Friday, August 29, 2008

Gold Medal Kicks

For the closing of the Olympics Nike released the "Closing Ceremonies Air Force 1's" Gold Nike's. Balla



Time Unlocks

Let's just say you had an Aston Martin. Let's just say your not into keys. Then I'll just say that this watch unlocks the door of the car. Pretty balla. But you still need the keys to drive it away.
This watch - key designed by Jaeger-LeCoultre is gonna set you back $37, 000.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Chelsea was at the DNC last night...and...shawty is a D.I.L.F. (what) a D.I.L.F....shawty is a D.I.L.F (what)! Yeah Chel's was looking pretty hot last evening. Last time I remembered seeing her she was ok...but she stepped her game up...I'm talking sky high ya dig. I know growing up things weren't looking to promising. She had weird hair and a wild chin. But she grew into all that well. Maybe its hope for Bobby Christina. Bill better keep an eye out...before one of these rap dudes start coming around tryna get close to Chel's. And since his office is in Harlem he doesn't want to walk in and half the Dipset is chilling in there, holding a dice game...smoking out...shooting videos. Bottom line. CH looks good.



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kickin It into High Gear

How in the world could you not have Olympic Fever?? During the Taekwondo event this dude from Cuba took an injury time out. The judge then says that he was taking too long and disqualified the dude. Dude then proceeds to kicks the judge in the per the picture above. I mean really though. the judge had it coming. This guy has prob been training for the Olympics since last year. And the Olympics only come around every 4 years, and this was prob this guys last year to compete seriously. If a guy is hurt how can you d/q them for taking too long. It's not like he was taking 30 mins or even 10. In a sport like that when you are using your whole body to stand, attack , and defend if a guy gets injured they should come back when they feel as though their whole body is good enough to compete...within reason. Then the Swedish judge came over...what was he gonna do?? And the dude from Cuba proceeded to attack him too.

To just analyze the picture for a second. Look at the precision of the kick. That guy is good. And also disqualified. I guess he wasn't hurting that bad, cause he sure kicked the crap outta that guy.

If You Can't Beat 'Em...Get kicked By 'Em


Friday, August 22, 2008

Paris an 'Em

Today the new Hilton hotel was opened for business downtown. It is hideous. It looks like a German school or some type of state office building. The pics of the inside looks pretty, but I'm def not digging the exterior. Where are the crazy, extreme, think outside the box designers that make off the wall buildings? We need that here. We need more shapes in the skyline. All these re tangles make me feel boxed in.

Fix IT


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 tha LOLO!

I have Olympic Fever if you didn't know. So I'm watching the hurdles last evening and I see this chick running that they are making a big deal about. She was in lead ...kicked won of the hurdles over...and ended up losing. They show the replay about 400 times. So on the 401st replay they show her mother and sister in the stands. Her sister was hot. Then they talked to her after she lost and got herself together and took her racing glasses off...and thats when I figured out that Lolo Jones was hot!!!!



Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Exclusive, So UnLimited

Today posted a song I did over one of Hayzee's beats from his project "Next - Level." And by next week its going to be posted on as well. I really appreciate Limited Hype for posting this.


Baltimore Baby!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Grindin' Jack!!

I saying I love the Clipse, let me say that first and foremost, but with their latest CD "The Clipse Present The Re-Up Gang," they fall a little short on this one. I just don't get a few things about this project. They say wanted to let their fans hear them over other producers beats...ok cool but 95% of this project was produced by some new producers named "The Sleepwalkers." The beats are kinda boring and you end up missing those Neptune bangers. Another thing...the lead single on the CD is "Fast Life" produced by Scott Storch. Which the beat by itself isn't that bad (its not great either), but they don't sound like the Clipse on here, they just sound like some rap dudes. And if that is the lead single for the group why aren't the other two members on the song...they aren't even in the video...what's going on? Hopefully when the Clipse's solo album drops early next year "Til The Casket Drops" they shall redeem thyselves to the coke pushing kingpins that we all love.

Im Your Pusha


Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Ogun!!

The homie Ogun has an interview in the "B free daily" Newspaper today. His interview was enlightening...he says his new mixtape is called "Checkmate." I'm ready for that...and hopefully the radio does co-operate with the brother...cause it could be big!


Knight to L 9


Monday, August 4, 2008

Not On Your "A" GAME

Not that I remotely care, but with the huge under selling performance of G-Unit's latest album "T.O.S" doesn't it seem like the perfect opportunity for some good old rubbing it in your face. If anyone deserves's 50. Any chance he gets to gloat he defiantly goes for it...even when its uncalled for. Granted he usually does it for the attention b/c that's what most of his career is based off of, the "oooo look at me's" or the "what's he gonna say next" factor plays into his appeal heavily. When Fat Joe release his (poorly titled) album "Elephant In The Room," the very next week after the SoundScans were in 50 released a video giving Fat Joe's career a "funeral," tears...a 21 gun salute...the whole works. The Game seems like he has nothing better to do except talk about 50...say he isn't beefing with him and then talk about him again...then name his website damn there the same as 50's ( then say they aren't beefing then scream "G-Unot!" right after that.

So given that 50 took an L on this one (and on "Curtis" too if you ask the right ppl) shouldn't these 2 guys be all over this. Shouldn't they be hitting the interweb like crazy telling 50 and his boring non-talented friends that they are finished? You can't even give the argument that they don't want to give 50 the attention b/c they usually fire back at him when he does just now that he is hurt why nothing? Are they just happy to see him failing and know that, that hurts him....well that's not good enough 50 wouldn't just sit around and watch you fail...he is gonna say something about it...and make videos about it and go on the radio about it. That's why he is 50 cent and those too are just Fat Joe and the Game...and I like Game's music, but if you want war then war its gonna be you cant sleep...he didn't sleep when he took out Ja Rule...and this is the perfect opportunity. I swear I don't get these rappers.

I'm Gonna Phone This One In


Friday, August 1, 2008


Why is it that when other rappers endorse up and coming rappers people are supposed to care. OK so I bite...Kanye has this dude Kid Cudi on his site. I'm like hmmmm maybe this dude is dope.....nope...wrong....I spend 20 minutes downloading dudes mixtape and every song sounds the same...not in a Rick Ross kinda way, but in an ultra weird... I'm kinda rapping, missing some bars, singing, creepy kinda way. Then...then this dude Izza Kizza (what the hell is going on with the names???) This dude is on Timbaland's label. Raps like he has schizophrenia...I'm like fella calm down, I don't know what the hell your talking about. And whats up with these new "trendy" artists they all sound like crap. I guess they are the answer to the Jeezy's and the Fabolous' but in there own little "different" world. It's like these dudes are so different the music is lost. I honestly don't get these guys. I'd rather listen to Jeezy or Fab at least I know where they are coming from. But still its like they all either sound like Kanye or Lupe but don't quite execute it right. Think outside the box, but stay inside building please.

I'm Confused