Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Air Hater

How come the old guys always wanna piss on the young guys parade? Shouldn't the older generation want to see the younger generation prosper and unite? Michael Jordan is the guy who put "I" in team. But without key guys, that made key clutch plays Michael Jordan would be just another guy that had talent that never quite made it. LeBron realized that he needed more and made the best decision for himself to win a Championship. Get over it. Just like Jordan had Rodman, Pippen and Kukoc it takes a team. And if you are able to call the shots and go to a team that has the talent you think you need to win, then I wish you all the best. I expected Barkley to say something ignorant that's pretty much par for his course but Jordan's whole demeanor is off putting. Even in the Hanes ads he is pretty much a jerk.

Space Jam



Peat said...


Both MJ and LJ.

However, on a Debbie Downer note, Lebron will never get the same respect as Mike and Kobe now, even if he goes on to win he next 10 championships. They'll always say he couldn't 'carry' a team, he needed to be around stars.

PenDragon said...

Yeah I hear that arguement. I wouldnt try to carry nothing except a ring. People get caught up in all the extra stuff. Would Steve Young be great without Jerry Rice and vice versa?

Anonymous said...

Sir Charles is Jordan's "bitch." Barley has never won a ring so he can shut up. He went to Houston with Cylde & the Dream and that was okay. Right. Jordan is a once in a life time player. I admire him, but yes he was and is a jerk. I wish LeBron well. He has talent and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Craigo Gettems said...

We made to believe dat hes a jerk but honestly hes of the most competitive athletes history(MJ)..But all da legends pretty much sayin da same thing as Micheal saw sumwhere Magic said da same thing...Back than guys like Bird,Magic,Jordan,Wilkins,Stockton and Malone wanted 2 beat each otha not jump on da bandwagon..Deeper Than Basketball Boss LOL