Thursday, May 23, 2013

Police have nothing better to do

In this article I read HERE Harford County Police underwent a 2 YEAR investigation for a Weed ring.  WEED.  4 guys ages 26 and 25 were the main movers.  2 YEAR investigation!! How about the cold cases out there?  I'm sure there are cases were families wished Police would spend 2 years finding clues and looking for there missing family member.  Point is these people busted will probably only do about 3-8 months and be right back home. I mean, it's weed.  It's damn there legal all over the country now.



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Monday, May 13, 2013

Starrz - Dope Trill

Check out the new video from the homie Starrz . I appear in the video for about .002 seconds, but it's a cool video to trap out to.  Got super cold by the end of the shoot but it came out trill indeed.  Produced by Jay Feddy 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Movie Rundown

Semi - political thriller with a little bit of misdirection thrown in.   Powerful cast, not a powerful movie.  Mark Wahlberg's storyline really had nothing to do with the entire movie, they could have made him a stronger character.  Plus his relationship with the girl dragged the movie on about an extra 20 minutes and that had nothing to do with the main plot either.  Lots of wasted time.

50/50 is a movie about what happens when a young man gets cancer.  This movie was funny and sad.  His girlfriend was a real asshole and she probably shoulda got hit by a car or something.

Man, is there a good part 3 of anything?   This movie was slow, long and boring.  Marvel is just taking people's money at this point.  The franchise feels stale already.  The 2nd movie wasn't that good either.  And that Iron Patriot uniform just looked silly.  For as long as Iron has been around you'd think they would have something original to bring to the table.  But no it's just the same old "Iron Man."

Boy for a comedy this was far  from it.  I think I laughed twice.  I didn't even now Steve Buscemi was supposed to be in this.  I think the undertones of what today's version of "magic" is far outweighs whatever comedy was supposed to be in this film.  Magic today is sitting in a ice block for 4 days, or being buried for 4 days or not peeing for 4 days.  That's not magic, these are stunts.  Stupid stunts at that.

Movie wasn't bad abit odd at times and kinda gross.  The plan was dumb from the get go and the trouble just got higher and higher from there.

2 hours and 20 minutes!!!!  The first half of the movie is good then you get tired and go "damn this movie is still on?"  It shows great duality and corruption and how memories can haunt you forever.  Sometimes with these movies you have to say to yourself.  Man this wouldn't happen at all right here, but it does because somebody wrote it that way.  Dude got ahead of himself and showed the unintelligent person he truly was.

This one here is long and inexplicable.  SPOILER!!! When he meets his clone and goes to the other station (52) HOW COME THE BRITISH CHICK DOESN'T ASK WHY HE IS WEARING 49?!?!?!?! She asks if he is OK and either touches his chest where the numbers are.  Plus she monitors every time he goes out but she didn't mention that encounter at all. BLAH BLAH LONG LONG CRAP!

This movie really made no sense now that I'm really thinking about it.  If Tim Roth wanted to kill the kid he shoulda just killed him instead of doing everything else but that.  And the girl just kinda popping up in the middle of the woods was BULLSHIT!

Good political film.  Shows you just how screwed up the voting systems is.

Another long ass Judd Apatow film.  If his movies were half the time the would be twice as good.  The movie had funny parts but it gets DRY around the 2 hour mark.