Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looka Like A Man

Wood Harris


Lionel Richie

When I'm out in them streets people always find it a great time to tell me who I look like to them. I'm about to start a running tally of them.

5 or more for Ludacris

2 for Lionel Richie (both have been women)

4 for Wood Harris -- not counting the times that the same dude at Wal -Mart says it when I'm leaving and he checks my receipt. " Ah--ah--ahhh you look like that boy that play in that drug picture....ah ah Wood Harris...not just like him, but ya'll favor."

Thing is people say Street Heat looks like Luda and people say Mark Shotta looks like Luda so if all of us look like Ludacris shouldn't we all look like each other??

I'll keep you posted.

It wasn't me!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A - Class vs. Rone -- GrindTime Battle

The homie A-Class battled Rone from Philly --- and they went at it!! This was a good battle both MC's are nice *movie voice* BUT IN THE END THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

So s-s-So Disrespectful


HomeBrew Channel

Nintendo Wii owners Arise!! The HomeBrew Channel takes your Wii and turns it into a full entertainment console...well it makes it illegal. The HomeBrew Channel allows you to put applications on your Wii to play Emulators and ROMs of Sega, SNES and other older systems and also apps that let you play DVDs and play MP3s. It also allows you to play "back-up" games through Neo Gamma, BackUp Launcher, and Usb Loader.

Learn More Here

Magic Mushroom


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conan -- Thanks NBC

Man this whole thing was a mess, but it did make for good TV. NBC did a horrible job of arranging the late night schedule after moving Conan to 11:35 for the new host duties of the Tonight Show and and giving Jay Leno a 10pm show. Getting rid of good programming at the 10pm spot such as Medium, SouthLand and NBC affiliates complaining that the local news was going to lose ratings in many areas. That all finally came to a head early last week as NBC cancelled Jay Leno's show and rumors circulated that they were going to move his show to 11:35 and it was going to be 30 mins, thusly (yeah) moving all the other late night shows back 39 minutes. The Tonight Show would actually start at 12:05 am seeming to make it the early morning show. Conan was not too happy with this decision and the war began.

All of the Late Night Hosts got in on the action. Conan at NBC, Letterman at Leno, Leno at NBC and Letterman. But at the end of it all Conan leaves the Tonight Show after 7 months. He was giving 45 million with 12 million to be divided among his staff of 200. Leno will return as the host of the Tonight Show (which I will return to not watching). Conan kept the balance in order at NBC, who were about to turn a bad idea into an even worse one. Hopefully, Conan will get a show and get back his ratings. I think Conan puts on an entertaining show and giving the right conditions he will truly shine.

Must See TV


Pharrell Interview

Pharrell was recently in France and gave the Keynote speech at MIDEM. This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Book Of Eli

Denzel Washington decides to take a role where he kicks peoples ass. I'm all for it. The Book Of Eli is set in a post war world where not much of anything survived, but survival is key. Eli, Denzel's character is on a path West to take the last known King James Bible to an unknown place. On his mission he meets, thieves, murderers, tyrants, and creepy old people. When he walks into a town ran by Carnegie played by Gary Oldman. Carnegie is one of the few people left that know how to read or even what a book is. He sends his goons out to retrieve books for him in hope of finding a Bible -- so there's your conflict. Of course Eli won't let Carnegie have the Bible, and so the hunt begins. Throw in Mila Kunis, and now we are having a good time. The twist at the end of the movie is set-up to make you want to see the film again to watch for inaccuracies, but to be honest the movie is so dense visually and story wise that it would be hard to sit through in a back to back viewing. I saw Iron-Man like 3 times and never had a problem with it because it had flash, light points, and difference in scenery. But this is overall so heavy that you kinda need a break. The message in the film seems to be that religion causes war and destruction when being used to control people rather than to guide, or even as art.

Cat oil, is good for your lips


Friday, January 15, 2010

Maybach Music 2

Awhile ago the homie BEX asked to kick something over that Maybach Music 2...the homies Sage, Artic, & James Vegas spit crazy to it -- Let's Go!!
Download It Here

Cool Kids


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kickin Like Karate

With the NFL playoffs currently underway, it is no doubt that Kickers have had thee worst season. Name any team (except the Colts) and you can point out a Field Goal Kicker that has missed a crucial game winning FG this season. I don't know what it is, but all off them are feeling the pressure. Suisham, Folk, Rackers, Hauschka, Brown and others all were called on to win the game (a couple times) and they just couldn't deliver. Why did we get rid off Stover again???

No Good


Oh Sheila!

I was gonna make a short project about the whole incident but the feeling isn't there anymore...Now let's get down to business. This week (former) Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon resigned as a result of being found guilty of count 4 in her trial. This is my gripe with the whole thing, sure she seemed like an asshole and a jerk, sure she didn't tip my homeboy Jamal when he checked her in at the Airport ( or maybe it was Juan), sure I don't think she knows how to pronounce big words, but you know what, crime is down and actual progress was beginning in the city in many different areas. So she took some stuff for charity, it was wrong of course. But name me one damn politician, person of power, or anyone else for that matter that has never abused power or taken advantage of certain situations. I am in no way condoning what she did, especially for $600 in gift cards. $600 to a major city Mayor is like $6.00, so why she would take those is beyond me. Now the city is looking at its second woman Mayor Stephanie Rawlings - Blake ( who I believe blew the whistle on Dixon in the 1st place). Let's see what fun this brings!

The Greatest City In America


Monday, January 4, 2010

Best' 09 Baltimore Videos ( to me)

Video - E - Major - Make It ft. Tia Harris
director Aaron "zu" Keeny
producer Heroes 4 Hire

Video -- Skarr Akbar, Tha Profitt & TestMe "U Think U Hard"
Director -- Tha Profitt

Video - Rainin' In Baltimore
Director - DRAG
Producer -- DRAG

These are the best Baltimore videos of 2009 to me. The editing of the first 2 and the visuals in my video are what I'm basing that on. For a local artist E- Major's video is stunning to watch and looks like it should be on MTV. I was talking to Profitt a little while ago and we talked about this video and that I was thinking about using the same effect in a video that I was going to shoot. He said it was a pain to get it to work but damn if it doesn't look nice. Profitt's grind is super strong and his video editing skills are sharp. My video is based purely on the hard visuals. The true star of it is the City Of Baltimore.



J5!! Best Pics out!

The homie J5 is a talented photographer who covers many events around the city. These were taken @ Sonar for Rogue's Real Flesh party. I not being bias by only putting up pics of the crew but these pics are the illest. The bottom pictures are from a show @ Red Maple with Street Heat & OGUN

Smile for the camera


Truth Is

Here's flicks of the homie Truth Is. Write him he'll be glad to hear from you.

Matthew Pointer
Federal Correctional Institution Beckley
P.O. Box 350
Beaver, West Virginia 25813



My Favorite Artists

Piet Mondrian

Peter Max

Takashi Murakami

Piet Mondrian -- I love the simplicity in his works, the basic uses of color and the brilliance in design. And you might think "hey those are just blocks and lines," yeah you try to do that. Its genius!!

Peter Max -- I love his use of color and the his brush strokes are fantastic. It's almost as if he is finger painting.

Takashi Murakami -- He comes up with the best characters, the best use of imagination and color, he designs for Louis Vuitton, and rides out with Hip-Hop elites such as Kanye West and Pharrell. His work is simply amazing.

1000 words