Sunday, January 30, 2011

127 Hours

Man this was deep. Guy goes hiking, he falls down a crevice and a rock pins his hand to the cave wall and is stuck for 5 days. The first 2 days is him trying to get his hand unstuck and rationing his food and water. He flirts with the idea of having to cut off his arm. He made a video diary with the camcorder that he carried with him. The scene where he cut his arm off was more grusome then any horror movie I've because it was something that really happened and the fear and pain and agony was beautifully bought out in the film. James Franco did an excellent job playing this role. This is in the same vein as Castaway, one actor pretty much carrying the movie, but it was great story of survival.



Thursday, January 27, 2011


I hope Fam-Lay gets to drop an album this year. He was before Gucci Mane and he is better yet Gucci gets stoopid attention. Fam-Lay is dope and been dishing that D-Boy music for a minute!



How's The Oil Spill Coming Along?

What ever happened to the oil spill clean up? Is it still going on? Is it over? I need some type of update.

The Quicker Picker Upper


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Style For Free Dunks

Style For Free Dunks




100% Based!

Listen I don't know why I like this kid but I do. Straight from Berkley California, it's Lil B the Based God! Based it a music genre that he created which I take is slang for, " I can say whatever I want however I want because I invented it." This kid is like a friggen idiot savant or something. When he is with The Pack he raps completely different then when he is Lil B. Furthermore when he does actual songs as apposed to his "based freestyles" there is another big difference. In his freestyles he says the most outlandish, off the wall, crazy stuff ever...and its great. Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil, Miley Cyrus, I'm Jesus are just a few of the titles of his music.

We Love You Based God


No Country For Old Man

The Coen Brothers are RAW! Everyone of their films with the exception of A Serious Man, somebody gets killed, in cases many people get killed. But this takes the cake in the gore category. Antone Sugar should be in horror films. This guy is stone cold! He killed everybody he came across. Most of with he killed with a high pressure airgun. The only gripe I have about the film is the character that Josh Brolin plays. He was too smart to be so dumb. He went back to give the dying Mexican drug runner some water??? way. Besides that the movie is excellent! Woody Harrelson shows up kinda for no reason but he adds a new dimension to the film. And in true Coen Brothers fashion the movie ends leaving the viewers with a make your own conclusion ending. And Tommy Lee Jones is the Old Guy, wondering what happened to this World.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Storage Wars

About a year ago I start to notice the local City Paper advertise Storage Units for auction. I thought " hmmm that's interesting." Fast forward to now and there is a show on A&E called Storage Wars. The show follows about 4 groups of buyers and their journeys with their new belongings. Sometimes they end up with crap and sometimes they end up with great stuff. It's a very interesting show. The extreme of "One Man's Junk..."

Barry Weiss


Movie Review: The Town

Bottom Line GOOD MOVIE! Sure it's super long, but it's worth it! I am a Ben Affleck fan and for whatever reason some people don't like the guy. This is a great piece of work. It's up there with The Departed. The movie doesn't feel extra phoney or forced. Great characters and great stand off at the end. It's an instant classic.

What Did You Do To Make My Brother So Mad


Monday, January 17, 2011

Air Hitler

What's the deal with MJ's Hitler moustache in these Hanes Ad's??? Very Weird!

Hail Jordan


Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie Review: TRON Legacy

You don't need to see the first Tron to get into this but it helps out A LOT! I saw the first one about 2 months ago and thought that it was really groundbreaking for its time as far as effects go. This picks up 20 years after the original. Sam Flynn gets sucked into the same world that his Father has been trapped in for 20 years. He discovers that everything has went wrong and that his Father's plan was stopped by the very program that he created. CLU took over TRON and thus the fight to destroy CLU ensues. The movie isn't bad it's just long. A few hot chicks, a few cool battles, and the Light Cycles are DOPE! Plus, Jeff Bridges is like the Hippie version of Obi Wan Kenobi. Sometimes the CGI of Jeff Bridges from 30 years ago was spot on and sometimes it just looked exactly like a cartoon.



Movie Review : Cyrus

Ok at first you think this movie is going to be great. Jonah Hill is cool. John C. Reilly is the man! And Marisa Tomei is hot. Man this movie is weird. Like creepy weird. John C. Reilly plays a divorced dude and he meets Marisa's character at a party. She hides the fact that she has a 22 year old, man child of a son that is basically in love with his mother. The movie is a creepfest ok. It weirded me out and I was about to turn it off, but I kept watching it. The lengths to which Jonah went to in keeping John C. Reilly away from his mother were just beyond bizarre and upsetting.

Get Your Hands Off My Mom


Monday, January 10, 2011

My Brother said that if I didn't put up a new blog post soon that he would kick me in the chest sooooooooo to avoid that here we go. Introducing this is my new site where you can directly download CD's, link to blog posts, watch videos and an online store will be available very soon. The name actually comes from Street. It was a name he gave me a few years ago for always being flyer than the rest. So jump on a cloud with ya boy!

The Friendly Skies