Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gone In A Flash

Long hailed in Taylor tradition goes the adage "If you like it, it will go." So this goes up exponentially when more of us like the same thing. I should have known better when I got my father "hooked" on FlashForward that it was a goner, and not even into the summer break it was announced that the show was not going to get picked up for another season. I feel what the exec's are saying but as a regular viewer of TV just a guy, I have to look at all the variables. This show came on had 4 strong episodes then they put it (with V) on break for almost...if not... 3 months!!! Now that's a quick way to lose a fan base. I don't feel as though the show was giving proper time to develop. Or maybe it was just over people's head. V is just so stupid I could never get into it. These aliens who are wayyyyyyyyyy more advanced then we are..and have wayyyyyyy more fire power and soldiers then us...are trying to sucker us with the "We come in Peace" bit???? Just kill us, enslave us and take the planet...Show Over!! Maybe it was too many black people on the show....hell they made one dude jump off the building in one episode. Guess they said "well we can't have Courtney Vance, Gabrielle Union and Michael Ealy AND this guy," next thing you know SPLAT. I don't know what the deal was, I blame reality shows at the end of the day. They'll probably replace FlashForward with another hour of Dancing With The Stars.

What Did You See??? Whatever I saw it went any for 3 months now its cancelled.


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