Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Swagga Like DRAG - Diddy Style

Yup..if you gonna do it you might as well dumb out and do it. "Swagga Like Drag," but with Diddy's take on it.

K-Swiss???? Nawh


Saturday, October 25, 2008

And Oh Yeah...

On they featured the song "OPEN" featuring Igima. Produced by the homie Blaze P. I might just do a week of exclusives you never know... I got the Internet going nuts!!!

My Roots are Ill!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dem Some Expensive Titties!

Victoria's Secret is selling a new bra encrusted with jewels. It is made up of 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified one carat white round diamonds and 34 rubies. Two black diamond drops weighing a total of 100 carats. For just a cool $5 million. Damn.



Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jocking My Fresh...Jocking Jockimg My Fresh!!

I know I've been away 8 laptop blew up! but im back like unpaid taxes..ya dig!!

I have 2 tracks on 's newest mixtape Fresh Dunks 5. "Standing On the Corner" and "Lost In Translation" are the 2 tracks that are featured.

Go Get It Here!!!!

Freshest Dunks Ever


Friday, October 10, 2008

Vote or Lie!!

I think these rappers and celebrities are full of it. They all say go out and blah blah. And the rappers all say they support Obama...but that doesn't mean that they are going to vote for him. Obama says he is going to raise taxes for people that make over 250,000 a year. So do you think Diddy, who is in the business of making money would vote for a person that is going to make him shell out more money?? Hmmm. He may or may not. Then the same has to be said for the celeb's as well. They just might vote Obama who knows.

Smiling in your face...Voting behind your back!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Hennessy Kicks??

I don't know who is in charge over at Hennessy these days but their marketing is pretty much solely (no pun intended) toward young black males. First it was the Ads featuring Marvin Gaye just kinda standing there, now its tennis shoes...Hennessy tennis shoes. They are only 500 pairs made (thank goodness) and they cost 300 bucks. They were created by the brand Jhung Yuro (Young Euro). To me it seems like they are trying to capitalize and appeal to the young kids. It seems very distasteful and in bad judgement. But what do I know?
Buy these shoes and get drunk??


Flacco's A Wacko

Man I don't know if these guys are gluttons for punishment or if they just don't have with it takes. Don't get me wrong both this week and last weeks games were down to the wire and they were pretty brutal games. But when your offense (still) can't score (Kyle Boller is loving it!!) and your defense is fairly undisciplined, and tired by the 4th quarter you are not going to win ball games. Sure the 15 yard penalty they gave to Suggs was lame but, the Ravens were saved already by the 1st interception being called back. At the end of the day Flacco is still a rookie and makes rookie mistakes, but I'd still take him over Boller. Matt Stover also lost the game as well for the team. It was a 45 yard field goal, Matt Stover USED to be able to make those in his sleep. He has been inconsistent for a while now, and I think his time is running short. This team had the possibility to be a 4-0 team, losing the last two games by a total of 6 points. Perhaps they can get there act together and rally for the rest of the season, even though their schedule just gets harder and harder.

Who's house is really Ray, who's house is it?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo Price??

Last nights loss for Kimbo Slice was a rip off. I don't agree with some rules in sports, in MMA the rule I disagree with is: if a fighter is knocked down and the other opponent is still throwing punches in about 5 seconds the fight can be over. After Kimbo's loss he pops right back up...and tells the fans the after party is still going on. If MMA wants to compete truly with Boxing I think they should put in some of the rules of Boxing...Really the only being a standing 10 count. If a fighter is knocked down in such a manner before calling the fight over at least give them a 10 count to get up and get together to show they can still fight. The cut Kimbo had on his eye was was barely bleeding. Had he had been giving a chance to have a 10 count I think the fight would have been better. And for EliteXC to try to prove itself to be a competitor in the field it has to be more consistent. The fights overall last night were boring. There were more plugs for CBS shows last night then for the fighters.
And I do believe that it was a cop out by EliteXC when Ken Shamrock "cut his eye sparring" on the day of the fight.?? Really. I think EliteXC got wind of people saying that Ken Shamrock was old and washed up, so they cut him from the program and threw in this dude who I don't even remember. Who is still heavy sparring on the day of the fight...literally hours before?? Ken Shamrock is more of a submission fighter anyway so he prob wasn't going toe to toe with Kimbo...the whole thing sounds fishy. I mean Moby Dick fishy...