Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Now this is how I like to start my day! R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Morning Blend or Mega Antioxidant is my jawn! I drink this over Orange Juice and I love Orange Juice. Full of vitamins and minerals (for the kids). And it tastes great!

Good Morning



Peat said...

Wait, I know this is YOUR blog, but i'm going to need a little more music commentary. More show coverage on something. More remixes, mixtape tracks, features, something musical.

Jusice?? This morning I was just a bit dissappointed. I enjoy reading your movie reviews, but JUICE!? C'mon, man. (c) Ogun

PenDragon said...

where'd the courtesy of Ogun come from. Your right Peat its MY blog. I write about stuff in my actual life and just because I rap and do music doesn't mean I want to sit around writing about it all the time. If it catches my attention I write about it. I can't keep it like some dudes that chose to make they're blogs like Bossip or Worldstar...and I value you as a reader Peat I really do...but this isn't Gov't Names or well really thats it...I'll try to fit more music in but no promises....P.S. its some good ass juice Peat!

Peat said...

I should have quoted "C'mon, man" Ogun says that in a song off his second album.

Allz i'm saying though is that I peeped a new freestyle on allbmorehiphop and yeen'een post it on here.

I figured I'd hear it here first.

Plus, I'd loooooooove to hear your thoughts on Drake's 1st official single "Over." I've been in and witnessed some HEATED discussions over this song lately, I'd love to know what you thought.

Your doing a good job though, juiceman.