can name no other. He clearly has a way with people if they trusted him with all of their money, so much that it's like they saw him as their Savior or some type of Higher Power.

People give their money to churches and Religious organizations all the time with no return, earning Pastors and Reverend millions. So Madoff's only fault is that he promised them profit?? Did he really promise them that, or was it simply implied that the investment that he made on their behalf would turn a profit? Either way why in THEE HELL would you give anybody that much money? There is certainly something to be learned here and now we are being cheated out of knowing what made him Seducer/swindler ever.

Dollar Dollar Bill Ya'll


Friday, June 25, 2010

Nova Starz - Pink Lipstick

Nova Starz has a new video that was put together by Street Heat off her upcoming album The Glamour.

Spider Woman


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ogun has been doing the community a service for a long time. Fox 45 acknowledged him with a Cover Story on his deeds.



Monday, June 21, 2010

J. Cole - "Who Dat"

Nice video!!! It's amazing what happens when you give these grassroots directors some $$$. BBGUN came thru for Jermaine and created a nice video for a sick sick sick song!



MISSING: Jesse Jackson

Ever since Uncle Jesse said that he wanted to cut Obama's nuts off...I haven't seen or heard from Jesse Jackson one bit. Just an observance.
Full House


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Police -- The Final Frontier

Question...was she wrong for getting punched in the face
Was she wrong to get punched in the face by a male Officer...YES

This is a classic case of...you just can't win this one. The Officer should have called a female Officer for aid and assistance with these girls. The other girl had no business jumping in and made the matter worse. We just can't have people beating up the Police. Anything that the Officer did in some eyes would have been seen as "excessive force." And I hate when people try to play the race card esp. in situations were the party in question was wrong. It's like crying wolf. So seeing "Reverend" Al Sharpton on the Today Show saying that this incident could have been racial motivated, is another reason why my generation looks at Al as a buffoon and an opportunist.

When the "Don't Tase Me Bro," guy got tasered for simply asking a question, where was Al then. He didn't want an uprising then and that was a complete out-of-hand situation. When this high school kid got tased on the Baseball field .... no Al. So it either seems that Al is only concerned when things happen to Black people almost making him a racist as well.

Fuck Al Sharpton ---Fuck Racism ---Fuck Jaywalking!!


Glass The Online Magazine

Glass is an online Magazine that highlights Baltimore - Fashion - Hip-Hop and Culture. On the site now are posts on ScholarMan, The Get Em Mamis and Rickie Jacobs. I conduct video interviews for the site, to not only artists but business owners, photographers and anyone else that is in the scene. Check it out now!!!
Word To Miss Randi

Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Video:Make You Feel My Pain ft. Street Heat

This is the new video Make You Feel My Pain ft. the homie and one and only Street Heat! The homie DJ Craigos Gettems aka Bucks Milwaukee on the camera...not to bad 4 a 1st time camera man! Thanks to Mark Shotta love you bro! Sugyeong Lee (even though she is not Japanese as the song implies) and the once again the lovely City of Baltimore for the imagery.

MJ at the buzzer


Thursday, June 10, 2010

PenDragon - Style For Free

Even though it leaked on the Interwebs a week early, it's officially here. Style For Free. The mixtape was inspired by me killin shit and the art of going "ham."

Some good people decided to come along with me on this one. Street Heat, Big DRO, Ollie V.O.S.O., Channel Q, Jae Poet, Truth Is, Mark Shotta, James Vegas, Rickie Jacobs, Articulate, BEX, Sage Bravo, Young J and hosted by DJ Craigo Gettems.

Thank You to all who collaborated with me, Thank you to everyone that enjoys my music, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Download IT HERE (usershare)


An Hour of Ham


Athlete Of The Year!!!

My nephew Martieze Brockington was just announced as Lansdowne Athlete of the Year! Congratulations young man!

(Photo by Brendan Cavanaugh)
written by By Craig Clary

Thomas Raybon knew Lansdowne High senior Martieze Brockington was a special athlete even before coaching the youngster. Last fall, the Sparrows Point High assistant football coach was watching game film when one player caught his attention. "I kept saying, 'Who is that No. 16 kid (Brockington)?,'" Raybon said. "He never gave up on any play and he ran his butt off all the time."

This spring, Raybon joined Brockington as the Vikings' track coach and liked what he saw.

And there's a lot to like about the 2010 Arbutus Times Male Athlete of the Year, who also played basketball for Lansdowne. "In seven years of coaching track, he's probably one of the best overall kids I've worked with," Raybon said. "He was just unbelievable." No obstacle was too great for Brockington to overcome on his way to finishing first in the Class 2A North Region high jump and taking third in the county and state in the same event. He cleared 6 feet, 2 inches at the regional and state meet and came within an ankle graze of clearing 6-4 and winning the state title. Clearing 6-2 in the regional for the first time is a career highlight.

That unprecedented leap came after the 6-foot-3, 181-pound star was overcoming a groin injury that hampered him in the county championship. The injury was sustained two weeks before the county meet, prompting his coaches to suggest he take a week off. "He said, 'No, I want to stick with it and not fall out of shape,'" Raybon recalled.

In addition, two weeks after the school purchased new high jump mats, vandals destroyed them in a shed fire. Unruffled, Brockington traded his spikes for tennis shoes and moved inside to use some worn indoor mats. He would start practice jumps at the 5-8 mark and work his way up to 6-4 -- the height Francis Scott Key's Irving Jeffries achieved to capture the Class 2A crown.

"If we had another year, there's no doubt in my mind he would have been a state champion in high jump," Raybon said. Brockington loved being able to soar over improbable heights. "When you are in the air, you feel like you are floating," Brockington said. "I don't realize I'm that high until I go up to the bar. Once I jump, I'm amazed I can get that high."


"They hate when you gettin money like athletes." (c) HOV


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Style For Free Will Be Out This FRIDAY!!!

Style For Free will be out FRIDAY...even though it was leaked early by a JT of a DB on Facebook on Sunday night! But it will be out on Coasttocoastmixtapes.com and Datpiff.com and later on Allbmorehiphop.com. The video for "Make You Feel My Pain" featuring Street Heat will also be premiering on Friday!! So check back HERE on FRIDAY for all the festivities!!!!


Drake - Thank Me Later

Ok I was gonna wait til the homies album was actually released on the 15th but I might not care to write about it then. Young ADG steps to the plate to deliver his first official major label CD. Thank Me Later (Kanye had a book entitled Thank You and You're Welcome..which is a little more arrogant and balla...but) starts off with FireWorks ft. Alicia Keys. On this Alicia sounds like a sample the way she just cuts off as the hook ends. The 3rd verse to this song is the best part. "40" who produces the majority of the tracks on the album has a very minimalistic approach to beats. Lots of the production sounds incomplete in a way, but that's his style I guess. The next song Karaoke is pretty bad so I skip it. I hate the beat lyrics ahhhh skip skip skippity do da. The Resistance is the shit! Drake chanting that people promised that he would "never change," is the reality that he brings to his music that I enjoy. I skip "Over" at this point. The Kanye West produced "Show Me A Good Time," is ahhh good time. And the mixing of him saying "Ah Yeah" on the hook is hilarious! "Up All Night" ft. Nicki Minaj is cool. The beat is dope, produced by Boi-1da but Nicki's verse is hot and cold. "I look like yes, and you look like no," is kinda weak but then she states "which bitch you know made a million off a mixtape?" Now that's a statement. "Fancy" should def be a single. It's a good song with a great vibe, and Swizz is my dude. "Shut It Down" ft. The Drama Queen, I mean The Dream should be Shut DOWN!!!! Horrible, bad bad bad. Dream's annoying voice mixing with Drake's annoying voice is a terrible idea. "Unforgettable" ft. Young Jeezy features a dope Aaliyah sample. The hook is kinda weird though and hard to distinguish. "Light Up" ft. Jay-Z is ill. Drake's verse is ill and reflects the early 90's coming up and Jay-Z sheds light and gives advice to the young boy. Even though HOV tried to slip in a triple entendre??? C'mon son. Hour, Owls and Owww??? Nawh. "Miss Me" ft. DeWayne Carter is cool, Wayne doesn't really talk about anything on his verse but then again...he never really does. But it almost seemed like this song should have a point or main theme..It's called Miss Me right!! "Cece's Interlude" is garbage trash. "Find Your Love" is a great song to me. The hyponotic chants of "Hey, Hey, Hey" though very What's Happening-ish, and the bold statements he made make the song a hit. "Thank Me Now" is a great closer. Doesn't sound like a Timbaland beat at all, but it works.

Overall, I give this CD a 7 out of 10. Too much singing brings this down for me. Don't get me wrong his singing is cool, but when you are doing boy band duets with The Dream lines must be drawn. This is no So Far Gone, and Drake still lacks a bite or aggressiveness to make me think that he is anything but an emo heartbroken rapper. He is like the rap version of Kid Cudi. Drake has his lane and drives in it well. A few bumps in the road that may get smoothed out eventually or just may get deeper. It's funny that the same thing that I like about him is thing that I dislike aswell. His ability to draw for his life and put his emotions and feelings on the line is admirable but gets dull after a few runs and turns into a one trick Royal Mountie Pony.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Urkel's Back!

I found this semi-amusing. Hopefully it gets funnier and it keeps going. Jaleel White is still getting Sonic the Hedgehog checks but its good to see him back out.

Yes You Did Do That


Friday, June 4, 2010

Rampage No Action Jackson

I'm glad that I don't order these things. I thought this was gonna be the biggest most brutal fight of the year but instead it turned out to be a one sided boring bout. 3 rounds of Rashad Evans sticking and moving while Rampage just looks bewildered. When he was coming to the ring I was like "uh oh." He looked....well, not ready. The fire that is usually in his eyes just wasn't there. Maybe it was all the time off to shoot the A-Team. After the loss he did say that "ring rust" was a factor and that he wanted a rematch. I hope he learns from this fight....it's either Hollywood or the Ring. You see The Rock left that shit alone. Maybe it's time for Rampage to roll out. And I know that this was his first big loss but it was just such a poor performance. He just wasn't there the whole match. Go get that movie money homie, I'm not mad.

That's a PowerBomb Joe Rogan


Thursday, June 3, 2010

British Petroleum is finished!!

Ok so I'm getting to witness the biggest oil spill in U.S. history and what am I learning?

1) Apparently underwater oil tubes don't have an off switch.
2) Engineers don't think about how to stop things just about how to get them to work.
3) Oil and water DO mix when neither of the two have a choice.
4) We have much more oil than the Government would set us out to believe.

45 days straight of oil gushing into the Gulf which is est. at 7.35 Million gallons!

One person even said that if it were left alone to continue to leak that it would go on for decades. DECADES??!! So why do we invade other countries for oil? Simple. Power and Dominance. If you can control the source of energy you can pretty much make other countries beg and plead for your allegiance. By September there will be a huge benefit concert, BP will change it's name to something else and hopefully by Christmas this will all be cleaned up.

Jane Stop This Crazy Thing


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Now this here was a good movie that I didn't think was gonna be a good movie. What made it good was the semi-realism of it. This was a depiction of what would probably happen if you took up a life of crime fighting. You'd get stabbed, beaten, and maybe even set on fire. This is another movie on Nick Cage's "I Need to Get My Money Back" Tour because this is about the 17th movie he has lined up. It still had it's over the top moments. But of course it's a big budget movie so that is to be expected. I think the R rating is what killed it in the theater, anybody thinking that this was going to be a kid friendly movie is VERY WRONG! Simulated teen sex, a bunch of violence and a foul mouth 11 year old girl makes the Movie Fone guy say "Rated R." I think this made enough money to make a sequel and it ended in such a way that McLovin will take control of the Evil Empire. He is just so nerdy and squirrely it'll be interesting to see him pull it off.

Since The Face Been Revealed Game Got Real



After 6 years of LOST aired it's final episode last week on May 23rd. The finale to me was good and it fit the story line of the final season. With that said though, there are still a BUNCH of unanswered questions and actions that make the overall story seem to not make sense. What was the point of half of the Losties traveling to 1977? Who was in the cabin? I mean the list can really be endless. I think that as individual seasons the show was strong but looked at as a whole cohesive story things seem to fall apart. Don't get me wrong I still love the show, I just wish somethings were either explained or wrapped up better. And the flash "sideways" thing turned out to be a disappointment. Overall this is a great show with great characters, all complex and deep. And I have never followed a show the same way that I have obsessed followed LOST and probably never will. It was truly a special show and I will miss it.

You Have What It Takes