Monday, February 25, 2013

RIP Smash

Smash was a cool dude with a great voice and talent.  Read about the passing and vigil here.

Friday, February 22, 2013

NBA Dunk Contest

NBA All - Star weekend is wayyyyyy wayyyyyy better than the NFL Pro Bowl, but the Slam Dunk contest is getting weaker and weaker by the year.  I haven't seen a good since Blake Griffen jumped over a car and that was about 3 years ago.  At this point dudes are just running out of tricks.  I'd much rather see a Streetball/Playground type of game.  Like a Rucker League Game or an AND1 game instead of the Dunk Contest.  It's boring its pointless and its a waste of time.  The big dogs like LeBron and Blake don't return to it.  It's like it's a one a done type of a deal.  BOOOOOOOOOOO!  If this was show it would have been cancelled a long time ago.  Spice it up or just get rid of it.



Louis CK - 2008

I watch Louis' show on FX and stumbled across this stand-up from 2008.  Funny stuff if you have an hour to stare at a computer screen.



Monday, February 11, 2013

New Video - Chris Bivins "Heaven" Ft. Jay Verze

New video from Chris Bivins ft. The homie Jay Verze.  Dope clip.  Looking forward from a project from Chris Bivins soon.  Watch out for them apples.

You ever get hit in the chest with a apple?


Monday, February 4, 2013

The Master

This is an odd very very odd film.  Joaquin Phoenix plays Freddie Quill a Ex-Navy man who is trying to find something to do after the War is over in 1950.  1st off he is bat shit crazy.  He humps on and finger bangs a woman made out of sand that some of his Navy buddies made on the beach.  He beats the shit out of some guy he was taking a picture of for no reason.  I can only guess he had some type of PTSD because of the war, but he later explains that his mother was in a loony bin so who knows.  I can't really say what this movie is about.  It's not really about anything at all.  A man trying to find himself?  I guess.  A man trying to fix someone? I guess.  A buddy film? Hardly.  This film wasn't about a damn thing.  I think you just have to look at it as a chapter in a man's life and that's it.   Joaquin Phoenix gives a GREAT performance of a complete crazy person though so that's something I guess.

Doris Day


Movie Roundup

Boy oh Boy, I had such high hopes for Gangster Squad.  This was action-less and lame.  The re-editing and re-shooting of this movie killed it.  It'll be on cable next month.  Boring and kinda pointless.

I kinda like these new age war films, except for Green Zone which was boring as Hell.  This movie shows the somewhat brilliance and very idiotic tendencies of the American Government.   It was directed well and never really hit a dull point.

This movie was unexpectedly good.  Frank is an old cat burglar and his son gets him a helper robot. Frank then teaches the robot to steal.  Good film.

This is a buddy movie.  It's like the bucket list for old gangsters.  It's something to watch.  6 outta 10.


It's been a long season and a long road.  For some this is where the road ends but it's been a great ride.  The Ravens dominated the 49ers up until the 35 minute power outage.  San Fransico only had 6 points both scored by David Akers (he even missed a kick).  I think that 35 minutes gave the 9er's time to SNAP OUT OF IT!  They realized that they were indeed in the Super Bowl and indeed losing.  They came back BLAZING!  Amazing throws amazing run game.  Ray Rice's fumble got the 49er's right back in the game.

Ray Lewis and Randy Moss were non-factors in this game.  Ed Reed showed up, Ed Dickson showed up?! Pitta and Boldin were key factors.  The last 2 minutes time management was EXCELLENT. Taking the safety was a brilliant move.  I don't really think Flacco should have gotten the MVP, I think it should have went to Jacoby Jones.  But Flacco has been exceptional during these Playoffs.  Now it's all about next season.  Who is staying who is going.  We shall see.

Top Of The World


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Ravens vs. 49ers

And here we are! The final showdown.  Ravens Vs. 49ers.  Brother vs. Brother in the Har - Bowl.  With Beyonce on the Halftime show.  I think this is going to be one of the highest rated Super Bowls ever.  I think the Ravens should win this game.  As the only real weakness I've seen is our defense against the run game. I think the emotions on the Ravens are so high that everyone will be playing at their absolute best so the run game may not be a factor.  The kinda messed up thing is Jim Harbaugh looks like a GENIUS for benching Alex Smith.  I still think that it was still a distasteful move but look where it got them.  Everything has to be perfect for this final win.