Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Tase Mre Bro Pt. 2

Listen if you call your Pop and tell him you're about to do something stupid and he tells you that its stupid....IT'S STUPID. People are now saying that they shouldn't have tased 17 year old high school senior Steve Consalvi for running on the field during a Phillies game. Well guess what? What if the Officer chasing him ran after him and wrestled him down and he had a knife on him and killed the what??? A dead Officer, a parade and sadness all over. What if this guy ran out in 'the field and stabbed a player??? Then people would be saying "well why didn't they stop him.?" People need to choose the brand of justice they want delivered. Look at it this way, at least they didn't shoot him! This kid just got a dose of reality. It's against the law. Plain and simple. And bottom line is the law is the law. His father was later interviewed and said his son was wrong....then said that he shouldn't have been tased. That's like saying "yeah I know he broke the law but he shouldn't get punished for it."??? Ask Monica Seles how she feels about the situation.

Get Em!!!


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