Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Ten Cereals

I hate Rice Krispies - I only liked the commerical b/c it had cartoon people in it. The only way I would eat them is if I put a ton of sugar in it so thick that the milk would almost turn to syrup.
Horrible cereal! But it's the closest your gonna get to a Black mascot on the cereal box. I have no clue what makes these "SUPER." Super damn nasty.

The Count looks like Kramer but any cereal with Marshmallows gets a pass.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch still tastes GREAT! There used to be 3 chefs on the box then they just went with Wendell (or Win Dell if you're like me) now even he is out of the job.

Sonny is some psycho bird that just wants some cereal. Cocoa puff taste ok these days and I never really had it growing up so I've got nothing to compare it too.

Again cereal with marshmallows get a pass. The nasty ass oat pieces are like horse food but the marshmallows make up for that and the creepiness of Lucky himself.

My Mother bought these at a corner store across the street from where my Grandmother used to live. Oh man! These were the best cereal EVER!!!

Fruity Pebbles are still good! This is one of the only cereals that still taste good. You can still taste the difference though. When these get soggy they taste like cardboard. I still want POST to make a Jetsons cereal.

Poor Rabbit. They never let him eat his own cereal!

My Pop used to get these all the time when I was younger. I loved them because they actually tasted like cookies! Now Cookie Crisp tastes like cookie crap.

Capt Crunch Berries!!!! Man that was the best when it came out! It was like being rewarded for being a child. I only remember having them over my cousin's house and it was Sugar Heaven.

Snap, Crackle, POW!



The Peat Marwick Experience said...

I didn't know Dunkin Donuts made a cereal. How old are you?

PenDragon said...


TrapRock Radio said...

This can't be in sequence..You ever see those cupcake pebbles? Ask Street about'em..

PenDragon said...

Nawh DRO its def not in sequence. Yeah I know about em. BAD LOOK