Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Ten Cereals

I hate Rice Krispies - I only liked the commerical b/c it had cartoon people in it. The only way I would eat them is if I put a ton of sugar in it so thick that the milk would almost turn to syrup.
Horrible cereal! But it's the closest your gonna get to a Black mascot on the cereal box. I have no clue what makes these "SUPER." Super damn nasty.

The Count looks like Kramer but any cereal with Marshmallows gets a pass.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch still tastes GREAT! There used to be 3 chefs on the box then they just went with Wendell (or Win Dell if you're like me) now even he is out of the job.

Sonny is some psycho bird that just wants some cereal. Cocoa puff taste ok these days and I never really had it growing up so I've got nothing to compare it too.

Again cereal with marshmallows get a pass. The nasty ass oat pieces are like horse food but the marshmallows make up for that and the creepiness of Lucky himself.

My Mother bought these at a corner store across the street from where my Grandmother used to live. Oh man! These were the best cereal EVER!!!

Fruity Pebbles are still good! This is one of the only cereals that still taste good. You can still taste the difference though. When these get soggy they taste like cardboard. I still want POST to make a Jetsons cereal.

Poor Rabbit. They never let him eat his own cereal!

My Pop used to get these all the time when I was younger. I loved them because they actually tasted like cookies! Now Cookie Crisp tastes like cookie crap.

Capt Crunch Berries!!!! Man that was the best when it came out! It was like being rewarded for being a child. I only remember having them over my cousin's house and it was Sugar Heaven.

Snap, Crackle, POW!


Peedi Crakk -- is wack

Crakk sits there and explains that he blew $900,000 and wonders why Jay-z doesn't mess with dude no more. C-Lown !! He obvioulsy dispalyed that he didnt care aboutthe situation that he was put in but then when his back was against the wall he wanted help from the Jigga Man. You can't help som people man.

Mack Go Rrrrrring!


The Donalds

The William Donald Schaefer Dunks! Damn!! There will be more in the series. Coming Soon.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

88.9 pt. 2 Radio Killer!!!

Part 2 of me and the homies at WEAA 88.9 Strictly Hip-Hop. The Wrap Up!

Radio Killer Strikes


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Bully Presents Gimme Ya Lunch Money Pt.3

After 3 years it's finally available for the world. We recored this in a land far away in a time long ago. Hosted by DJ Scoob Doo and it features new music from Juelz Santana, N.O.E. and Mel Matrix.


Bout Damn Time


Dom Kennedy

Why the crap wasn't I listening to Dom earlier??!! Homie from that Left Coast sounds like a Westside Drake without the singing and super emo attitude. From the Westside With Love is 16 songs of excellence. There is only about 1 song I would skip on future listens. I like his perspective, flow and wordplay. Dude nice P.B.P!




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teairra Mari --- Tricking

Kicked off the ROC abandoned and left for dead, Teairra Mari is back with the Bucket Head anthem of the Spring "Sponsor." The funny thing is a couple years ago woman were so big on being "Independent" now they are all praising the high heavens saying " I know that's right," and looking for quote Sponsors themselves. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy on a song together doesn't quite thrill me either. Neither are that lyrically interesting for me to devout my time to really listen to. DeAndre's videos of him throwing money at his friends was way better then any real music video that he has ever done. And 3/4's of the time I just can't decipher what the Guc is saying. BET is actually banning her video from being aired because they believe that it is showing girls the wrong types of behavior. Oh word! But at the end of 106 and Park there is a disclaimer that says they don't share the same views as the artists that are on the show. If that was true why the ban? Sure it's pretty much a song about whoring yourself and basic prostitution but no worse then half naked chicks in videos. It's no worse to me then Destiny Child's "Bills Bills Bills." BET picks odd times to have morals. Especially since she was kicked to the curb and bounced back at least show her some type of support. Mercy.

Whoop that Trick


Channel Q

T.A. FAM Channel Q has given his lastest offering Best Of Channel Q vol.2. He produced 5 songs on the CD and homeboy spitting. His punch lines are pretty eye brow raising at times, delivery is smooth and he has a good rap voice.


Tune In


Wiz and Spitta

Man these 2 together are funny. They need a show ASAP!!!! VH1 -- MTV make that happen. I'd watch that over Ray J and Brandy -- yes sir!! And these were just the out takes. Com Ed E.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Make You Feel My Pain -- Street Heat x DRAG

This is the opening song off the forthcoming mixtape Styles For Free ft. my brother Street Heat. We like it. Walk with us.




Monday, April 19, 2010

Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight made one of my favorite songs "Back At One" in '99. After that I could care less about his other misadventures. But recently he was in one of the best movies in the last 5-7 yrs -- BLACK DYNAMITE -- and depending which version you saw Brian McKnight playing a pimp named "Sweet Meat" this instantly made his street cred go wayyyyyy up. Just like how being on Chappelle Show helped Wayne Brady, this transformed Brian McKnight into a seemingly a cool dude. Even though he was acting like a straight punk bitch on Celebrity Apprentice, so call it what you will. Dude even has a talk show The Brian McKnight Show it airs at 3 in the morning on Fridays...weird.

Chris Brown's OG



XS you're slippin! Once seen as a good food spot with good atmosphere, has drifted into an alright food spot with good atmosphere. The only thing I can really tolerate to eat are the Maple Chicken sausage (which are never exactly cooked as much as I'd like them to) and the Chocolate lasagna cake. The sushi has fallen off as I was told via Street Heat, and they seem to add new things to the menu but they just don't taste good. I had the Beef and Broccoli just to try to get something decent @ 12:30 AM on a Saturday night in Baltimore. I knew it was gonna be bad but got it anyway. I couldn't even eat it all! It was that bad! And I will damn there eat anything. They really need better food --- STEP YOUR FOOD GAME UP --- diversify the menu and actually make it good.

X'd Out



Saturday nights NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics & the Miami Heat got intense when a hard foul was given to Paul Pierce that injured his shoulder. While his team mates were checking on him on the side and the ball wasn't in play a Miami Heat player (Quentin Richardson) came over and was saying something and Kevin Garnett gave him a courtesy "back off" light elbow push. Then another Miami player comes over and moves in closer on Kevin Garnett and if you turn around and one dude becomes two --- one of whom you basically told to beat it --- you would think "it's on" so Garnett throws a wild elbow to clear his space and he got outta there (something Paul Pierce shoulda did when he got stabbed couple years ago). When you really look at the footage it was that major and the rest of the commotion was caused by other team mates. So how and why did KG get ejected with on 40 secs to play and suspended for game 2???? Richardson was fined $25,000 which he probably keeps that much money in his change tray in his car, but he still gets to play game 2. I like KG b/c he has been in the league a long time and is finally getting to shine on a team that can actually win titles. He doesn't seem like that big of a jerk and he is always a little ignorant. You know like Mike Tyson ignorant. Where you never really know whats gonna happen but you know its gonna be a show!

"I'm Motherfuckin Certified" a quote from the poet Kevin Garnett


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MGMT - Congratulations

So far this new MGMT is sucking! I only like "I Found a Whistle" and "Siberian Breaks" the latter is a 12 minute song that plays like a bunch of little songs in one that are actually better than most of the regular listed songs. I still have a few more songs to get through, but these Connecticut boys are letting me down on this one.



Fallen and forgotten?

Was she really about to have an album out and scrapped it because nobody cared? I remember she was hustling some single back on the AMA's back in almost October and still no album. Not that I was looking for one but damn seems like Jenny from the block lost that shwag! She'll be ok she still has those movie checks coming in.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - KUSH & Orange Juice UPDATE PIC

Khalifa Man is back tatted up and acting up! KUSH & Orange Juice -- the newest mixtape from Mr. 41ummmm features Curren$y, Nesby Phips, Killa Kyleon and Big K.R.I.T.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE even though I don't like Media Fire

Thanks to the homie Peat -- this is where Wiz got the cover for his newest CD -- Photoshop Magoc!

Say Yeah


O's Season has returned unfortunately

Come over here fellas come talk to me. You guys usually start off good and then start sucking, but this year you decide to skip the good part and go right to the part where you guys suck. 1-7 ???? 1-7??? You guys are the Detroit Lions of Baseball. I know why all the drunks go to the ball games...because that's the only way they can enjoy it. Every year people try to convince me that they have a talented ball club, but come on if talent can't win games than what does. They blame it on Peter Angelos, sure Pete doesn't give a damn about them but let's not blame him for the losses. Then a big deal about Adam Jones, then they run ads with him talking about he doesn't care about winning the Golden Gloves. Homie be happy you've won something because you def won't win anything here. Then an even BIGGER deal about Matt Wieters; sorry Matthew but your not the answer either. The Orioles haven't been good since I've been alive and that's pretty bad. Sorry sports fan looks like you guys weill be saying " wait til next season" again this season.

Batter Up


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DRAKE - Over Music Video

ADG -- what you doing man?? You could either be the biggest artist in the last few years or an obscure artist that had all the potential in the world to be big. Remember Canibus?! I don't know who this kid has as an advisor but they are leading this guy astray I say. "Over" has already had its criticisms as being sort of lackluster as a 1st single from an artist with sooooo much hype around him. Then when I saw him speak about the video, it already sounded like it was going to be bad. Saying that it was a love story??? What's wrong with this guy? Do you wanna be known as the guy that makes chick songs? Fabolous just got out of that stigma kinda. LL never did.

"Best I Ever Had" video where he wanted to show his acting (umm you were on a friggen TV show for like 15 seasons) was one of those " I saw it once, I'm good" type of videos. A lot going on but nothing in particular that was interesting. "Successful" video ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ total snoozer. This kid writes lyrics that has all sorts of imagery in them, but when you see the video nothing is there. "Over" video, why are you sitting in a little girl's bedroom alone? Why do the effects look cheesy and why so many different projected images? It's like he is in a scene in The Poltergeist. Am I being brainwashed?

It seems like the classic case of "I'm going to do things completely different," but its so different that it doesn't relate. The song is so directional itself that if it was a regular video with a few twists it would have been perfect. He is trying to be Kanye "Flashing Lights" different but it's not translating. Him and The Minaj are hyped up so much and they are trying to be so different but their singles fall short not only of people's expectations, but just on a scale of being good. Dare to be different, but a good idea is a good idea and Drake needs a couple. The problem is though that he seems like those kinds of people that you can't tell "yo this is wack" b/c he will give you some long ass "we are the music, ghost of Hip-Hop future past" speech that'll leave you like "whatever homie." So, I think Drake's music will still be good and his videos will still be horrible, plain, and under the top. Plus these 2 random ass girls in the video can't even really brag about being in it. They are in it for like 2 shots and none are actual scenes with him.

No Soup For You


Sunday, April 11, 2010

ScholarMan - Hopes & Dreams

This is an excellently shot video for ScholarMan's song "Hopes & Dreams" off his album Free Spirit Of A Troubled Soul. Directed by Marques Green of QueFilms. I think its a great video until the end. They coulda saved the unrelated rooftop rap scene for something else.

Watch and Learn


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Submit Music To G-Unit For Free…

Dre McKenzie, head A&R over at G-Unit records, has put out an open call to all producers, beat makers, songwriters, MC’s, singers, directors, screenwriters, to send whatever kind of content you can to his email.

This was put up by Jim Bond @ http://www.beabetterproducer.com/

This is Dre McKenzie's website where you learn more.

Don't say I never gave you anything!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music Charts 4-5-10 UPDATE

Usher gets the number 1 spot, but the numbers are pretty bad. 162,581 units on the first week. I mean those aren't even Rihanna numbers. Damn son. Jay-Z keeps saying Usher is supposed to be next in-line after Michael Jackson and not to say that numbers are indicative of talent and presence, but this is hardly "Thriller"-esque. " To me Usher's best CD was Confessions and nothing has been as good since. Sure the leak of his album almost 3 months before the release date didn't help but whose album doesn't leak these days? Erykah Badu is in at #4 with 55,492. That's not bad at all considering the type of artist, her music and her label. Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah debuts at #10. It's only 21,539 units but looking at how the album was "rushed" and the lack of label promotion.... ahhh never mind that's still pretty bad.

USHER: 346,276 better than RiRi, not better than Alicia and still not better than Confessions
ERYKAH: 112,542
METH+RAE+GHOST: 39,604 but they fell out of the top ten
Leave it to Bieber


Dead Man Running

This was a "oh yeah, I forgot about that" type movie. I heard 50 talk about it before, but never knew that it really came out. It's not bad at all. Not as good as Snatch, Layer Cake or Rock N Rolla, but its a good movie that keeps you interested in the story. 50 plays a Crime Boss that is feeling the crunch of the economy and has come to England to collect on his overseas debtors. Tamer Hassan (who is also in the new Clash of the Titans) plays Nick, who owes 50's character "Mr. Thigo" (weird ass name) $100,000 and must get it to him in 24 hours. So him and his homeboy Bing, rally to get the money before Mr. Thigo kills his mother. And let the money chase ensue. They go to a lot of different routes, gambling, drugs, fights, and contact hits to get the money. Thing is, Thigo is watching their every move. This is a good movie and the scenes between Nick's Mother and the dude paid to "watch" her are really good.

So Disrespectful