Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After 6 years of LOST aired it's final episode last week on May 23rd. The finale to me was good and it fit the story line of the final season. With that said though, there are still a BUNCH of unanswered questions and actions that make the overall story seem to not make sense. What was the point of half of the Losties traveling to 1977? Who was in the cabin? I mean the list can really be endless. I think that as individual seasons the show was strong but looked at as a whole cohesive story things seem to fall apart. Don't get me wrong I still love the show, I just wish somethings were either explained or wrapped up better. And the flash "sideways" thing turned out to be a disappointment. Overall this is a great show with great characters, all complex and deep. And I have never followed a show the same way that I have obsessed followed LOST and probably never will. It was truly a special show and I will miss it.

You Have What It Takes


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