Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ogun has been doing the community a service for a long time. Fox 45 acknowledged him with a Cover Story on his deeds.




Peat said...


Only my homie, my big brother, O can do it. Much success to him and his ventures. I can't wait until he unleashes the album.

But errr ummm, brother Drag, I need your thoughts on KEYS....please.

PenDragon said...

She is pretty bad Peat. I dont believe I am strong enough to listen to an entire CD of her. But from what I've heard its just terrible. She disses Nicki but tries to rap just like her. And it isn't the fact that her diss was good, she just dissed the right person with all eyes on her.

If I dissed DRAKE 4 months ago though nobody woulda cared and people woulda saw it as a sucker move. Honestly I don't see how she is even brainwashing these people to believe in her or her "movement." Everybody that is saluting and saying they are a Spartans....would they really support her in an album that they had to pay for?? If so she should have capitalized off that moment already. Fuck a mixtape she shoulda dropped an album for 5 dollars and threw it up on itunes. And made a killing. She isn't marketable, and she isn't nice with the skills so really after the diss what else does she have?? Oh and that MullyMan video is the wackness. I wanted it to be the shit. I really believed that that video was gonna be dope but it let me and others down majorly.

Peat said...

Dog, you dislike the actually VIDEO or the SONG???

The video isn't bad, but the songs leaves MUCH to be desired. It's a mixtape outing to me packaged as a great song and it's definitely a fail.

As for Keys, i don't get it either, and someone made a ver STRONG point on citypaper comments, if she hadn't dissed Nicki, no one would care for her mixtape, and she even said if it hadn't blown up she wouldn't even be that interested in rapping for a living.

PenDragon said...

Video! It lacks direction. Its a bunch of things happening that all dont really fit--- dudes with motorcycles just so happen to run up on you at the beach when your Jeep breaks downs and you start fighting them MMA style??? "C'mon Man!" I just wasn't feeling that shit.

Let's just stop taling about Keys. Its just a waste of time.