Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Review : Man On A Ledge

If I was in some type of coma maybe this movie would have been better. The premise was great. Man on a Ledge! Well why is he on a ledge? That was the draw for ppl and the trailer was awesome. But when you sit down and actually digest this mess of a movie its just dumb. This whole review is a spoiler so you might just want to stop if you are at anyway for any reason interested in this film.

First the reason he was locked up in the first place made no sense. The diamond was stolen and it was believed that he cut the diamond into smaller pieces and sold them individually??? The fuck! He was a cop not fucking James Bond. I'm not sure that most cops just know a place where they can take a 40 Million Dollar Diamond and get it cut into like 100 smaller diamonds without raising the suspicions of the FBI.

The way he escaped was bullshit. He would have been shot and dead immediately.

When he was on the ledge talking to the woman detective...if he knew she was giving him a cigarette to run his prints why do it?! I think this was a flaw in the writing or something b/c that made no sense. Plus I'm not 1000% sure you can get a good match on fingerprints on a cigarette? He went to such great lengths to make sure he left no prints in the hotel room why give up the prints that easily...esp knowing that when they found out who you were it would go into high alert. Additionally HOW THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY KNOW WHO HE WAS?! He was an officer on the force that was suspected of stealing diamonds and locked up...but no one knew who he was until the prints came back??

The dynamic of his brother and his girlfriend breaking into the building was annoying as hell. Where'd they get explosives? The blueprints for the building? They said they where training for a year...how?! They tried to go Ocean's 11 but failed.

When he jumped from 12 stories onto the cushion it was just preposterous. Not only would he have been injured, he would have been so damn discombobulated he would in no way just jump up and run after the diamond guy. Plus he would have been immediately apprehended by the police since the were trying to arrest him the whole movie right. I mean that was the point right?

It's more things that were dumb about this film but I'm tired of pointing them out. Rent it if you want but ehhhhh just skip it.



New Music - DRAG - Til I Die - Prod by. DRAG





Thursday, February 16, 2012

City Of Gods presents The Takers This Saturday

City Of Gods Presents the Takers

I will be performing LIVE this Saturday at City Of Gods 1118 Hollins St. Come out..it's free!

For The Taking


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DRAG x Gabriel B - Guard My Body - (Whitney Houston Tribute)

The world lost a great voice over the weekend. Whitney Houston may have been on of the most gifted voices of our lifetime. I found the original mashup by Gabriel B on Klasan vs. Whitney Houston - How will I know Tijuana (Gabriel B mash up) by gabrielb --- and added my vocals to it. I hope that you enjoy and it helps in some way pay tribute to this great voice and talent that the world has lost.



Monday, February 13, 2012

Safe House

Denzel is a great character actor. Sure you can tell the bad guy within the first 15 minutes of this movie but that's not the point. Ryan Reynolds wasn't really a factor. I like Ryan Reynolds but he almost could have been any other actor in this. Partly due to the fact that it was little chemistry between Reynolds and Denzel. It's a good action flick. Simple and plain.

We'll Take It From Here


Did You Hear Something?!

What the fuck was that?!

Out in the woods you might hear anything?!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New delivery! Completed in one hour Written, Recorded and mixed! DRAG orders a fresh new song for the week.


What Can You Do In An Hour


Movie Review - Chronicle

This movie that ppl knew very little about, turned out to be pretty cool. It's a sci-fi horror-esqe thriller. It touches on subjects of home abuse, bullying, brotherhood and the effects of these things. Andrew, Matt and Steve (Andrew and Matt are cousins) find a tunnel that leads to a glowing unexplainable crystal structure. The 3 of them gain telekinetic powers. This movie is filled with irony. Physically the weakest of the 3, Andrew who was bullied in school and beaten at home by his father had the strongest mental powers. ****SPOILER ALERT**** When Steven was hit by the airplane Andrew saved him, but Andrew was the one who killed Steven.
Andrew's father was an out of work fireman....the reason Andrew got caught... he was set on fire.

This was much more a behavioral film...nature vs nurture argument. Steven was nurtured in life and he was popular in school, class president, well liked and out going. That is why I think he was the first one to learn to fly. Andrew was worrying about his sick mother, beaten daily by his father, picked on by everyone in school and even in the neighborhood. Very introverted. He felt alone and did not know how to deal with his feelings and emotions. And Matt just went with the flow kind of a mesh of the 2.

This was a great movie. I'm glad they didn't spend any time talking about where the weird power crystal came from, that explanation would have brought the whole movie down. Great explosion in the hospital!

You Walk Around My House Smiling (funniest line of the movie)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DJ Bahler x DRAG - Forever Isn't Forever Diana

Posted originally by DJ Bahler @ Naiad [The Weeknd + Michael Jackson + The Glitch Mob + Crystal Castles + Deru + Memory Tapes] by DJ BAHLER . He put together an excellent mash up that had no words - So after an hour I wrote and recorded to his mash up and came up with this. I hope you enjoy.

Songs sampled:
The Weeknd - D.D.
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings (Deru Remix)
The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings
Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
Memory Tapes - Green Knight
Notorious B.I.G. - Would You Die For Me?
Britney Spears - Breathe On Me
Chromeo - Waiting 4 U