Monday, July 25, 2011

Jerry Champagne

You heard the man. 2013!!!!

Presidential Poetry


Debt Ceiling

Wait a second! The Government is having problems paying there bills and they expect me to pay mine? This needs to be looked into.

Signed Concerned Tax Payer


Amy Winehouse

Over the weekend singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her home in the UK. This unfortunate event was the ending to an up and down career. Throughout her music she expressed her life. Her real life. And in that you could see the trouble that she made into beautiful music.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Teacher

This is a pretty "ehhh" movie. It's not really that funny and Justin Timberlake adds nothing to the film. I guess it promoted a good body image message but that was about it. Humor was few and far between. It was pretty much a bore.

F minus


Jay - Z x Kanye West - OTIS

I mean damn. Half of thee appeal though is because the sample is so familiar. Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. You've heard it a million times I swear. Jay kills it with "I invented swag." For me the song could truthfully end there. This song is full of quotables! Watch the Throne! Aug 1st - 5th. It'll be epic. Currently the live version with Funk Master Flex screaming wild and talking reckless is my favorite version. People keep saying that Kanye is going to mess the album up. You've got to be kidding! This is the new Biggie and Jay-Z. This is Brooklyn's Finest thee album. Kanye is the outrageous to Jay's wit and insight. It's the perfect balance. If you don;t get never will!

Here It Here

In Flex We Trust


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So Gone feat. Jae Poet (prod. by Street Scott)

This joint is CRAZYYYYYY. Street and Poet go off on this. This will bus ya speakers open and a music child will emerge.




I kinda hate "based on a true story" films because then I have to determine what is true and what is "based." But this was a good film. For a crack head Dickie was very functional and he had great lungs (that boy could run!). And it teaches you family doesn't always mean right. Everyone had moment of clarity scenes except the mother who seemed to never really get it. Christian Bale's performance was great. His character got caught up with drugs after his claim to fame fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. He didn't win that fight but it was his moment. He was still very much into training his brother but that crack was strong and made his decision making a bit ummm how the French say...fucked up. But I'll be damned if Mick didn't bounce back and get great when he was counted out and called a stepping stone. This is a great movie about family, personal strength and over coming great odds.

"They're Doing A Film About Me"



This was a good film. Company cuts Ben loses his job and lives in denial for a few months until he realizes that everything isn't going to be ok. I think the overall theme and sense of the film is excellent. It captures a current problem in America where people everyday are losing there jobs and can't find jobs. No matter how many degrees you have or experience you have, its a new climate in today's workforce. I wish Hollywood would let Ben back into their good graces, I mean geez he never pulled a "Sheen" never struggled with any addictions he just made a few bad movies that weren't even his fault. Has he not redeemed himself with last year Oscar nominated The Town and now this film? I mean Kevin Costner is in it! With a Boston accent. Golden material!

Craig T. Nelson


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks Fail

I don't know which is more sad. The events that took place at the Harbor during the fireworks or the amount of Police dispatched downtown that still couldn't stop a 4 year old from getting shot and a 30 year old man from getting killed. Knowing that The 4th of July and Easter are the times when people become the most rowdy at the Harbor I think the Police did a horrible job at controlling the situations seeing that NO ONE IS IN CUSTODY & THEY HAVE NO LEADS & MUST RELY ON CAMERAS FOR ANSWERS. Cameras can not stop violence but a strong AWARE Police presence can. The Police were probably off harassing the homeless or questioning someone who was completely harmless while elsewhere people are getting hurt and killed and they know nothing. These guys really need to wake up. But the ultimate sad part is the Inner Harbor is this city's biggest "attraction" and now since "certain people" will feel unsafe I'm sure there will be some sort of man hunt and reassurance that everything is okay and these were isolated incidents. But everything isn't ok and 4 year getting shot in the leg is not isolated. Truly a sad state of affairs for all parties....the Police and the ignorant people that endanger others lives in their meaningless foolishness.

Wise Up


Transformer: Dark of the Moon

First of all whoever does the voice for Optimus Prime has thee best voice of all time! Now with that out of the way. This movie was too long and sappy for my liking. It had it's good moments but ehh the movement of the film is too up and down. Plus too many gimmick points for me. The nerve watch, the "using the girl as bait," the "human traitor" really the list can go on and on. The fight sequences are good and the actually transforming never gets old. I didn't like anything about the storyline. They should have had Sam working with the Government from the start instead of him looking for a job and a cool but unnecessary John Malkovich and Ken Jeong cameos. Where is Unicron where is Ultra Magnus? Let's get some actual good story lines and prominent characters. The Rackers and the "Twins" and all the tiny weird other Transformers that serve as robot filler are a waste.

I applaud Mr. Bay for the way he cranks these things out but at some point they should chill a year and work on the content a little more. I how come Optimus can't fight or gets killed or nearly gets killed ever movie. That cloth Megatron was wrapped in was pretty awesome though. Shockwave was kinda impressive. I still don't really get what the Decepticons were trying to do though. I thought they were trying to rebuild Cybertron but then they were bringing Cyberton to Earth. Ahhhh stop the madness. Plus it was soooooooooooo longgggggggggggg. Good grief. They probably shot the whole 4th movie while I was in there. Shia kicking the hell out of the engine was the funniest part of the film.

2.5 Cyber Stars

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