Monday, April 25, 2011

Advice to the older homies

A reader asked me what advice I could give to the older homies since I gave advice to the younger homies a few days ago.

Here are a few:

Take care of your kids and your family
Strap it up
If you're getting money like Robin Hood give a little too
Stop trying to be cool either you are or you aren't
Wake Up
Get a blood test
Get a job
Believe in something
Educate yourself and educate others without being preachy
Learn how to do something
Stop blaming other people
Stop getting chicks pregnant that you really don't like cause chances are she didnt get pregnant the first time you two got together
Don't be mad that she wants to keep the baby
Get a blood test
Think before you speak because you're words and actions are usually under a microscope
Stop drinking so much
Stop smoking so much
Teach the kids how to do and be better
Stop trying to be something you're not

I am sure there are more but that should be a good start to somewhere.

H.U.G.S. (helping us grow strong)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Informant!

This movie is funny in a "I can't believe this guy" kinda way. I can't give away anything really but this guy is wild. He is a business man caught up in a financial Watergate of sorts. Its just an interesting watch.

I was adopted


New Kombat

This new Mortal Kombat is DOPE! It's better than Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Story mode is far is pretty awesome. The different modes are great and the graphics are great. All the characters are here and its just a fully developed concept.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fucking Ipod's

So about 2 weeks ago I plug my Ipod in my computer to charge it and when I do to disconnect it EVERYTHING IS GONE. Wiped clean! 120GBs of music gone. And its not so much the music because it's all backed up on my external hard drive. My playlists though are not saved. Those contain my beats and songs in a certain order. The order of which are very important for my OCD. You would think by now the house that Steve built would figure a way to not let this happen. There's a new Itunes download every other week updating who knows what. New Ipads cool, but let's make sure these Ipods are fully functional before all the new gadgets make way.

Syntax Error


Notice: Young Homies

Notice to all the young homies: If you have dreams of being in the NBA or NFL. Go and stay in High School. Get good grades in high school so you can go to a college with a good sports club. Leave that street shit alone. Don't get nobody pregnant in college. Work Hard!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kanye West Beat Tape from 2001

Some ppl are making a lot of this tape saying that it is poorly mixed. Maybe, maybe not. but you gotta think that in 2001 he was just getting his feet in the door and prob had so many people and projects to work on that he didn't have time to give the whole beat and proper mix. Really all you need is the vibe of the track and if you think its dope he would prob go in and tweak it later. Really at some point what would be the point in fully polishing a beat that somebody might not pick? Esp when he prob had so much going on at the time. Additionally when an artist picks a beat (and if they have half a brain) they track it out anyway soooooooo things would get touched up there too. Listen and enjoy.

LINK The Dropout DRAG

President Trump

Lots of talk in the air about should Donald Trump (aka The Don) run for President. My thoughts, sure why not. He has ran businesses successfully for years and like to think of it this way or not America IS a business. I think he would look at things from a different angle, less political and more what makes sense. Now do I think he will actually run. No. But it would definitely be interesting if he decided to. Hopefully he'd get more jobs over here. Less Casinos and more jobs.

Reaganomics '88 Trumpanomics '12


Sucker Punch

This movie sucked so much balls I thought it was a porn. I thought it was going to be this great adventure film with crazy effects but it turned out to be The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Sci-Fi version. The movie starts off depressing and pretty much stays there. The only hope given is actually visions that are imagined in the main characters mind. Then they say that the girls dancing skills are so good....but you never see them! What a cop out. Bad movie...bottom line. Jon Hamm shows up in this as the Doctor. Don Draper making many cameos these days.