Monday, July 26, 2010

Low Sodium

Man this shit shoulda been called "Watch Angelina Do Impossible Shit." Then at least I would have known what to expect. The whole movie is circling the idea of if Salt is a undercover Russian spy. Once that is answered (and it does get answered eventually in an odd manner) the super chase begins to destroy America. This movie almost turned into a Russian Terrorist recruitment film. I felt weird at some parts even sitting there like Homeland Security was gonna come cart me away for sitting through the movie. If they ever put out a Spider-Woman film she should definitely get the role. The part when she jumped off the bridge onto the speeding 18 wheeler, I damn there got up and left then. But wait, she then proceeds to jump onto a smaller U-Haul like vehicle holding on with just her fingertips???

The beginning of the movie is even more ludicrous. A Russian spy walks into the CIA says he has information. After giving you that information you escort him through the CIA (!!!) building with 2 officers and NO CUFFS. Then you get on the elevator and let this RUSSIAN SPY with wild information stand behind you???? There were a million cameras in the building but none were in the elevator??? This movie is just way too whacked out. Then they pull a stunt out of LOST (Expose - Nicki and Paolo) with the spiders. Come on!!! This is an absurd waste of film that hopefully will not garner a sequel as the ending suggests.

Sugar and Spice


Thursday, July 22, 2010

$75,000 BOOK!

A book dedicated to Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar has a page in it that was mixed with his blood. A pint of blood was mixed with the paper pulp was used to create this page in the book dedicated to his career. The page will appear in 10 limited edition copies at $75,000 each and have already SOLD OUT! The book is about 800 pages and took almost 3 years to complete.

Weird But True



THIS MOVIE WAS DOPE!!! I didn't really know what to expect on this one. Leonardo Dicaprio plays a character very similar to the guy he played in Shutter Island. Some guy with a crazy dead wife. This flick is about going into people's dreams and extracting information. Then an offer is posed that if Leo can go into this guys rivals dream and implant information that he will be able to go home to see his family again. This is an adventure and it's a pretty interesting concept. Plus, it is something everyone can relate to. To my knowledge everybody sleeps and everybody dreams at some point or another and this movie drops little quirky stuff that people wonder about that'll make you smirk abit during the movie. This movie is greater than The Matrix! The story is better and easier to follow. All of the characters are likable and have personality. Great action sequences. And the story was told in one movie and not 3. The only thing bad I have to say about the movie was the ending. I thought that it was a cop out ending and was only done for that "it has a twist factor." I hope that when it comes out on DVD there is an alternate ending.

See You In Your Dreams


Duck Tales

This painting entitled "An Embarrassment of Riches" was created in 1983, by artist Carl Barks. Baltimore radio executive Kerby Confer owns much of Barks works and some are going up for auction in August. This piece is already up to $28,000! Ducktales has such a strong lineage. From Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Duey and Luey, LauchPad, to Darkwing Duck they are real timeless classic characters in American History.

Woooo ooooo


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Air Hater

How come the old guys always wanna piss on the young guys parade? Shouldn't the older generation want to see the younger generation prosper and unite? Michael Jordan is the guy who put "I" in team. But without key guys, that made key clutch plays Michael Jordan would be just another guy that had talent that never quite made it. LeBron realized that he needed more and made the best decision for himself to win a Championship. Get over it. Just like Jordan had Rodman, Pippen and Kukoc it takes a team. And if you are able to call the shots and go to a team that has the talent you think you need to win, then I wish you all the best. I expected Barkley to say something ignorant that's pretty much par for his course but Jordan's whole demeanor is off putting. Even in the Hanes ads he is pretty much a jerk.

Space Jam


Friday, July 9, 2010

The Last Air Bender

After having to bounce back after the "King of the World" James Cameron took the name Avatar and created the highest grossing film of all time, M. Night renamed "Avatar"" The Last Air Bender." Much has been bought up about the races of the people used to play the roles. Saying that the animated show had more characters of Asian descent. I could really care less. The thing about this movie is....It's a lot going on, great special effects but its just boring. I was actually falling asleep and I never fall asleep during movies. It's a good storyline, it's just too drawn out. Some scenes could have been left out to cut down on the time. Hopefully the next installments will have a better speed. And I could have gone without the 3D in this one. I'm glad it did well its 1st week though. It wasn't really well promoted and doesn't really seem like the kids' movie that it is supposed to be.

Captain Planet


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Dreamin

This nigga. Terius Nash can write hits for other people all day no problem, but how come his albums never amount to any significant sales? His 1st album LOVE HATE had the single "Shawty Is Da Shit" and it went gold. His next album Love Vs Money only sold a little over 331,000 copies and had hits like "Rockin' That Shit" and "Walkin On The Moon." His latest album Love King debuted at #3 with 47,058 copies sold. Is it his Bitchassness that people can't get with? Who wears a Pink Suit to the Grammy's??? Who says that they set-up a Federal Sting for Music Pirates (Ahrrrr!!) and then the next day say that you didn't really do it, only after hearing the backlash that it was receiving. Is it because his voice is super annoying? Is it that he is very effeminate? Is it all of these things? Who knows.

A -- Ella Ella


Friday, July 2, 2010

Music Friday!!! DRAKE X COLDPLAY

This right here is smacking! I've been listening to the same 2 songs for 6 hours!!! This mixtapes gives Drake's vibe a new feel as the production gives more energy to the songs. It is really worth checking out.


Thanks For Playing


Music Friday!!! Mania Music Group - Welcome To The Audience

Kane Mayfield, Mily July, Dappa!!!Dan Midas and Rapman Ron G make up Mania Music Group. There 1st collective album is entitled Welcome to The Audience. The album features original production from Brandon “BeaLack” Lackey and Dwayne “Headphonemusik” Lawson. Check it out on Bandcamp and if you like it buy it.



Music Friday!!! Erick Arc Elliott - NOIR

I downloaded this mixtape about 3 months ago from and it is really good! Erick Arc Elliott is from Brooklyn. The tape is dope and I highly recommend it!


All Black Everything


Music Friday!!! Los - Zero Gravity

LOS is back with Zero Gravity. He proves that he hasn't lost a step and that he is still stoopid nice with the flow!




Music Friday!!! Gritty Gang Season

The homie Ogun is back with the whole crew and Gritty Gang Season has returned! Featuring production from Skarr Akbar, Marc Boone, White Hot and Nobi. With appearances by Si-Notes, Goon, and Sonny Reddz.

What Are You Waitin For



Did I download this mixtape because of the cover --- YES. GhostWridah is from Miami that's all I know. Don Cannon, Bun B, and MayDay appear on the tape.

DOWNLOAD HERE (sendspace)

Ghost Ride The Whip


Music Friday!!! ARSUN@L - Magnum Opus

You looking for that real Hip-Hop shit??? Well here it is! RSUNAL are made up of ASE and Ze. This mixtape was a long time in the making.


Real Stand Up Niggaz @ Large (in case you didn't know)


Music Friday!!!! Myzter Hurd - Rap Mamba

Myzter Hurd - Rap Mamba --- I shot this video with the homie Hurd last Satuday and it was wild! Keg stands, Beer Pong and MMA wrestling!!!! Crazy. Check for his EP coming soon!