Monday, June 30, 2008


Bubblebox has a lot of games in many categories. The site overall is a little too busy....stuff is all over the place. But, it gets the job done of curing your boredom.

Recommended Games:

and prob something else I missed



Game Week

This Week is Game Week here @ Dragwroteit. I will post ill game sites to relieve you of half of your day's boredom. Thank me later.



Friday, June 27, 2008

The 9 Seasons

C-Love had an event last night @ the 5 Seasons. Lots of people were out. Ahk, OGUN, B-Fly, G.E.M., Barnes, Real 2 Real, Big Moon, and others I am sure. M.O.L. was on stage when I got there. They had two songs that really stuck out, but way too many dudes on stage as decoration. Real 2 Real & Big Moon took the stage and ripped it. They were promoting their upcoming album "The Big PUSH." The songs they did were banging. After that there was a battle between some dude and some dude. The one dude was super wack and crying like a baby about everything, the other dude was killing it in every category. But I guess crying prevailed b/c the cry baby won. I watched dude get robbed right in front of my eyes it was amazing. Wackness Wins!

Even Winners Lose


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


When did local artist mixtapes start costing 10 friggen bucks. Dudes have gotten super bold these days. Actual albums come out and are $10 the first week they come out. Why in the crap would I pay $10 for your mixtape. Especially if it has horrible cover art and only 10 songs, one of which someone actually likes and 3 of them are already on your Myspace page for free...I don't get it. Then...then, they have the nerve to look at you like your not supporting yourself hippie. I'm all for music, I love it, but at some point you gotta give me a break. But if you can get people to do it by all means do, I'm just saying don't come my way with that homie.

DRAG in Real Life


The Watcher

Jacob the Jeweler must serve 30 months in jail and pay 2 million US dollars, for his role in a money laundering ring helping a 270 million dollar drug operation based in Detroit. Then you have to wonder, was doing this b/c he was forced or if he was doing this all along. You get to a certain point in your life and career where you don't have to do such foolish things. I fail to believe that a brilliant business man such as Jacob Arabo would do something so foolish, but never rule out the mind of fool.


Timezone Ankle Bracelet - Coming Soon


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaq Fu!

Shaq is a wild boy! So after Kobe and them lose to the Celtics, Shaq gets on stage and freestyles about Kobe. I give it to him he was flowing, but Big Man said some things that as a man you have to answer for one day. Be it on the court or maybe even Kobe will put out a record. He is gonna do something I'm sure b/c he has been hanging out with those dudes from Jackass and I think he likes the attention. AND THEN Shaq goes on Sports Center and says he was just playing. These people kill me with there..."I'm gonna say something crazy, then take it back," attitude. You said it and you meant it, you might as well stick to your guns.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crank Dat!!

So for some reason Ice-T of all people puts out a video talking bad against the homie Soulja Boy. I think he is mad because Lil Ice knows more Soulja Boy songs then he does his pop's. Ice - T talks out of line against SB. Instead he should be happy that the kid is making money and not in the street hustling. If Ice -T has a problem with the "killing of Hip-Hop" (which was really only propaganda for Nas' album) then he should be mad at Yung Joc, D4L, Dem Franchise Boys, and others, not just a 17 year old kid. And 50 cent likes the kid too so Ice-T might have alot on his hands now. Ice is kinda lucky that he isn't popular anymore b/c he'd have every young kid booing him every night. Soulja Boy may not be the hip-hop that some people like but he is hip-hop. Just b/c he isn't making make believe raps about how many people he killed, and how much drugs he sells Ice-T doesn't approve....right. Soulja Boy might be the freshman to Ice-T's senior but it seems Ice-T is the one who needs to grow up.

Cop Killer on Law and Order...right


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Best In The Worldddd!

The homie Al Shipley reviewed some of my new songs, one of which being Standin' On the Corner, produced by my brother Mark Shotta. Al always shows me love...and I'm biased too...Al is "The Journalist" ya dig...and don't worry they will understand soon enough.

Best In The Worldddd!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Going GOLD

This Gold Bike goes for about $20,000 US, but don't worry its only offered in the UK. The insurance company ETA is offering a contest drawing for the bike. It comes with a security guard and you must get "cycle insurance."


Lance Armstrong of the Dance


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Land Sea or Air ...but Definitely Sea

The Linde Werdelin Sea Instrument is a beautiful diving watch. It shows depth, dive time, vital decompression stops, temperature, maximum depth and surface interval times. Also comes in Aluminum for the nice price of about $4,200 American dollars.


Deep Sea Diving



Man this Hulk is ill. He looks cooler, and is destroying stuff. Ed Norton plays a great Dr. Banner, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth both play excellent roles as well. It seems that Marvel is getting its act together (finally). They are making good movies, that follow the comics and also give it a new twist but one that does not alienate the comic crowd. The Tony Stark cameo was expected but was still great when it happened. The final fight was killer and it definitely makes you look forward to a sequel and upcoming (and by upcoming I mean...3 years away) "Avengers" Movie.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


What's Happening Now

Me a Mark Shotta saw this Saturday night. In an attempt to raise awareness of the Environmental Issues of the World, M. Night Shyamalan's new movie "The Happening," explores human mistreatment of our planet. Known for his jaw-dropping twists, M. Night kinda paints himself in a cinematographic corner. If not anything this movie is great to see the many ways people die....sick I know...but entertaining none the less. Mark Wahlberg plays a easy going teacher in a rocky relationship with his wife that he should have G-checked way early in the movie. People DIE...go see it!

Save the Trees


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cobra Starship X DRAG

One of my favorite songs from Cobra Starship's album "Viva La Cobra" is "Pleasure Ryland". It's super 80's and just an ill I jumped on it!!


Kobra Kai


Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Good Lemonade!

Its been a wild news day. Today R. Kelly was found not guilty of ...well you know. Guard the kids Kelly's on he loose. You know he is gonna act a fool now that this is over. B/c the "mole" on the dude's back seen in the tape was not present on Kelly's body they dropped everything. Ok Ok...just saying what if the "mole" on dudes back wasn't a mole at all but instead a lint ball or something stuck to his back. AND...if that wasn't Kelly, who the hell was it having sex with an under aged teen in the video...hmmm. That person should have been on trial. Wasting R. Kelly's damn time with this crap. Don't people know he has stuff to do. Like sing about how good his "lemonade" is, and add more chapters to Trapped in the Closet, so it can be made into a Broadway Musical (I bet plenty of people would go see it).

I honestly ask what is the point of it all. The trial has been delayed for 10 years plenty of time of get a great case together point blank to lock him up. Yet again they fall short in 12 days. So I have to this all pretend fairyland or something. Michael Jackson on trial and has been accused of things for years...nothing! And plenty of other "celebrities" that seem like they are heading for hard time and end up with nothing. DON'T GET ME WRONG!!!...I don't want anybody locked up, but it seems like either

a) the jury holds a special place in their hearts for celebrities and do not want to lock them up
b) honestly finds them not guilty
c) this is just a real life soap opera for people to watch and follow to get their minds off how the government is screwing us!

I don't know. mole....Defence Rest


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wow Bow

I dig the Lil Homie Bow Wow. In this clip he talks about haters. Kid dropping some jewels.

Form a Union


The Wash

Its Summer time Will Smith, and the sun can dry your skin super fast. Murad's products are gonna keep you glowin' dig. "I got that silky smooth cocoa butter skin."


Protect Your Neck


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now That's A Couch

Made of chrome steel the Pantonova couch was designed in 1971 and goes for 5,000 bucks.


Take A Seat


Electric City

The Enertia Bike holds a 3 hour charge and goes 50 MPH. 12G's homie.


Plug me in


Monday, June 9, 2008

It Must Be the Shoes

Minolo's...Nawh! Giuseppe...Nope!

This dude Stuart Weitzman x Le Vian made this pair of heels that are 2 Million bucks. One Million a foot I guess. So when your girl asks about a pair of kicks (tell her to get a job), hope she isn't talking about these.

"The Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian pair of evening shoes are true show-stoppers: a $2 million dollar creation in glistening silver leather embellished with over 185 carats of tanzanite and 28 carats of diamonds"


There's no place like home


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Words In Chocolate

Writing never tasted so good. These are chocolate pencils designed by Nendo. They come with a pencil sharpener so you can grate them over desserts.

Mmmmmmmmmmm Pencils


Kiss My Black Ass....Chair

Designed by Fabio Novembre the "Him and Her" chairs.

Check Out More Here

Assy McGee


Monday, June 2, 2008

A Billi Freestyle (Nonsense)

In true PenDragon fashion I have returned with a new freestyle...its been a minute. I decided to do A Milli b/c I enjoy the beat I added a few extras in there to give it a new spin. A since Wayne wasn't really talking about anything I decided to follow suit, thus the song is subtitled "Nonsense".


Even Gwen Stefani Said She Couldn't Doubt Me