Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome to Corporate America

As a member of "Corporate America" I have seen the ups and downs. And really, if your not a supreme ass kisser or a friend of a friend your screwed. They work you to death and pay you the least. And they don't expect you to be fine with it but they do what they feel as though must be done. Even if your working two jobs or have a family or whatever. Its like the unfunny version of Office Space. And there's like 5 Lumbergh's and 3 different TPS reports. Today I'm not speaking for me, even though I have those days, but today was for everyone else that has to put up with B/S just to get a legal check.
Just Do It

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Homeboy

Happy Birthday to my homie Street Heat . The celebration was wild, the gang was all there. Dudes got tattoos. Street got "Loyalty" and DRO got the T.A. Bird on his arm. The chicken was banging, and the freestyles were flying.
Good Times

Friday, March 28, 2008

America is well dressed

I get a City Paper every Wednesday...half the time its nothing really in it but nonetheless by 9am i have one. Recently i have noticed that on the back of the paper is a treat for the eyes. Its these half naked chicks in ads for American Apparel. I have no clue who's idea this was but they damn sure deserve a raise...b/c I get one from those ads. BANG!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let's Go Out To The Movies

Would you pay 35 bucks to go to the movies? Ok ok i know that's a bit much, especially if your out with a hot lady and she wants treats (you know that she is). So why the $35 a ticket price tag? Each theater has a 40 seat limit and you have special parking so you don't have to circle the parking lot for a half hour and miss the trailer to the new Karate Kid 6: Daniel Sun In Space. Check out Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas. 35 dollars is not gonna make a crappy movie better but it will bring out the sorta rich, the drug dealers and the ballers. READ
You got foie gras in my popcorn. You got popcorn in my foie gras

GO GO Racial Unity

Contrary to the good ppl at Attack of the Show, Power Rangers (the original) was super ill. When school was over, after you do your math problems you'd watch 5 kids from Cali with complete racial harmony save the world. Sure the show was sorta racist (the black guy danced and the yellow ranger was Asian...i mean come on) but none the less it was entertaining. Horrible huge puppets fighting each other was kinda cool. Of course Alpha was annoying and Zordon was mad creepy but you watched it. It was like watching Godzilla having a new adventure every day. Each show started the same and ending the same....the Earth was safe b/c of a multi-racial group of teenagers. And it has more spin-offs than Three's Company and The Andy Griffith Show combined.
The Green Ranger was my homie.
R.I.P. to Thuy Trang the first Yellow Ranger

Monday, March 24, 2008

He's Back!!

So Sunday here I was thinking its Easter...NOPE!! WRONG!! Happy Resurrection Sunday. Huh?!? Really that's what we're doing now? I thought ppl were tripping 2 Christmas' ago when my aunt had a cake that said "Happy Birthday Jesus" I mean I get it, but it just looked odd. So whats next, does Memorial Day turn into Soldier Appreciation Day ? Does Thanksgiving become Family Food Thursday ? Hey if it does cool...I just need a bit more notice..U can't just spring it on a me ya know.
Damn rabbits

I Got 5 On It

By the time Im old and grey if paper money still even exists, its gonna be some kinda coloring book scribble pad paper. This new 5 looks like The Joker and The Riddler went into the US Mint and had a go at it. Counterfeiters are gonna counterfeit, thats their job. Damn Abe! Honestly.


One born every minute.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

LOST they mind

People who know, know i love LOST. Before this season started they were popping off about they have the only new shows on b/c of the writer's strike. So every Thursday I'm on the edge of my friggen seat. So after last Thursday's episode they say its not coming back til April 24th. WTF! You know why b/c the writers strike is over, and NBC's shows are new. Damn Office and 30 Rock is killing my joy. And I love those shows, but now I have to wait a month and an hour later to see my program.

Bad Robot


Friday, March 21, 2008

Ace of Spade huh...step ur game up

6,500 American dollars will get you one bottle of Perrier-Jouet champagne. Made in Epernay, France this is only for balla's ya dig....So look out for it in upcoming music videos....taste the Bitchassness
Drink up

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The City That Reads

I don't think ppl understand the joy I get from knowing that its Wednesday and its gonna be a new City Paper. And I am even more happy when its black ppl in it. NOT THE MURDER INK!!! Music....Music ...Music. That aspect has been absent for awhile but the homie Al Shipley wrote a huge article featuring you guested it black ppl. Profound's (reppin that R.O.P.) mixtape was featured and Al quoted what I like to call the hottest line of the month. "The crime rate done rose since last year/and everybody sayin they got signed is still here." That line is so balla!!! Told you I was gonna fix it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Diversify Your Bonds

Horoscope for all signs - Get a new skill. Add a new dimension to your world and watch the possibilities soar.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Beam Me Down Scotty

Scott Storch is selling his 20 Million Dollar Yacht for 1 Million on eBay...WTF??? Scotty whats goodie? Them Brooke Hogan checks didn't clear? Candy Shop??? Make It Rain??? The beefs wit Timbaland , Justin Timberlake & others must be killin dudes pockets. You're Canadian you're supposed to have better money management sir...good day. I said good day sir

Ice Cream

Im not a hugh Skittles fan at all, infact I can only eat about 10 of em and Im good. They're like little hard fruity crack rocks. I like having teeth, but Ice Cream Skittles are an exception to the rule. Limited...cop em. Taste the damn rainbow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Vote Is In...BANG!!

The homie Al Shipley reviewed my latest Mixtape "I Got Hits For Cheap: Draggy Baby Edition." Ill review. I appreciate what Al does for the local hip-hop community b/c he def doesn't have to...its not like he raps, I just believe he appreciates music. He gives everyone a chance and a fair take on their projects...which isn't easy to come by. So on behalf of Team Arson, Big Bully Mgmt, and DragonMoon Productions thank you.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Is It In You??

Hottest shirt of the month. Until its over said, over done and competely over saturated. This is the hottest shirt out. Then Jay Leno is gonna have one. Then its gonna be in metallic colors. Then some rapper will have it on at some awards show. But until that time it reigns.

Chicken Rice Soup...No soda on the side

Im a fan of many things Asian. Anime, Japan, The food, the women. I especially enjoy their take on Chicken Rice Soup. A recent trip to Peking House on Baltimore Street hurt my heart and blood pressure alittle. The soup was super salty, the rice was hard and there wasn't enough chicken in it. Thumbs down.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Election 08

Here's half of what I think about the upcoming and forever on - going Presidential Election.


Skate or Die

Stop drooling. NIKE is king and never forget it. The Nike SB Skate or Die's are simply beautiful. And if my shoe hook-up can't even get em you know they popping. Designing kicks based on old video games is crazy. Im looking forward to the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" Dunks. Word to Zoltan!

10,000 BS

I saw 10,000 BC yesterday thinking its gonna be this kick-ass adventure killing spree. No...wrong!!! Its a weak love story that gets dragged out to point where you want somebody to invent a gun so somebody would get shot or something. This is the official lame version of 300. It'll probably win a Oscar for best costumes or something. It has good visuals and the story isn't bad if it was a book, but its just to dry to watch at points.
Redeeming Qualities: It had my homie from Training Day Cliff Curtis and the blue eye chick was pretty hot. I dont know if she was travel across the mountains, rivers and desert hot but she was pretty hot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Case U Missed It

My New Mixtape "I Got Hits 4 Cheap Draggy Baby Edition" is out now. And from what I've heard its pretty incredible. It can be downloaded at and for the torrent fans


Download It!!!

My homie DRO put my mixtape on yesterday....balla!!! He def gets the homeboy of the week award. Cloud of Smoke, a box of blacks on me.


5 Things To Love And Hate About The Wire

5 Things To Love And Hate About The Wire

1. LOVE - The characters. The Cast is huge and everyone has a story. The characters are deep and complex. You want to know how all these characters became who they are. Who was the first person Omar robbed? When did Avon and Stinger realize that they wanted to get in the game?

2. HATE - Season 5 just one Avon scene. Before the start of season five, articles made it seem as if Avon was getting out of jail and was going to give opposition to Marlo's crew. Not so! One three minute scene; as shocking as it was (the look on Marlo's face was priceless), was just too little of a big expectation.

3. LOVE - The exposing of crooked politics, police, newspaper reports, congressman, lawyers and everyone else playing the game. Everyone has an angle and everybody wants there shine. It doesn't matter how many feathers you ruffle or situations you shake up, as long as you can pay enough (with money or information) or are connected enough your a valued player of the game.

4. HATE - Fake 92Q drops playing local acts. Listen I am all for promotion but this is ridiculous. Mid - day playing BossMan? Playing Mullyman?? Mully just got got his ban lifted in March!! They hardly play Bossman and definately not at peak hours. I understand the shows producers have nothing to do with the aspect of reality of 92Q, but I'd much rather if it were Deep Flow Radio instead of "The Sleepers Station" (ya'll like that don't you...don't swaggerjack me!!). Bottom line 92Q doesn't play many local acts and when they do its most certainly not in the middle of the day more like 3 AM ya dig.

5. LOVE/ HATE - I'd be damned to say the aspect of the kids isn't heart-wrenching. Their future is bleak because their current life is hopeless. Its so stacked against them. Its easy to trust the wrong people and hard to trust the people telling you the right thing. Michael in the beginning was reluctant to take anything from Marlo, he was going to the gym and school. But he finally gave in to the streets. He could have told the coach about his abuse and would have turned out better. Instead the path he choose turned him into a drug dealer, killer, and eventual stick up boy. While Marlo escapes jail and is meeting new "important" people, the little boy that he convinced to join him is now betrayed by him and is fighting for his life. The complexities of this show is a wonderful and heartbreaking thing. Duquan was a smart kid doing well in school (with proper teaching!!), he ends up with no where to turn except the streets. Where he is eventually swallowed alive by drugs. The result of these two's present gives you insight on the origins of Bubbles and Omar, and their all too sad future's as well. This show displays the revolving door of life. The everyday on and on. The police keep investigating, solving, arresting. The drug dealers keep moving, selling. The killers keep killing and the addicts keep using. It's a never ending cycle, and as terrible, horrible, and destructive as it is The Wire paints an unapologetically real portrait of the everyday lives that people lead.