Monday, March 21, 2011


I saw Jumper for the 1st time today. Not bad. Plot was pretty dumb but ehh oh well. The movie posed more questions than answers though. The Paladins hunted the "Jumpers" b/c they felt that nobody should have that kind of power but God, so how did they figure they had the some power to kill. Especially with the understanding that God made the Jumpers. Seems as if it would be very easy to kill Roland (Sam Jackson's character) by just taking him to the Empire State Building and dropping him off of it. And if Hayden's character 1st "jumped" when he was 5 why didn't he do it again til he was like 13? And why did he pick the school library of all places? And how come Rachael's character never asked where he went for 8 years? But I digress, its a movie and they only have so much time to explain things without it getting totally boring.

White Hair Sam C'mon Man


Knight and Day

I like Tom Cruise, I don't know why some ppl have given up on him. He is a very well rounded actor. This movie is wacky as hell. It was fun and over the top in some places and I'm not a 1000% sure it made sense but I liked it. Nice action scenes it was just a little silly but I think that's what they were going for.



Chevy Woods formerly Kev Da Hustler -- Red Cup Music

If you are a Wiz Khalifa fan, you are sure to know about Chevy Woods (Formerly Kev Da Hustler) . No clue as to why he changed his name I like Kev better than the car name but whatever. No Sledgren on here which is a shame. No Johnny Juliano either. Ehh?? And French Montana is on it....ehhhh???? I hope this sounds more like some old Wiz tapes and brings that good ole feeling back.

Taylor GANG or listen to Pink Friday


Saturday, March 19, 2011

MIXTAPE -- Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra

--- these kids are the new dope on the scene straight from LA. The West Coast is Winning RIGHT NOW! Frank Ocean is apart of this collective and this kid sings his balls off. Not like Glenn Lewis/Ne-Yo sings his balls off, more like Drake, J. Cole, DRAG and Street sings his balls off. Its a dope collection of songs.

1. frank ocean – street fighter (0:22)
2. frank ocean – strawberry swing (3:55) ---- thumbs up
3. frank ocean – novacane (5:02) ----- EXCELLENT
4. frank ocean – we all try (2:51)
5. frank ocean – bitches talkin’ (0:22)
6. frank ocean – songs for women (4:13)
7. frank ocean – lovecrimes (4:00) ---- GREAT --- sounds like Ryan Leslie
8. frank ocean – goldeneye (0:18)
9. frank ocean – there will be tears (3:14)
10. frank ocean – swim good (4:16) ---- NICE
11. frank ocean – dust (2:33)
12. frank ocean – american wedding (7:00) ----- DOPE!!!! sound gave me chills
13. frank ocean – soul calibur (0:18)
14. frank ocean – nature feels (3:43) --- its about boning


Odd Future


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jeopardy Double Fail

Tonight 3/16/2011 I witnessed on Jeopardy two of the three contestants NOT make it to Final Jeopardy! Never have I saw such a thing. I suppose it happened before because asshole Trebeck didn't make a big deal about it but GEEZ that was crazy. Both contestants were in the red (negative score) pretty much the entire game and the champion was just sailing past and he had about 11K by the end of the first round. Final Jeopardy he was the only one there to answer the last question which he did get right but didn't wager a lot at all.

Reverse Sheen


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lupe Fiaco - Lasers

This is indeed a FIASCO! I had been seeing the chatter on the internets about how bad this album was. But as a true listener, student of music and fan of Lu I purchase Lasers ( I mean it's called Lasers -- that's a kick ass title.) The build up was epic. His fans rally for him get a petition signed for the label to let him release music. A few days go pass and Lupe takes a photo with a person from the label as if things are good to go.

The single comes out --- "The Show Goes On" produced by Kane beats. COOL! Dope message in the lyrics the beat is more bells and whistles then I'm used to from Lu but is nice. Another song hits the net. "Words I Should've Said" ILL!! Tells why he didn't vote for Obama and a host of other issues --- its deep! So now I'm listening to the album and its pretty bad. Trey Songz?? I fuck with Trigga and they are label mates and what have you but this is just wrong. The lyrics aren't bad the beat isn't bad it's just a bad combination ( sorry Street). And unfortunately the whole album pretty much plays this way. Very bad mixes of odd beats to good lyrics.

But where this really falls short are the songs that are very forced. These songs sound like reference tracks for another artist. Not Lupe though. I mean this is just bizarre. I am not all the way mad at him though. The machine needs its money and it's stars and he still pretty much said fuck the label on a couple tracks on the album so you can feel where he is coming from. This is one of those Prince, SLAVE on the face moments. Hopefully Lu can bounce back and make another classic with producers that we the fans have actually heard of and songs that we and Lupe actually enjoy.



The American

George Clooney plays a spy who just can't get out of the business. The movie is slow paced but it's good. The action scenes in the film are fast and thrilling and each character keeps you guessing on their position.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Mechanic

Jason Statham plays his usual role as a killer, expert, super assassin. This is a bloody and gory shooting good time. Sure its over the top and highly improbable but it makes for an entertaining film. It's kinda like RED x James Bond x Batman. Not in a quality aspect just in the mixing of characters and plot.

Don't Touch the Record Player


New Mixtape: Drebabes - Get Into That Drebabes pt. 2

Drebabes is back with his new mixtape Get Into That Drebabes Pt. 2. The is the mixtape before the album Paperwork that is mostly produced by Street Scott. This mixtape is also hosted by DJ Craigo Gettems.




New Album: Channel Q - Tuned In

T.A. member Channel Q is back with Tuned In his new street album. This features all original production from Q, Tigah and my brother Mark Shotta. It is also hosted by Team Arson DJ Craigo Gettems.


Don't Touch That Dial


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Album: Chip The Ripper: Gift Raps

Chip The Ripper
is back with a new Street Album entitled Gift Raps. New dopeness from that Cleveland kid. P.S. He should've gotten the XXL Freshmen Cover. It's produced by Cool Kids member Chuck English for that special blend of fly.


New B.I.G. (word)