Monday, January 5, 2009

Backwards Life

I had my reservations about seeing the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button after I heard that it had a running time of about 3 hours, but then I remembered seeing the previews and telling myself, that might be an awesome movie and guess what??? It was.

I think the cool part about the movie is that Brad Pitt is just playing a guy. Sure its Science Fiction, but he wasn't trying to save the world or change peoples lives, he was just living backwards as it may have been. It reminds my of Forrest Gump (without thee ummm...specialness of it) and its only 22 mins longer than Forrest Gump. But the movie doesn't seem as long as it is b/c of the story, it just builds and keeps going. Their really isn't a slow point to this movie.

At the end you realize that this movie is about a guy that was just living his life the best way he could with the hand that he was dealt.

I can relate


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thevoice said...

Buttons was odd. Not for everyone. I thought it was a waste of three hours of my life.