Friday, December 28, 2012

NFL Week 17 2012/13

The thing about this week is that alot of these teams don't need to win because they are already headed to the playoffs.

TB v. ATL --- winner ---  ATL (but they dont need to win)
NYJ v. BUF --- winner ---  neither team is going anywhere --- BUF
BAL v. CIN --- winner --- BAL
CHI v. DET --- winner ---  DET
JAC v. TEN ---winner ---TEN
HOU v. IND ---winner --- IND
CAR v. NO ---winner --- NO
PHI v. NYG --- winner --- NYG
CLE v. PIT --- winner --- PIT
KC v. DEN --- winner --- DEN
GB v. MIN --- winner --- GB -- interesting game though
MIA v. NE --- winner ---  NE
OAK v. SD --- winner --- SD
ARI v. SF --- winner --- SF
STL v. SEA --- winner --- SEA (WHO ARE THESE GUYS??)
DAL v. WSH ---winner ---  WSH -- DAL can't finish games

Friday, December 21, 2012

NFL Week 16 2012/13

RAVENS LOSE AGAIN!!! I had a rough football week last week but I'm still 116W and 73 L so it not that bad.

ATL v. DET   --- WINNER --- ATL
NO v. DAL   --- WINNER ---  DAL
TEN v. GB   --- WINNER --- GB
IND v. KC   --- WINNER --- IND
BUF v. MIA   --- WINNER --- MIA
SD v. NYJ   --- WINNER --- SD
WSH v. PHI   --- WINNER --- WSH
CIN v. PIT   --- WINNER --- PIT
STL v. TB    --- WINNER --- STL
OAK v. CAR   --- WINNER --- OAK
NE v. JAC   --- WINNER --- NE
MIN v. HOU   --- WINNER --- HOU
CLE v. DEN   --- WINNER --- DEN
CHI v. ARI   --- WINNER --- CHI
NYG v. BAL   --- WINNER --- NYG
SF v. SEA   --- WINNER --- SEA

We shall see!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

With These Tickets....I Quit!

Friday's Maryland 4 digit lottery numbers were 4307.  With that being said, I used to have an address of 4207, but I never play that b/c it never comes out.  I missed the number by one number twice in one night.  Also, I haven't won all year!  And to think of it, even if you win I think people still spend way more playing the Lottery than they will ever win.  Unless you win PowerBall or Mega Millions or something.  But as I figure it I will save over $500 a year by not playing.  I like those odds way more.

Let Yourself Play


Friday, December 14, 2012

NFL Week 15 2012/13

I went 10 and 5 last week bring me to 109W - 65L for the season.  Ravens lose again to a lesser team.  New England destroys The Texans and The Seahawks simply dismantled the Cardinals.

NYG v. ATL--- WINNER ---NYG   I think ATL's runs is over
GB v. CHI--- WINNER ---GB      CHI
MIN v. STL--- WINNER ---STL   Jeff Fisher is an excellent coach.
TB v. NO--- WINNER ---NO  
IND v. HOU--- WINNER ---HOU  Houston gotta bounce back from that humiliating game last week.
SEA v. BUF--- WINNER ---SEA  These guys should be pissed tested all week.
DET v. ARI--- WINNER ---DET   THE DIRTY D!  Arizona is finished
CAR v. SD--- WINNER ---SD   Cam versus Rivers -- should be high scoring at least
PIT v. DAL--- WINNER ---DAL   -- this is really an iffy game.
KC v. OAK--- WINNER ---OAK  
SF v. NE--- WINNER ---NE   --- should be good but the PATS are in KILL MODE!
NYJ v. TEN --- WINNER---NYJ -- A Monday Night Game?!! What a horrible game.  This should have been a Thursday game.  Who really cares.  Unless Tebow was starting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

JASE - Waiting...

The wait is over! JASE's solos project is here.  It features most of TAGMG with production by Street Scott, Jay Feddy, myself (DRAG) and more.  JASE shows growth on this project and really goes off and lets you know the lane that he is craving out for himself.


Wait No More


Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 13 2012/13

99W - 60L Flacco lost the game last week against the Steelers.  The game was basically won and he found away to get that "L."  Maybe it was a bad week for the Harbaugh boys, because the Rams came back to beat the 49ers in what looked like another tie game was going to happen.

STL v. BUF --- STL
DAL v. CIN --- DAL
KC v. CLE --- CLE
TEN v. IND --- IND  --- I think Luck will prevail.
CHI v. MIN --- CHI  --- Seems like Chicago is for real this year.
SD v. PIT --- PIT  --- Big Ben's back -- Phillip Rivers is a has been who never was.
PHI v. TB --- PHI  --- Even with no big names playing they are oddly still an OK team.
BAL v. WSH --- BAL   --- Ray is back.  Suggs had to give up his guns.  Hopefully they can contain RGIII
ATL v. CAR --- ATL
NYJ v. JAC --- NYJ  ---  this game stinks
MIA v. SF --- SF  --- 49ers need to stay in the hunt, Harbaugh playing guess the QB has to end.
NO v. NYG --- NYG --- this time of year the Giants are deadly.
ARI v. SEA --- SEA --- Seattle at home is a win.
DET v. GB --- GB

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grammy Noms

Grammy Nominations were released last night.  And here are my thoughts on the whole thing.  

Record of the Year Category is tough --- Lonely Boy by the Black Keys is my shit --- But Goyte or Swift will Prob will

Album Of The Year -- My Vote is For Black Keys --- but I think Mumford and Sons will win

Song Of The Year -- Call Me Maybe

Best New Artist -- either Fun. or Frank Ocean

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance -- Maroon 5 - Pay phone -- i don't personally like the song but certain ppl do so there's that

Best Pop Vocal Album -- Pink

Best Dance Recording -- Skrillex or Calvin Harris -- Skrillex is due

Best Dance/Electronica Album --- TUFF -- still think Skrillex is due -- BUT Grammy's be on the old head shit -- so Chemical Bros might take it

Best Rock Album -- another tough one --- but that old head rule applies here -- Bruce Springsteen for the win

Best Alternative Music Album -- Goyte

Best R&B Performance --- Estelle couldn't perform her way out of a paper bag --- since Chris Brown isn't in the cat -- give it to Usher

Best Traditional R&B Performance - Beyonce

Best R&B Song -- Refill son

Best Urban Contemporary Album -- Frank Ocean -- it is amusing that Frank and Chris Brown are in this category -- Frank should just go ahead and take the fade

Best R&B Album -- they know R. Kelly not gonna show up -- so -- Tyrese

Best Rap Performance -- Black People in Paris should win --- but Mercy was pretty mean too

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration -- No Church in the Wild

Best Rap Song -- may I give a speech before I select? How in thee hell is a song off Mac and Devin go to High School nominated ???? Please explain this shit. Like 4 ppl saw the movie and 12 ppl heard the song. Like really Mac and Devin --- A. Its off a soundtrack B. Its like a million better songs then that which came out this year. Much love to Snoop and his son Wizard but nawh man -- no way in hell. I hope Daughters wins.

Best Rap Album -- nominating Take Care for best Rap album is foul son. Its like 4 rap songs on there. The rest are him singing about who he made some bitch or miss some bitch or want some bitch. This WHOLE category is weak as hell. 2 Chainz album was bad. Lupe's album was hit and miss ... Rick Ross??? nawh man -- I can't listen to a Roots album anymore -- please let Nas win this

And the Grammy Goes To


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Expendables 2

Revenge of the old guys.  This one is way better than the 1st one.  Jean Claude Van Damme comes out of his cave and returns to movies. This movie is pretty much like the first except its more believable even though its still pretty far fetched.  It looks like a Quentin Tarantino film, every time somebody gets shot their head blows up for no reason.  Its mindless and enjoyable.  Carl Weathers should be in the next one.  The dude that was the villain in Blood Sport (Bolo Yeungshould be the villain in the next film. 

<<<< Terry Crews' Gun