Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gift of Giving

A great gift is the gift of giving. Being able to give means that you have and plenty of people have so little. (at the top click "Take Action" then click "Give" to see the options available) is an organization that aides in helping those globally who are less fortunate. When my woman told me about the site I thought that it was great that you could help directly change someones life. Tomorrow I plan to buy a goat and water tablets to give families clean water and food to eat. As you look around and truly realize all that you have, just know that there are millions of people that have far less.

Make A Difference


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stoney River Legendary Steaks

Never heard of the place, so when you hear Legendary Steaks you have to see how it is. The service was great. Zach (the waiter) was on top of his A game...refills, fresh bread, and (for Craig) steak sauce. Usually the standard house bread is a flip of the coin and could go either way, but the bread here is outstanding! Plus, it is served with cinnamon butter...amazing. The steak here isn't better than Ruth Chris but it is pretty good. One in Towson and one in Annapolis. Check it out.

Poppy Seed Rolls with Cinnamon Butter


Friday, December 24, 2010

Movie Review: Black Swan

This movie ends up being a literal interpretation of the play Swan Lake. And after about an hour into the film you realize that this chick is nuts! At the end of the movie you end up asking yourself "How much of that was real???" Natalie Portman plays Nina Sayer a 28 year old ballet dancer. The best dancer at the company, Beth played by Winona Ryder, gets retired from the company because of her age. Nina is driven to become the lead in the new season of The Black Swan. Her POV is so skewed and her demeanor is so shy, quiet and meek that you are really just trying to keep in perspective what the hell is going on. It's a trippy psycho - drama that's a bit too long for my taste. The only thing that barely keeps my attention is the training that the actors had to go through to learn the intricate ballet moves and routines. There is an interesting sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman that is pretty cool but not dope enough to save the movie.

That 70's Yo



50 Cent is a film star if you didn't notice. 50 plays along side Val Kilmer in GUN as a street gun dealer aiming for more. Val Kilmer's character has just been released from prison and is looking for work. 50 has cornered the market as the city's biggest arms dealer and is about to go to the next level. This was a good movie. And the biggest gun I have ever seen was used by 50 in the climatic shoot out scene. This was a pretty good movie. 50 is really becoming a solidified actor and has made more money acting in about 2 years than most rapper/actors ever.

Get Rich or Die Trying


Thursday, December 23, 2010

H.U.G.S - for Baltimore

H.U.G.S. which stands for Helping Us Grow Strong, is an Organization founded by my big bro Brother Nance (far left). Last night at Club Reality he held a food, clothing and toy drive for the homeless, then went on the street to delivery some of the goods directly to the people that needed them. The other goods went to Our Daily Bread. You can contact the brother at for any additional information or contributions.

The Gift Of Giving


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movie Review : Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

This movie is a lot less devious than they made it seem in the trailers. Nonetheless its still pretty low down. It's a tale of revenge and power. Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gecko returns home from jail with nothing and is sort of befriended by his daughters boyfriend Jake played Shia LaBeouf. Jake wants revenge on a rival for the kinda death of his mentor and Gordon has the inside scoop. They play around with 100 Million dollars for about 2/3's of the film the love story the reconcile then it ends. You know though, this movie could have been better I'm just not so sure how. The money and seeing how money flows in the World is inspiring, the acting was good it was just missing something that made it special. Sidenote: The Barton Perreira glasses that Douglas had on in the film were amazing!

This is a sequel in a way, but it isn't a movie that you have to see the first one to get and it doesn't make you want to see the first one. I'm OK with not seeing the first movie even if I should, even if it's better than this one.

Saturn Eating His Son


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Music: Jae Poet - UNTITLED

Poet is always on his grind I mean always and he never sits down when he comes to my house...but that's is besides the point. The kid always has some good music coming and he just keeps getting better and better. One of his previous CD's Therapy was brilliant and Dig It Or Get Buried was a dope tape too...but this...for it to be mostly industry tracks is f'ing crazy. The boy sounds hungry on here. I love it. T.A.G!


Still Don't Know How You Don't Like Sin City???


Monday, December 13, 2010

The "This Guy Is Trippin'" Award Goes Too --- Araab Musik

Check the Interview

Dipset's 3rd string (that's right I said it) producer Araab Musik is apparently known for his impressive (yet uninspiring) movements on the MPC (midi production center). He basically does it like a drummer doing a solo but only he uses the sampling machine.

He is now claiming that Kanye "stole" his style during the VMA's when he used the MPC during his performance???!!! Que? This claim has me and a lot of other ppl baffled. Kanye was not merely banging on the MPC making garage band sounds. He performed his song on his MPC that HE created it with.

That's like saying Travis Barker stole ?uestlove's style because he is a drummer with a unique hairstyle. Or saying Brittney Spear's stole Madonna's style because she sold sexuality.


Homeboy is tired of cashing them Dipset checks and wants some other paper. I hear you but this is the wrong kind of attention and its based off of foolishness. Plus the VMA's was all the way in the Summer...why did it take this long for dude to speak up??? Cause somebody is gassing homeboy up. Too bad his beats are wack maybe he coulda made a come up.

"He was there, but he had just left."


Sunday, December 12, 2010

NEW MUSIC: Ollie V.O.S.O Back In The Go Mode EP

My bro and fellow T.A.G member Ollie V.O.S.O put together a solid new mixtape full of mostly original production from Tone P (who produces for Wale) Flawless Tracks and Best Kept Secret. Back In The Go Mode is a 9 tracks EP with no features. V.O.S.O shows his lyrical dexterity over fast paced go-go-esque production.


Go V.O.S.O Go V.O.S.O


Monday, December 6, 2010


The late 90's Rap Group from Baltimore - LMS consisting of Erik Nell, Forbidden & Blax - had a string of underground hits, "Pure Necessities", "Harm City Slaughter" and later "Eclipse."
I remember listening to Rap Attack (when it was still came on in the morning) hearing their songs and I even bought the single on cassette. They were a solid group with good records but never released an album. Through some searching (thanks to Beat Connexion) I found the instrumental version of these songs. I had the idea to mix my vocals and re- create the sound of their original instrumental and also attempt to merge their vocals into the re-created production that I constructed. This is DRAG vs. LMS.


Thank You

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Message From Truth Is

damn today makes it exactly two years that i've been lock'd up , i just wanted to tell everybody how much i really appreciate the support that alot of yall have shown me ! listen i know everybody haven't been there for me like they wish they could, but listen "truth is" i'm truly greatful to say that some of yall was there for me through some of my toughest times hands down. it's been times a few of yall lost contact with me but i ain't tripping still cause the general support is priceless !!!!!!!!!!it feels good knowing what i'll be coming home to over-all people that truly have love for me !!!!i'll never forget who yall are "truth is" , also i hope that everybody enjoy yall holidays. this is another Christmas i'll be missing , but at the same time i just look at it as another Christmas closer to home more or less facing facts . Truth Is love is love this time away proved that to me best hands down,not too mention i got to see how friends come and go and how family is for life . i noticed how some people i thought was family only turn'd out to friends , and some the one's i thought was only friends turn'd out to really be family and i'm not nad at that (truth is ). but everybody enjoy yall holidays and i want some more holiday flix yall , and yeah somebody must been praying for me cause i finally got my transfer in motion now to be much closer to home (probably only 2hrs away from the city). and yeah i want some holiday pictures from yall lol

p.s. Ike get at me nigga i HEAR u out there lol ,
and shot out to miami....I-is to that lmfao

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Based on True Events, this film is fun for awhile. Hasidic Jews moving Ecstasy Pills overseas...whats not fun about that?? Jesse Eisenberg plays a 20 year old Hasidic Jewish kid who isn't happy with the life that is planned for him. He works for his father at a fabric shop. He is good with numbers but doesn't get to use his knowledge of math much. His best friend lives next door and they are both studying to be Rabbis. His friends older brother asks if he wants a job in the medicine field. Soon he figures out that it isn't medicine but is comforted once he learns that he is working for Jews. But as all things, soon comes the downside as his world comes crashing down. Q-Tip shows up as a drug dealer in Amsterdam. Good Movie. Crumby ending (but real). Stop Snitching.

Breath and Stop



N*E*R*D's new album NOTHING is pretty DOPE. It's not the best N*E*R*D album but their consistency and production keeps growing and getting better. Pharrell's vocal ranges and harmonies are better too. Some of the songs still suffer from various schizophrenic moments of confusion where you wish that it would either stay one way or the other, instead of spiraling into a clash of sounds. "Help Me" is currently my favorite.