Saturday, January 26, 2013

XXL Freshman Cover 2013

XXL Magazine is about to release its annual Freshman Cover.  There have been some talk about who should make the list (some pretty bad choices) but here's my take.

Action Bronson - I don't rock with him like that but I respect his grind even if he does sound like an SNL version of Ghostface.

Childish Gambino - Camp = Classic Album Royalty = Dope Mixtape ... + he sings and produces?!?!?!

Riff Raff -- If Lil B made the cover from his buzz you gotta give it up to Jody Highroller.

Ab - Soul - Solo been killin' for awhile now let that man EAT.

Joey Badass -  The kid has been on his game of that 90's flow

Troy Ave -- he is holding it down for the streets of NY.

Trinadad James - his 2 million dollar deal, the buzz, the GOLD.  He's gotta get it.

Casey Veggies - the kid has been doing it for a minute.  He has the drive but he needs that hit.

Angel Haze - after releasing her mixtape Classick and scrapping with Ms. Banks, Angel Haze should grace the cover.

Last one is a toss up between --- Chris Webby, Tito Lopez and Trouble.

That's my list I'm probably missing a few artists just because I'm thinking as I go.  Childish Gambino isnt' even an option but that has never stopped them before.



Thursday, January 17, 2013

The American Dynasty

Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors (Sān Huáng Wǔ Dì) ruled China for 782 years.  That was the longest ruling house in China.  Every Dynasty ends.  Every ruler sees it's end.  Whether through natural causes or through a nasty takeover.  The Spanish ruled.  The Mayans ruled, The Aztecs ruled and America ruled / rules.  Think about the entirety of that statement.  America has only been established for 236 years as it was broke away from the British in 1776.   The years that followed America become the super power for manufacturing, inventions, business and health care.  It seems now though with China having more money than us and America owing China so much monetarily that America is on the decline.  America is the first one to be asked for help, military wise and financially.  And the first one blamed when things go wrong in those situations.

Between the political structure of the US, the declining value of the dollar and the super Corporate nature of America, I'm just waiting for the implosion.  I believe in the next 50 years tombstones will have corporations names on them among the names of the deceased.  Almost every sports Stadium is owned and named for a Corporation.  Corporations even have stake in election outcomes.  Comcast owns NBC, Disney owns Marvel and Google owns everything else.

The US dollar has seen a great decline over the last 20 years.   The dollar used to command a great return but now the Euro and Pound are dominant.  Jobs are down while drugs and guns are way up.  America acts as the Boss of everyone and can't even control itself.  We are about 25th in the World in education.  Our grip seems to be slipping in the areas in which we were once a force.  If we don't get a hold of things soon we just may disappear like the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Greeks.

Old Glory Indeed


NFL Post Season 2013


Last weeks game BAL v. DEN was the greatest game I have ever seen IN MY LIFE.

SF v. ATL  winner --- SF -- If Colin Kaepernick has the same type of game like he had last week, The Falcons are in trouble!  -- Plus never had faith in the Falcons.  But even with that being said Atlanta is due they have been knocking at the door for 5 years.
BAL v. NE  winner -- BAL

Let the Harbaugh Bowl BEGIN!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Django Unchained

First of all Django is a classic!  98% of the people I know that have seen the film agree.  As a fan of Quentin Tarantino films this falls right in line.  Its everything that you could ask for, action, humor, violence and a nip slip from Kerry Washington.  The biggest uproar about the film is the use of the word "nigger" throughout the movie.  While in 1858, in America, in the South White people certainly weren't greeting Black people (slaves) saying "Hello Fine Sir (or Madame)"  so I really am confused as to what the big deal is.

Some people inferring to the film say "slavery wasn't funny,"  indeed it was not, but these same people had nothing to say about Tarantino's last film Inglorious Bastards and Hitler was being mad fun of. So the Holocaust and World War II is hilarious?  I get it, you only need to be vocal when it's against your ancestry alone?

At it's core this is a love story and it should be celebrated as such.  Some things didn't make sense and some things are hilarious.  I take no offense to a movie, especially a period piece set in America in the deep south during slavery.  In a world where people want the truth and want people to "keep it real" why be afraid of the how it was.  I do understand for some that the brutality towards black people during those times that were depicted in the movie was extreme but those were extreme times.  Additionally if it was watered down then people would have had something to say about Tarantino down playing the brutality of black people during those times.

Interestingly enough it seems that the issue is that because Tarantino is white people feel uneasy about the use of "nigger."  So if it was a black director with the same dialogue then what?  It's ok?  That's not for me to figure out.  I enjoyed the film and look forward to the next Tarantino movie.  It's still weird that a movie can invoke so much uproar when people don't have anything to say or any action against the everyday injustices that go on daily.

What's that nigger doing on that NAG?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Postseason 2013 pt.2

BAL v. DEN --- winner --- BAL  --- the only problem is our corners -- Payton knows it --- everyone knows it --- if we can get to Payton and control the corners BAL should win.  I'm not really worried about their run game.
GB v. SF  --- winner ---  GB -- I hope that SF wins really BUT I think and hope that Harbaugh benching Alex Smith bites him in the ass.
SEA v. ATL --- winner ---  SEA  --- as weird as it seems nothing really impresses me about ATL --- they are either going to win the Superbowl or lose this game.
HOU v. NE   --- winner --- NE --- the Hoody has been waiting .

Friday, January 4, 2013

Movie Rundown

DREDD was better than I thought it would be, but that's not saying much because I didn't expect much. I never have really saw the 1st Judge Dredd film and never want to see it.  This had much action and violence but the effects of the "slomo" drug in the film was done a bit too much at times making it a little gimmicky.  But  for the most part it was a good film.

Flight started off great and John Goodman really stole the show.  Denzel really is a great actor, though he has the same mannerisms in every film.  The ending of this movie crashes just like the plane did though.  My thought is, if a movie is over 2 hours it should have a good ending, I mean you make people watch it for that long they should get rewarded.

As a fan of the Anime I think this live action version was done well.  Ruroni Kenshin is about a warrior how has changed his ways from killing.  He is still a bad motherfucka though.  I think Korea makes these live action movies?  But if so they do a damn fine job.  The only complaint is that its about 2hrs and 15 minutes and a few scenes could be taken out or just shortened to fit in a 1hr 45 range.  



NFL Postseason

Going 139W / 82L isn't that bad, I'll shoot higher next year.

This postseason has some interesting first games.

CIN v. HOU   --- winner ---  HOU --- Cincy has a lot of fight in them though so it should be a solid game.
MIN v. GB   --- winner ---   GB  --- I just don't think MIN has it in them. And Rodgers is still mad.
IND v. BAL   --- winner ---   BAL    --- emotional game on both sides.
SEA v. WSH  --- winner ---   WSH   --- With SEA being on the road I think RG3 and the boys should win --- but it should be a great match up!