Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Mr. President

Hey man sit down. Let's talk. Yeah yeah I know everybody hates those words but from me its good. Like the old Pac song said "I Ain't Mad At Cha." Nope not at all. See the problem is being the 1st Black President or the first Black anything for that matter is, you get the most blame in history. I mean you are still paying for all of George W's mistakes, but no one wants to talk about that. You tried to bring America up to par with the rest of the World with Health Care for all and were defeated in every step. You have agreed to bring home our Troops next year. You are trying to find an answer to meld a broken economy. If you raise taxes you're the devil, if you don't then you're not trying hard enough. Bombing Libya was a bit uncalled for but ehhhh.... people are getting killed left and right in Darfur and other places, you tried to right a wrong. People want to fight oppression only on paper. The minute you take action you get ostracized for it. The fact is, things like the Holocaust still occur within Africa and the Middle East. Now people get sad and outraged when you mention the Holocaust and how people were treated. But brown people are getting treated that exact same way yet (almost) nobody says or does anything.

Black people were undoubtedly your biggest supporters going in and now it seems that they have all turned on you. It's pretty turncoat if you ask me...and it sometimes makes me sad that my people lack the loyalty of other races....Take that comment however you'd like. I personally know people who voted for George W. Bush and still stand behind both his terms. It is disheartening that after not even completing a full term that African Americans are turning their backs on you. Even to the point that recently rapper Lupe Fiasco called you and every other President a terrorist. While bold I think that his words are foolish. I think people would love to live in a World that was conflict free but that is not the case. War and death are inevitable. Peace is a luxury. And though both statements are unfortunate that is the reality.

I cannot say that I condone every decision that you have made as President but who can say that they condone EVERY decision they ANYONE has made?? I don't even condone every decision that I have made. People just want a soapbox. People need to complain.

Donald Trump is a joke. Naysayers still naysay. And you're still the first Black guy in the Double O (Oval Office). I salute you Mr. President. Thank You.



X - Men First Class

HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME KEVIN BACON WAS IN THIS MOVIE!!!! I mean it's Kevin Bacon. All comic nerd inaccuracies aside this movie was good. Better than the rest of the X-Men films. They should just start over from here. Nightcrawler's pops was ruthless! The dynamic of Charles and Magneto was pretty good. Emma Frost was a cool surprise. Of course the black guy died and the Latina chick was a traitor, but besides that it is a good film. It's strange though why they choose who they do to be in the movie. Havok?? Sebastian Shaw??? Odd, all very odd.

Foot Loose


Baltimore's Very Own

Baltimore's Very Own is a music blog that highlights artists in/from Baltimore and surrounding areas. With multiple posts a week from artists newest music, this blog gives a great scope on the scene. Being only a one man operation I honestly have no clue how he listens to that much music...(without going crazy)! All artists should be thankful when bloggers show love and appreciation for the craft.

Peat!! (last time)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks to Everyone who came out Friday!

Thank You To Everyone that came out on Friday! Thanks to Billy Lyve the Wisdom Court Staff, Lisa Stant, and TAGMG!




I'm getting tired of these movies "starring" 50 Cent. He was in it for 2 scenes. The rest of the film isn't that bad though. It's about a cop taking revenge on a gang for killing his brother who wanted to get out. The end of the movie was pretty bad though. It seemed like they ran out of budget and just had to finish the film.

I Am Number 4 should have been called "When Is Timothy Olyphant Going To Die?" You knew it was coming you just didn't know when. They set it up a few times where you were like "it's about to happen," but it didn't and then when he actually did die it was kinda lame. In fact the whole film was pretty lame. This guy was supposed to be his Guardian but never told him anything i.e. how to fight, what type of power he might have....and did they ever tell us what was in the damn box? Additional how did the other kid just basically drop out of school to chase Space Monsters? Great message.

Two movies to RENT! I AM blah blah you can actually skip it's pretty dumb.



Thursday, June 16, 2011


Darryl Iamhiphop McCready Jr.'s site I AM HIP HOP is having TAGMG WEEK (winning), so different members of the crew are being showcased on the site. Today the artist is me (DRAG) so go on over and check it out and continue to show support to the site.



Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 NBA Champs Dallas Mavericks

They are the Champions of the World! Congrats to Dirk, Terry, Marion and Kidd! When the finals started I didn't care which team won as long as it was a good series and wasn't a sweep. It was almost a sweep in the other direction. The Miami Heat still have to feel themselves out as a Team. Which pieces make sense and which don't. They made it very far for there first year together. LeBron didn't have the eye of the tiger at all. Wade was the only one that had that spark early on but even his seem to fade. It just came down to good Basketball.

While all the announcers and "fans" were hugging the nuts of LeBron the Mavericks came out and played great. Even when the Heat lost Magic Johnson was still on the nutsack of LeBron and the Heat and it was simply unbelievable. Scottie Pippen even got out of pocket and said that LeBron was better than Mike. Jordon son!!! You gotta be kidding Scott! What is LeBron selling to these guys. He is a good player, a phenomenal player but he is not a leader. He does not yet posses the leadership qualities of a Jordan or Kobe. I think he is a good second man like Shaq. He has more talents than Shaq but he doesn't play as aggressively.

LeBron might be one of those guys that win down the line in there mid to late 30's like Garnett, Dirk and Kidd. Or like Baron Davis, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson he may never see that trophy.

Riders Mount Up


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pyramids and Plates

I am sick of the USDA changing the damn Food Pyramid. They change it only to change it again. The thing is you can "educate" people as much as you want but that is not going to change people's eating habits. Especially when Checkers commercials keep coming on selling 2 half pound burgers for 3 bucks. It is a fast food nation so to some extent a regulation of these franchises and organizations need to be heavier. I know that crosses some type of line be it communism or any other -ism, but at this point when the obesity rate is so high a real change needs to be made. The same people that grew up with the food pyramid were the same ones that ushered in a new age of obesity, so this plate thing isn't stopping Whoppers from getting consumed.

Oh Egypt


Movie: Hangover 2

Besides making a boatload of cash in the first week of release, this movie loses its happy-go-lucky "oops" appeal. Two many lives were in danger in this one. The way the first one felt like Weekend At Bernie's on steroids this one felt like National Lampoon's Vacation slash Rush Hour. It was still good for a few laughs but it wasn't a fall out riot. Neither was the first one to me and this one was less of that. It goes under the fool me once rule, why let Alan roll with you after the havoc that he caused the first time? 2 days passed since they left the hotel and the power never came back on?? Very odd. It did have funny points though similar to the first one but just shy of being funny as the first.

Bangkok Has Them Now