Saturday, August 29, 2009

All In

I entered a tournament on with 10,000 players after about 2 hours I finished in 663rd place. That damn Club flush did me in!!



Friday, August 28, 2009

Elevator Music

The homies Big DRO & Ollie V.O.S.O. have released their new mixtape Elevator Music. The CD features, Street Heat, Young J, Nova Starz, Ase, Tekno-Beatz, myself, and is hosted by DJ Criagos Gettum. The song transitions on here are excellent. An elevator ride has never been so good.

T. A. Grindin'


PenDragon - Beat It Up ft. J. Killa (aka Young J)

New video, Beat It Up ft. J. Killa. I shot this video in ten minutes flat. I only took 2 shots. We were dealing with time issues but still managed to shoot the video. Priceless.



Thursday, August 13, 2009


IT'S HERE!! HomeRun King features new DRAG songs and production. Guest appearances by: Street Heat, NOVA, Sage Bravo, Tha Profitt, Real 2 Real, Articulate, Mr. Nance, J.Killa, Jae Poet, & WHITEFOLKZ!! Production by Mark Shotta, Rickie Jacobs, & me. We're going for the fences on this one. Thank You to everyone that participated and all the good people that hit me with drops!! Florida, Craig, Nova, Mark, Street, Dragon Boy (from Bulgaria), Truth Is...on the phone. I forgot to use a few of em -- I got you on the next one --- Welcome To Earth ---- Coming Soon!!

The Team is moving!! Street Heat has Found Nowhere! on deck....Jae Poet has Therapy about to release....HyDro and Ollie V.O.S.O. are about to drop Elevator Musik. We are looking good!

Thank you to, Al Shipley (Government Names), 88.9 Strictly Hip-Hop, Limited Hype, all my friends and family for the continued support and love.


DOWNLOAD IT HERE!!!! (mixtape torrent)
DOWNLOAD IT HERE !!!!! (allbmorehiphop)

P.S. my hat is really not that color...when I LOMO'ed the photo the hat's hue changed. It's a really impressive hat in person.

UPDATE: Shout out to Khal ,Hail Megatron, The 9 Elements, The Hip-Hop Source , MixtapeTorrent (Urban South), and For The DMV ONLY.

Dre Babes

The homie Dre has been on his grind as of late, doing shows and doing features. He dropped this mixtape a few weeks ago and it features guest spots and production from Street Heat.
Clay, NOVA and Twin also make appearances. I know DJ BooMan flipped one of Dre's songs (still waiting for my joint to get done BooMan...) but I'm not sure if its on the CD. Oh yeah and I killed the cover!! Cover game is sick!!


Yayyyyyyyyyyy Baybe!!


It's Artic!

A few months ago the homie Articulate released #musicmonday (please RT) the mixtape. This offer features guest appearances from Wordsmith, Black Knight, PenDragon, Bex, Rickie Jacobs, Sage Bravo and production by Nastay Traxxx, Krazyfingaz, and Strada. Me and Artic go back a minute, me, him and Bex had a song back in the day and all of us are still on our daily grind! Me and Artic have a song on the mixtape "Short & Sweet" produced by Nastay Traxxx. Dude is def talented and stays repping ya dig!


ar·tic·u·late [adj., n. ahr-tik-yuh-lit] – using language easily and fluently; having facility with words


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sage Bravo - The TRIAL

The homie Sage Bravo is on his grind!! His new mixtape is The Trial and the young boy is spittin ya dig. Follow him on twitter as well. I could sit here and rattle off songs but I'm not (but "Never A Tomorrow" is one of my favorites)cause the whole tape DOPE! Dude flow game is nasty dig, and he is repping Baltimore hard. Get the tape!


Court Is Adjourned


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok & Who Are You Again??

Listen, I love to see Baltimore artist on the grind and making moves, but, but , but at what point do you rally your assets and make a bigger move. A key part of the game is analyzing the game. Knowing what moves will garner what outcome before you do it. So I see dudes spending 5 Grand on a video, I ask myself...."What is that 5,000 gettin you?" TV time...doesn't seem like it....More presence in the city?...Not so much....More Internet buzz?...hell no...etc. So why then put so much money into a seemingly pointless project? I guess you'd have to ask those guys. Instead of these videos that are about 4 mins long, I think if they invested in a project like a "Hood Movie," they would see bigger results.

Damn there everybody has a camera these days. Hood movies are always bad, so the script is no problem and everybody wants to be a star, so gettin people to be in it would be the easiest thing ever. Not only would it last longer but it would be the talk of the town for a few months, not just a couple days and then dying out. Skinny Suge doesn't have one song out and is more popular then most local rap artists. Why because he made himself a presence. He created a enterprise (sure city official try an stop him every change they get) based on documentary. If other guys could move more into that realm, that would bring more eyes then just a kinda cool video. And I'm not slamming anybodies video in general. It's just an observation an a generalization. Think about it.

I'm giving away Ideas


E Major "Make It"

The direction of this video by E Major is wonderfully phenomenal. The director Aaron "zu" Keeny killed this shit. This dude should be very busy in the coming months. Check out for more of E Major's music.

Brrrr .... This is So Icyyy!


Childhood Dreams Crushed

Man this shit is tripped out!

Dream Killer


Go Joe!

G.I. Joe took the #1 spot at the Box Office this weekend. I was amp'ed to see it, I won't lie. The trailer had me going and then the fact that it was G.I. Joe. That's some classic shit! The movie was good. It wasn't no means stellar, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It had its corny moments but overall it was a solid film. And with all the money it raked in over the weekend you can be sure that a sequel is in the works. Storm Shadow was by far the illest character in the whole movie. And two actors from LOST appear in the movie as well. The deceased Mr. Eko and freshly killed Caesar.

The movie does move away from the classic cartoon from the 80's but which new movie hasn't. It's a good fast paced film for kids and adults to enjoy for an hour and a half. Marlon Wayans provided the not needed comedic role in the film as Rip-Cord. I thought he was gonna play this serious soldier...I was completely wrong. But he still saved the world so I guess that's a redeeming quality.

How come the bad guys aways dress better than the good guys?

Say Hello!


Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is a load of BS! There is really no incentive to go to or try a new place during restaurant week. The prices are not really good and you have to stick to a fixed menu. You would think that with everybody crying about how they are losing money they would actually make a good reason for people to participate.

That's All ?


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Truth IS

They moved the homie Truth Is once again. This time to a state facility in Virginia.

Matthew Pointer
141 Fort Collier Road
Winchester, VA 22603

Write the brother while he serves some of his time here. Trust me he would appreciate it!

Hard Times


Monday, August 3, 2009

Bottom's Up!

My brother Mark Shotta put me D with Chick-Fil-A's Sweet Tea. I have always been a fan of their Lemonade but the Tea.....geez!! This is the best Tea I have ever tasted. It's marvelous wonderful and amazing!! Thank you Brother!

Get You Some!


Otto's My Lotto

Me and Mark Shotta saw Judd Apotow's latest film Funny People. My only real compliant about the film is that it was bloody long! But the story moved along nicely and it was funny as hell. Cool appearances from people in the entertainment industry, and an interesting look inside the life of a dying comedian. Yo Teach should be a real show. Everyone gave great performances in this. Sure it's mostly cock and ball fart jokes but its f'ing funny. Aziz Ansari is funny as his character Randy and Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman also play funny supporting roles. Schwartzman by the way was doing an undercover ad for Fred Perry or something because almost all of his clothing was Fred Perry.

The only thing I really really didn't agree with is: Seth Rogan's character Ira likes Daisy played by Aubrey Plaza. Jason Schwartzman invites her over and tells Ira that he will give him 10 days to make a move on her then she is fair game. OK cool. Ira asks her to go to a concert with him...she likes him and agrees to go. To which a week later she has sex with Ira's roommate Jason Schwartzman. WTF!! Then she gets mad at him for not wanting to take her to the concert anymore...what type of fucked up logic is that?!