Monday, December 29, 2008

7 Pounds

The homie Al Shipley put out the years best list ( in his opinion). Your man DRAG made it to #7.

"7. PenDragon - I Got Hits 4 Cheap: Draggy Baby Edition (Team Arson) It's funny, Drag is one of these guys that gets on my nerves for calling himself the "king" of the city and this and that, but he also gets my respect for totally watching everyone's moves and sizing up the competition (he's always sending me links to other people's videos and music before know about them). And really between his production skills, and the heart and intelligence and humor that come across in his music, he has as much of a chance at making a run at the title as anyone these days, in my opinion. Not that I think there is a title, or that there should be. "

Now do I agree with 7th place. Hell no. I figured 410 Pharaohs was gonna get #1 cause they are on that Baltimore Shit! A lil club, a lil hip-hop. #2 is Brown Fish's "Bootleg III: F.I.S.H. & Friends... The Mixtape," which Al even says isn't a mixtape or an album. #3 is a compliation of songs from the Wire. "Beyond Hamsterdam: Baltimore Tracks from The Wire," so once again some Baltimore shit. Honestly from the cover alone I shoulda got #1. But I digress, I'm sounding Kanye-ish. I appreciative of Al even having a list or caring enough to put one together let alone putting me on it. I'm just saying.

Why er'body hate I say I'm "KING." I mean it!!


Sunday, December 28, 2008


From the guys that brought you "300" and "Sin City" now they bring you ...ahhh...something else. The Spirit is a hero of a crook ridden city. Unsure of his origin he stops crime, gets shot, stabbed, dies, comes back to life and heals all in the same day. The movie is visually creative but the dialogue and some of the situations were just corny. Samuel L. Jackson is a villain by the name of "The Octopus." Eva Mendes plays jewel thief "San Serif," and Scarlett Johannson plays the Octopus' assistant "Lace & Floss." Its got plenty of eye candy but deep it is not. It sorta wonders off a bit too and you get lost in the babble of the Spirits monologue at times. Rent it for the babes!

The Spirits Got Soul But Its No Soldier


7 LBS.

I saw Seven Pounds this weekend, starring Will Smith. This was a good movie, it kept you wondering what were his motives behind finding these people and "helping" them. I figured it out about half way through the film, but that did not take away from the feeling of this movie. When everything comes together, it does it fast and clean. The umm jellyfish thing was a bit out there (very) but it was a great film.
All white Bricks


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Japan Be Clubbin

This new joint Work That," from the Teriyaki Boyz ft. Pharrell and Chris Brown (for like 2 secs) has a severe Baltimore Club sound. The joint is hot for real. A lot of Asian Butts in the video.



Spelling is Fundamental

Not that I remotely like this video but check out 3:58 in. Dudes spell Video wrong. How do you spell video wrong in a video!?! That Auto-Tune is going to his head!

Ron Browz is the new Annoyance


Friday, December 19, 2008


Tell me Ye's jacket isn't the illest piece of outerwear ever!

It's Cold in the Chi


Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Leg Room!

A one-of-a-kind six-seat Maybach 72 is now for sale. The car started out in 2004 Maybach 62, and was stretched an extra 3.3 ft. in order to add an additional pair of rear-facing back seats. The one-off vehicle is being offered for sale at $780,000, twice what the unmodified Maybach originally cost. Germany doesn't need a bailout...cause they don't make crappy cars, e.i. the PT Cruiser.

Stretch It Out


It Must Be the Shoes

A Saudi man has offered $10 million for the shoes of Iraqi journalist/shoe thrower Muntadar Al Zaidi. The offer is from sixty-year-old Hassan Mohammad Makhafa of Aseer (south west of Saudi Arabia). He's prepared to sell all his properties - which would be going to his sons - to purchase the shoes, which he describes as a "medal of freedom." He is planning to enshrine the shoes.

Beat that Jordan


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Later than Sooner!

N.E.R.D. released their new video for "Sooner Or Later," from the Seeing Sounds album.

I hear green


Friday, December 12, 2008

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading was cool. The moral of the story is "mind your damn business." There weren't any black people in this movie, but if there were the movie would have been over rather quickly. After finding a CD in the woman's locker room of a local fitness center, some of the employees decide to take it upon themselves to try to get ransom for the CD. If a black person found the CD and popped it in (unlikely) and it was Young Jeezy or for the older crowd Luther Vandross its trash movie over!! But this movie has some great twists in it.

They Are Watching You


P.S. I wanted to see that chair that George Clooney made in Action!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sonic in Brooklyn !

The homie Charles Hamilton released this video as the 1st single to his Interscope project. And I must admit...It's a banga!! I never really heard anything from dude that I liked, but this here is a smash. A remix with Jay-Z would be nice..and it would help boost the kids rep...or even F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S...

Good One...your 1st good one in awhile...your 1st good one in a while


Sunday, December 7, 2008

This How I Feel About Baltimore!! But I love it !

Real Talk Homie...that's how Baltimore niggaz are too. Everybody want to be the star so if its not them rockin they not tryna hear it.

Get Em Joe


Funniest Thing Ever!!

Check the cameo from Justin Timberlake.

Cash or Credit


Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Connect!!!

The Homie Salim @ wrote about the kid. That overseas love is beautiful.

Paper Planes


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sound Check @ the T.I. Show

Sound Check 4 T.I. Show from danielsunz1 on Vimeo.

Been meaning to post this for a minute. Here it is. In all its glory. What a great day this was.

Camera Man DRAG


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008


The homie Street Heat has another placement. This time its on the new Christmas CD from Dipset. Bad Santa starring Mike Epps. Street Heat produced "Christmas Song," track number 8 on the CD.

Download the Mp3rd

Merry Christmas! Thanksgiving Style


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gold Bond...not the powder

Why in the world do people request such horrible things. This gold and platinum plated, diamond studded Aston Martin DB7 was made for Prince Francesco Ruspoli of Italy. I guess he figured that he didn't want it and that it was a stupid its being sold for $140,000. Its Super Ugly.

Disco Fever


Transexual Bags!

I getting kinda sick of these Man Woman bags...that is.... Women's bags that designers are trying to tell me are for Men. Nawh..I'm not buying it. Dolce and Gabbana just released a $50,000 Limited Edition Crocodile Skin bag, that 4 years ago chicks on Sex and the City would be going crazy over. I know every decade has its trends in fashion so I'm guessing that the Man bag purse is this decades. But the super crazy part is that dudes are buying and using these bags that are obviously for women!! 10 years from now dudes are going to look back and say "whoa! what was I thinking about." Just like that bad haircut from 92' its gonna come back and haunt you.

You say You Like Women Right?? Hmm...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zack and Miri Made a Porno...kinda

Me and my brother Mark Shotta went to he movies yesterday and saw "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." It was a funny damn movie and it makes you never want to go to Pittsburgh for anything...ever. Kevin Smith is one of my favorite directors, I like how he incorporates characters or actors from his movies into other films...looking out for his homies, I dig that. Jason Mewes ("Jay" of Jay and Silent Bob) shows up and the dude from Clerks does as well. Homie from The Office (Craig Robinson) plays a bigger role in this movie then any of his previous roles in "Knocked Up," and "Pineapple Express."

The one flaw of the movie is that it kinda doesn't end. It leads to an think there's an ending but there is no ending. It just goes off and deviates from the whole premise of the movie. Overall it gets 3.5 stars.

Where's the Money Shot??


Monday, November 3, 2008

Schools < Condos

The wild things I see while driving. And they say its a recession?? I can't tell.

Classrooms into Living Rooms


Its Electric... Boogie Woogie Woogie.

Rolls-Royce is in the process of making a electric powered Phantom. You hear the Street? So when you get one you will be helping out the environment as well. Very responsible.

Where Do I Plug It In?



If Apple hasn't come out with enough crap..I mean... innovative musical advancements. They are now in the processes of creating the iBangle. It stores your music and sends it to wireless headphones. There is an inner air chamber that inflates so its fits perfectly on your arm.

Ummm ...Yeah


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Swagga Like DRAG - Diddy Style

Yup..if you gonna do it you might as well dumb out and do it. "Swagga Like Drag," but with Diddy's take on it.

K-Swiss???? Nawh


Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Oh Yeah...

On they featured the song "OPEN" featuring Igima. Produced by the homie Blaze P. I might just do a week of exclusives you never know... I got the Internet going nuts!!!

My Roots are Ill!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dem Some Expensive Titties!

Victoria's Secret is selling a new bra encrusted with jewels. It is made up of 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified one carat white round diamonds and 34 rubies. Two black diamond drops weighing a total of 100 carats. For just a cool $5 million. Damn.



Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jocking My Fresh...Jocking Jockimg My Fresh!!

I know I've been away 8 laptop blew up! but im back like unpaid taxes..ya dig!!

I have 2 tracks on 's newest mixtape Fresh Dunks 5. "Standing On the Corner" and "Lost In Translation" are the 2 tracks that are featured.

Go Get It Here!!!!

Freshest Dunks Ever


Friday, October 10, 2008

Vote or Lie!!

I think these rappers and celebrities are full of it. They all say go out and blah blah. And the rappers all say they support Obama...but that doesn't mean that they are going to vote for him. Obama says he is going to raise taxes for people that make over 250,000 a year. So do you think Diddy, who is in the business of making money would vote for a person that is going to make him shell out more money?? Hmmm. He may or may not. Then the same has to be said for the celeb's as well. They just might vote Obama who knows.

Smiling in your face...Voting behind your back!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Hennessy Kicks??

I don't know who is in charge over at Hennessy these days but their marketing is pretty much solely (no pun intended) toward young black males. First it was the Ads featuring Marvin Gaye just kinda standing there, now its tennis shoes...Hennessy tennis shoes. They are only 500 pairs made (thank goodness) and they cost 300 bucks. They were created by the brand Jhung Yuro (Young Euro). To me it seems like they are trying to capitalize and appeal to the young kids. It seems very distasteful and in bad judgement. But what do I know?
Buy these shoes and get drunk??


Flacco's A Wacko

Man I don't know if these guys are gluttons for punishment or if they just don't have with it takes. Don't get me wrong both this week and last weeks games were down to the wire and they were pretty brutal games. But when your offense (still) can't score (Kyle Boller is loving it!!) and your defense is fairly undisciplined, and tired by the 4th quarter you are not going to win ball games. Sure the 15 yard penalty they gave to Suggs was lame but, the Ravens were saved already by the 1st interception being called back. At the end of the day Flacco is still a rookie and makes rookie mistakes, but I'd still take him over Boller. Matt Stover also lost the game as well for the team. It was a 45 yard field goal, Matt Stover USED to be able to make those in his sleep. He has been inconsistent for a while now, and I think his time is running short. This team had the possibility to be a 4-0 team, losing the last two games by a total of 6 points. Perhaps they can get there act together and rally for the rest of the season, even though their schedule just gets harder and harder.

Who's house is really Ray, who's house is it?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo Price??

Last nights loss for Kimbo Slice was a rip off. I don't agree with some rules in sports, in MMA the rule I disagree with is: if a fighter is knocked down and the other opponent is still throwing punches in about 5 seconds the fight can be over. After Kimbo's loss he pops right back up...and tells the fans the after party is still going on. If MMA wants to compete truly with Boxing I think they should put in some of the rules of Boxing...Really the only being a standing 10 count. If a fighter is knocked down in such a manner before calling the fight over at least give them a 10 count to get up and get together to show they can still fight. The cut Kimbo had on his eye was was barely bleeding. Had he had been giving a chance to have a 10 count I think the fight would have been better. And for EliteXC to try to prove itself to be a competitor in the field it has to be more consistent. The fights overall last night were boring. There were more plugs for CBS shows last night then for the fighters.
And I do believe that it was a cop out by EliteXC when Ken Shamrock "cut his eye sparring" on the day of the fight.?? Really. I think EliteXC got wind of people saying that Ken Shamrock was old and washed up, so they cut him from the program and threw in this dude who I don't even remember. Who is still heavy sparring on the day of the fight...literally hours before?? Ken Shamrock is more of a submission fighter anyway so he prob wasn't going toe to toe with Kimbo...the whole thing sounds fishy. I mean Moby Dick fishy...



Monday, September 29, 2008

The Watcher

Ok I dig Shia but this movie was a little too much B.S. The whole identical twin thing has been done to death and its never done well. The movie doesn't make sense in many places. Why did "it" pick this random chicks son's trumpet to be the trigger? Why didn't someone just unplug the friggen computer the movie woulda been over. This guy saves the f'ing country and all this chicks gives him is a peck on the cheek?? This movie was about 30 too long. I was with it for a long time, but it just kept going and going and..well you get it. It was just alitttle too out of the realm of what I thought I was going to be about, then I just didn't hold up after that. So this guys dead brother is the only one who knows something is wrong?? It took a chick from the Air Force to look at the video and realize he was using Morse code??? And this computer can see everywhere in the world except for behind this wall where the fire extinguisher is??? Ummm yeah. This had a good premise just executed wrong.

Eye on the Sparrow


Friday, September 26, 2008

Everybodies a Somebody

Somebodies is a new show on BET. I just really checked it out last night. It was damn funny. I mean not all of it all the way thru but hell neither was Seinfeld. The observations made and pointed out are hilarious and the situations that the characters get into are brilliant. I'm hoping that this show doesn't get cancelled. BET needs this type of original programing to really show and prove that it is a true contender as a network.

Everybodies Got Their Something


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Damme It !

What the hell happened to Van-Damme?? He owned the late 80's and 90's! Blood Sport...F'ing Blood Sport! That shit with Dennis Rodman. Time Cop. Dude should went the Schwarzenegger route and went political or something. He coulda been the mayor...a kick ass mayor of a cool city. Hell if Kindergarten Cop can do it..come on. And while we are at it...lets stop making these dumb remake movies. Lets get a new Blood Sport...with the growing popularity of MMA and UFC it would be crazy ill. Ahh shit The Quest....The motherfucking Quest. Kickboxer...dude seriously.

He is Legend!


Creep Magic

Remember when David Blaine was cool?? Some will say yes, others will say he never was. But David Blaine used to do real magic. He started the revamping of the new age magicians. The stuff he was doing was so different and fresh. And you felt a connection with him and the people b/c it was on the street. No smoke and mirrors, or girls in leotards..even though its nothing wrong with that at all. Even if the stuff he was doing was staged at least it was friggen magic. Since about 2003 he hasn't been doing anything but these ridiculous stunts. Standing on a pillar for a week...dumb....Being in ice for a week..Encino Man dumb....being underwater for a week...Aquaman dumb. Now he is going to hang upside down for 60 hours. It should be over today, but truth is nobody really cares. Hang upside down all week Batman if that s what you want to do..but while your hanging up their Air Jordan, remember that you used to do real magic that people cared about and they were truly entertained by, now its like watching a reel of "Stupid Human Tricks" from the Late Show.

David Lame


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Metalocalypse is a show that comes on Adult Swim. It's oddly one of my favorite shows. I don't necessarily like Metal music, but the music on the show is mildly entertaining (when you can hear it). The group these 5 guys form is DethKlok and they are pretty retarded. The sudden rapid flashes of light that occur when they play can easily give a seizure to anyone that doesn't blink quick enough to snap out of the trance. The story line of weird..they are like the Metal version of Bill and Ted's group the "Wyld Stallions." Their music saves the world...but also destroys it...Many agencies try to kill the group, but their fans will kill anyone who trys. The band also has a huge army of soldiers...but are really pretty aloof to the entire scope of things. How do they pack all this in a 10 minute show...??? Hell if I know but I'm glad they do.

Rock On


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Test Bin Win

My brother Mark Shotta won the producer Test Bin on 88.9 Strictly Hip-Hop. Congratulations and keep up the good production!

Take that Take that


Action Pat

Another friend of mine is featured in the City Paper's Best Of Baltimore Issue. Pat...A.k.a "Action Pat." He is a DJ and he spins oldies rare records. The harder to find the better, the more obscure the better...and thats why he's one of the best.

American Beauty

R. Kelly is a wild boy! Just beat the case, then interviews with Torae where he admits he has "teenage" (female) friends. Hells wrong with you man!! Even if you do or don't I wouldn't admit to knowing anybody under 25 even family... i'll meet you on your 25th birthday congratulations it'd give you something to look forward to. He'd be in your closet with a cake and a check.

Damn homie


Slow Motion

Paused In Time is a documentary about the Hip-Hop scene in Baltimore. Its very in-depth and it is heard from many perspectives. Artists, Dj's, Radio Personalities, Hosts and more all chime in to give their angle on the scene.

Check Out More Here

Press Play


Bombs Over Baltimore

In the recent issue of the City Paper - Best Of Baltimore Edition the Best Male MC went to .....drumroll please.....


Check out the article here

It's Ogun


Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Hard

New DRAG - Pain... I mean why not! I killed my voice halfway thru the if I can't talk for a week I blame Dj Khaled.

Listen & Download Here

"Go Grab Me A Fiji"


Friday, September 12, 2008

Rachael F'ing Ray

See the homie Kanye posts models and chicks that you obviously wanna bone...(nice..I know), but what about the ones that are flying under the radar Ye? Enter me... the answer to that question.

1st up.

Rachael Ray is a cook, host and traveler. She has been hot, but has gone through many transformations...Brunette,Blond hair, streaks, Black Hair cut short ( looking like a Catherine Zeta Jones look alike. Sure she is corny and terrorist. I kid I kid!



Sunday, September 7, 2008

Clocking Me

So me and the homie Street Heat went to XS yesterday. We standing at the register getting our order on. This chick comes down the steps with this big dude. We finish making our orders and fall back. So then they stand next to us...the big dude is at the cake display. Boom...the chick turns to me and says, "I like your watch." Huh? It is a balla watch I do admit. But geez have you no respect. You just gonna jump on right there while your dude is looking and cakes. Maybe it wasn't her dude. Perhaps they were cousins. I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Then Street points out that she was checking me coming down the steps. So scandalous I swear.

Watch Me


Sex Files

The homie David Duchovny recently went into rehab for "sex addiction." Is "sex addiction" a code word for "I cheated on my wife and/or girlfriend??" If so just call it what it is. B/c what man doesn't have a "sex addiction?" I mean really?? I know I do. What do they do in rehab, cut your nuts off...hit you on the hand with a ruler and tell you sex is bad? Just b/c you do stupid stuff doesn't mean you have a learning disability, and if you cheat that doesn't mean you are an addict.

Sexy Time