Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Repo Men

This futuristic sci-fi action flick rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Between Forest Whitaker's bafooning and the plot line I was almost done before it started. This is about a company called "The Union" that produces artificial organs for people at a very high price. If there comes a time that you can not pay the fees for the organs The Union sends RepoMen to retrieve the organs out of you. Forest Whitaker and Jude Law play these RepoMen that must procure the organs and bring them back to The Union. On a job a machine malfunctions and Jude Law must get an artificial heart. Time goes by and he can not pay for it and the chase ensues. I'm wondering the whole time though, if these are mechanical artificial organs with digital readers and such FROM THE FUTURE....why can't they just remotely shut it off?? I know if your BGE bills is months late your lights get cut off and nobody has to come out to do that. So your telling me IN THE FUTURE to get fake organs out of somebody, they send a person to hunt you down and physically come remove the organs out of the patient??? The organs are completely metal and cost like $750,000 and it doesn't have a tracking device on it? The only part that make up for the movie was the twist at the end. Other than that, I repo this Repo!



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