Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry For More - The Hunger Games Alternatives

Since I am aware that The Hunger Games is just a twist on Twilight and have no need to see either, these are my suggestions for movies that go for the jugular and pull no punches.

First there is The Tournament. Ving Rymes stars in this and it is action from the moment that it comes on. 30 of the World's Top Assassins kill one another to see who is the best. There were only 3 parts that I was like "Come on man really," but it was a dope movie.

Second, it's Battle Royale ! This is set in Japan. 9th Grade trouble maker kids of this certain school get send to an unknown island where they have 3 days to kill each other. The last on alive gets to leave the island. You learn about the kids pasts, troubles and relationships with one another. A few weird things though. The beginning of the movie has nothing to do with the movie at all. The role of the Teacher is pretty weird... his character seems deep but it gets lost in the goofiness of him. The tracking necklaces the children had, had microphones on them, but it seemed that sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. 42 only 1 can make it...kinda. Interesting movie. Gogo from Kill Bill was in this movie.



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alcatraz Again

After breaking it down, at their current pace this show would not be over for 15 years!!

They say it's 308 inmates and they are only catching one per episode. So even if it's 25 episodes per season that would work out to 12 years. Gimme a break! Most shows don't last the first year let alone 12! The 2nd season better insert some new plot device or something b/c LOST was probably the last original great show and it struggled to get to a 6th season.

First You Gotta Fix It, Then You Gotta Do It


Let's Break down the Jetson's

The Jetson's was one of my favorite shows growing up. The show was set in the year 2062 and they're are some differences and similarities in how I think 2062 will play out.

In future Jetson's world they live in highrises way in the sky, b/c of the rising water.

That maybe true. I was watching the National news and they said by 2050 the waters are going to rise significantly.

In the opening scene George gives all the family member money to go shopping. Actual dollar bills.

The way the currency market is working now I'm not sure that actual dollar bills will be around much in 50 years and prob not at all in the next 100.

Rosie was a hell of a Robot/Friend/Maid but with the way robotics is going I doubt that in the 50 years robots will be that advanced.

The first episode of the 80's Jetsons, Elroy's school took a trip to the Moon and he found his pet Orbity.

With our now defunct space program I don't think schools are going to be taking many trips to the Moon.

The Jetson's had holographic Television.

This could be a reality. With the 3D TV technology getter better and better who's to say in 50 years that there isn't hologram TV?!

George had a sucky job.

They'll always be sucky jobs!

They had flying cars.

I doubt the flying cars of the future will be a reality. With gas approaching almost 5 bucks a gallon these days, the price to make your car fly would probably be ridiculous!

Deluxe Apartment In the Sky


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sit Down Apple I wanna talk to you a minute.

Listen I know the passing of Steve has been a difficult one, but really you have got to stop putting out these little half projects that has been coming out. The world was waiting for the iPhone 5 and you put out the 4S? It does like 2 new cool things. The people were all clambering about the iPad 3 and you put out the iPad HD? You're falling into minutia and almost getting down to knick knacks. Apple was known for making new products either annually or bi-annually and the public knew it to be different and quality. I'm not saying that the quality is lacking on any of the products, the love might be though. Knowing that you have a die hard fan base that will buy anything you put out is one thing so these acts seem sort of abusive. I want you to get back to making products that revolutionized the Tech World not marginalized it and watered it down with half hearted products.

Dear Apple Get Back To Being Great,


Currently Infactuated....

I'm not much of a Polo guy but Ralph's other branches Rugby and Denim and Supply are way better to me then the average Polo gear.

Levi's is a classic brand. This new Commuter line looks nice.

Eredan iTCG is an online Card Game that I have been playing since October. It's like Yu-Gi-Oh but better. The Chat room on Kongregate's site makes it way more fun .

Blue Eyes White Dragon


New Music - Echoes

NEW DRAG! I flipped Tyga's track off his CD Careless World since he didn't rap over it.

No Coffee For Me Thanks, I'm Driving


Monday, March 5, 2012


I've had the first two episodes for about 2 months. I finally watched the first 3 episodes and ummm, it's an interesting program. The inmates of Alcatraz disappeared in 1963 and have all reappeared in the present day and are all committing crimes. Big man from Lost is on here which is fitting because J.J. Abrams is the executive producer of the show. Odd thing is he seems to wear the same clothes every episode and that is strange. Another oddity is the inmates all seem proficient in the present day. The one guy told the detective to take out her keys and phone....there were no cell phones in 1960 when this person was incarcerated so how did he have knowledge of such a thing. Maybe it will be revealed in further episodes?? Who is to say? It's an ok show, something to watch hope it doesn't get cancelled before an end comes.