Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Covers

These are the Covers that I have done this year. I DID NOT DO THE THERAPY COVER, I ONLY TOOK THE PICTURE and that counts enough for me. I have more already for 20/10 (yeah that's how I'm writing it out) including PenDragon Styles 4 Free (S4F), Young J The Waiting Room, PenDragon Welcome To Earth, PenDragon Prelude to Life, and PhatHead The Flood (???)



Best Orchestrated Album of 2009

Listen I know that when his album 1st came out I was hard on the Kid. But I still stand firm on his ideas are better than his execution. But I'll be damned if this isn't the most full, ear pleasing, melodic, productions on any album this year. I mean from a new comer and an almost unheard of production team ( Emile, Ratatat, and sometimes MGMT) this sounds amazing. The 3 Grammy noms are cool but they def should have been for production. Man on The Moon : End Of Days -- Bravo

Throwing Wallets


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Line

MTA (Maryland Transit Authority) has this brilliant idea to have another train line going from East to West. It would be like the Light Rail which goes North to South. But my only complaint is this.....If you can't get the Light Rail which has been in operation for about 15 years to run correctly how are you going to accomplish this?? The line is supposed to start in the Security Blvd area and end around Canton. To which many people are opposing the MTA tearing up Canton to put in a rail system. I'm about progress and I say do what you have to do. Baltimore needs more advances to catch up with other major cities and a better transportation system would be a big thumbs up in the long run.

My whole issue with the new line is, the old line ( the Light Rail) still has plenty of issues to work out. The frequency of trains going to certain destinations is pretty bad, they just finished double tracking areas of the path that the train travels on, so that other trains don't have to wait almost 15mins at times until the other train passes. If the train is down for whatever reason (usually hitting somebody or running into walls) there is no communication to the people waiting for a train to come that the line is down. You usually have to hear it from other people that are walking to the shuttle stop that the train isn't coming. The thing that I don't get is, almost every station has a intercom system and the MTA could broadcast a message to the Stations if they wanted to...they just don't.

I've often wondered why we can't seem to get our transit system right and why the MTA doesn't hire some engineer from Japan to figure out a better way to operate business, seeing as how the train systems in Japan seem to run pretty awesome.

Crowded, Late, Cold, Tired --- the Future of waiting on the Red Line


Monday, December 28, 2009

Chip Tha Ripper - The Cleveland Show

Even though the character drawn on the car looks suspect ( uncross your cartoon legs and take off that weird ring...who approved that??) Cleveland rapper Chip tha Ripper may have created near Drake like buzz around his mixtape. Buzz yes ....after effect not the same though. Chip's voice sounds like Biggie's, but he rhymes like a slower Bone Thug N Harmony member / Kid Cudi / somebody else but not that important. The mixtape is good...but it suffers from too many damn songs. It has 27 tracks -- thats like a double disc!! It's all original tracks, but after about the 14th song I need a break. 10 of those songs could be taken off of this and it could be repackaged as an actual album in stores and be pretty decent. My favorite tracks are the collab between Curren$y, Big Sean and Chuck Inglish (on the beat) "Fat Raps" everybody goes hard on this! "Dear Hip-Hop" ft. Naledge and 6th Sense is another banger. The absolute gem on this CD (well at least to me) is "Whaddup Bum" this is a stand out and if he can make songs of this caliber for an album I'll be a fan.

Download it Here

"Give the Waitress a tip I said " Stay out of the dark.""


Monday, December 21, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

Let me first start by saying I like the film...with that being said this might have been the most thought out dumbest movie I've ever seen. If the character played by Gerard Butler wants to be mad at anybody it should be himself...he just opened the door and didn't even see who it was. Great now your family is murdered. He has Jamie Foxx as his lawyer and Jamie just wants a high winning record to make himself look good, so instead of going to trial they make a plea deal and the guys that murdered the family gets about 7-10 yrs. Fast forward 10 yrs one of the dudes gets lethal injection (that goes wrong) and the other one (the one that actually raped and murdered the women) is set free. So Gerard Butler's character goes on a killing spree and gets caught on purpose to serve his brand of justice to prove that the system is corrupt.

Let me just break down my dislike about this film.
1 - Who just opens the door??
2 - They would not entertain his demands whatsoever.
3 - At the cemetery it was about 7 lawyers funerals so I'm pretty sure given the circumstances security would have been on extreme high alert, so your telling me this guy built a (what looked like a killer Johnny 5) moving 50 cal tank and nobody noticed?? -- RIGHT! --
4 - I honestly don't think any attorney is that smart. If this guy had money tied up through an overseas company and bought various properties they would be stuck... the movie gets out of it by saying that the lawyer chick called in a favor to some guy...huh yeah.
5 - If Gerard Butler's character was so brilliant why didn't he have better security for the property that he was running the tunnel out of?? It should have been rigged to blow up if anybody else set foot in the building.
6- Why did he let himself get caught in the 1st place? It's obvious that he could have killed all of those people whenever he wanted what was the real point.
7 - It's no way Jamie Foxx as a lawyer would be playing detective jumping around town like Batman - that's the Polices job. If that was the case they would give everybody that passed the Bar Exam a badge when they completed it.

I think there are still a few more but I digress. With all that said it was still better than Eagle Eye.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Travel Channel

Travel Channel is the new food channel! The best new food shows are on Travel Channel. While the rest of their programs are a little too geriatric, the food shows are top of the line. Man Vs. Food is the ultimate in gluttony, but it is highly entertaining to see if host Adam Richman can defeat various food challenges from state to state. Sometimes the challenges seem so outrageous and far-fetched but he seems to complete a big percentage of them. I just hope he doesn't drop dead shooting one of this episodes trying to eat 7lb of steak and 1lb of potatoes and a half of cheesecake.

Bizarre Foods/Bizarre World hosted by Andrew Zimmern is an odd show, the host is very strange all by himself but the places he travels and the things that he eats are truly bizarre! He seems to eat anything and I've only seen him not like 2 things ever. From puffer fish to penis this guy is gonna eat it. The show is way more than a "what's this guy gonna eat next" type of thing though. It really serves as a guide and educator of different cultures and countries food practices.

Anthony Bourdain is the host of No Reservations this is no holds barred adventure, education, hands on, real people food. No "what strange stuff can I eat," no contest, no b/s. Anthony and a guide take you to the best spots in the that location for real everyday food. And he gives it to your straight, if he isn't feeling it that day he'll tell you, if it's great he will let it be known. This guy is not a gimmick and not a game. But its still a fun show. It's like travelling with your uncle to cool places and just hanging out.

Now only if Travel Channel got Bear Grylls (Man Vs. Wild) and Dirty Jobs I Might not ever have to watch the Discovery Channel ever again.

Bizarre Reservations Vs. Man


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Box

OK so your wife ( Cameron Diaz) finds a box wrapped outside your door left by a strange car pulling away from your home....and she takes it in the house - we will record this as mistake number 1. She opens the packaging - clearly mistake number 2, the box in fact contains another box that has a locked glass enclosed button. There is also a note within the box that states "Mr. Steward Will Arrive @ 5:00 pm. At this point you should be scarred shit-less! So right on time Mr. Steward comes to the house and is this older man with half his face burned - and if you had any shit left you would shit yourself again just from his appearance. Mr. Steward states that if you press the button you will receive a Million dollars, but someone that your DON'T know will die. You have 24 hours to decide and you can't tell anyone -- except her husband played by James Marsden. So they talk about it when he gets home. The school that she works for is about to cut tuition for her son and the husband didn't get the promotion he was hoping for. So fueled by those two things the wife presses the button --- Mistake number 3!!! I'll be damned if Mr. Steward didn't come back with a briefcase full of money...things from here on out get extremely weird and complicated and leaves you in a state of WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!! The first half hour of the movie moves slow but I guess it's necessary to build the story. The ending --- ehhh. This seems like it could have played out better as a Mini-Series on ABC rather than one almost 2 hour long movie. It makes you think but just confuses you way more.



Sunday, December 13, 2009


THE HUNDREDS are releasing some really cool designs as usual. The limited edition shirts are a collaboration with Dark Horse Comics and feature Miyamoto Usagi and is drawn by artist Stan Sakai. The hats are inspired by car maker DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) brushed metal on the front....SICK!!
It's Fresh Go Cop It!!


Us Versus Them

Us Versus Them is a shirt company that offers many different collections and the newest is a collaborations with Crooks and Castles ( even though I think the this is the best shirt out.) ( this too) I like the designs these guys come up with, they are fresh and clean.
Us versus them?? We always win!


Trilly & Truly

Lupe Fiasco launched a clothing line Trilly & Truly and it was previously only available in Japan. Recently it hit the states in limited quantities and is available at RSVP Gallery.



NFL Update pt. 1

With this NFL season coming closer to an end, we have seen the mighty fall and the unlikely rise. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reigning Champs but of recent they are struggling for a WildCard spot. While the Cincinnati Bengals are dominating the Division, the Browns and just hanging around waiting for the season to end. The Lions re still horrible even with the new uniforms, Quarterback and Logo. The Rams haven't been in serious contention since the mid 90's. And with the addition of Back up QB Kyle Boller they definitely aren't going anywhere. The Seahawks are a weird team because on paper they seem great but they never really rack up big wins and seem to just disappear mid-way through the season. T.J. Houshmandzadeh must bang his head against a wall everyday.

To me the MVP race is between 2 QB's and that's Brett Farve ( The Wrangler) and Drew Brees. While I love the passion and the quality of play Brett gives to the game, this award has to go to Drew Brees. He puts up big numbers every game, he is the spirit and lifeline of his team and had a great season last year, to which Farve fell apart toward the end of the season. The Titans Head Coach Jeff Fischer finally woke up 6 losing games into the season and realized that he had another QB, and a good one too. Vince Young rallied the team to a 5 game win streak until meeting up with the Colts and receiving their first loss with Young's QB lead.

Part 2 coming soon


Monday, December 7, 2009

Moissanite -- For the frugal rapper in you

Man these rappers. This game is 90% show people. These dudes lives not real and the jewelry is def not real!! Moissanite is a synthetic material made and is also referred to as silicon carbide. Though Moissanite is a far better grade quality than cubic zirconia. Diamond cost $4565 compared to Moissantite at $735 still expensive but you see the difference.

Ya Munkeyyyy!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yin and Yang of Shaq's - Shaq - Fu

The horrible story of 5 year old Shaniya Davis touched many as a terrible ordeal and a horrific end to a child's life. Big Shaq Diesel steps in and offers to pay for the girl's funeral costs. And while we can do nothing but applaud his generosity we also must question his damn ethics. Late last month it was discovered that Big Shaq Diesel was messing around with fellow NBA Star Gilbert Arenas' fiance. WORD! Damn Big Shaq Diesel you just got off the hook messing with some chick that was put in the "Looney Bin" who said that you were stalking her. Now you turn around and pull this stunt. I know you're the man Big Shaq Diesel but wtf are you thinking about?? People were already thinking that Gil was "soft" now you running around with the man's fiance. Man and Gil's fiance who he has kids with is a terrible bitch too...guess she love them balls....I mean Ballers...I mean ball players.



2011 Bentley Mulsanne

505 horse power, 6.75 V8 engine only $285,000 base!
"a good car, a fast car, the best in its class." And it should be! New rappers get your weight up and wait up...the list to get this car is longer than your wrap sheet.

You know how slow that new Rolls-Royce be